11 things I Wish I Knew Before Coming To China with Chris Gormley

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11 things i wish i knew before china Podcast2

that was my six month old son Miles on air! pretty hilarious when I asked him to get on the mic he farted….this may embarrass him when he is old enough to listen back, but let’s just keep that our little secret ok everyone? Wendy, my wife, also caught a photo of this moment I’ll put the photo at the bottom of the show notes at globalfromasia.com/episode63 for those curious

Thank you everyone and thanks for tuning in to episode number 63 – I’m getting into the Christmas spirit, while you can’t see much in China, I’m getting holiday cheer exposure just with Wechat messaging system and all the emicotons being sent around – some funny, and some that my son Miles can’t see until he’s 18…..

And now I’m excited to say we got another 5 star review on iTunes, from Renaud in Hong Kong, a friend of mine and blogger from QualityInspection.org let’s read out the review here

Great interviews — 5 stars
– by Renaud Anjoran from Hong Kong SAR China on Nov 29, 2014
Very interesting interviewees! Keep it up Mike.

Thanks buddy, much appreciated. And for those of you listening who are too shy to leave a review but have some feedback now is the time – it’s getting to 2015 and I want to try some new things in the new year – if you can go to globalfromasia.com/survey and answer some questions it will be highly looked at for next year’s direction of the show

Ok and now on to this week’s show with Chris Gormley- third time on the show, being on episode9 talking about B2B sourcing business strategies while having some 7-11 wine and again on episode 23 giving some advice and insights on getting a business credit card in Hong Kong – this show is a bit more fun discussing the 11 things he and I both wish we knew before coming to China and Asia. We did enjoy some Vedett beer from Chill’s bar in Shekou, thanks Aaron for the hook up.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • this one was a different format, and trying to be a bit more fun and informal – hope you enjoy!
  • 1) Mike intro- Not everything is cheaper in China… talk about Attila – episode21 22
  • 2) Chris intro – Chinese food in USA is totally different than Chinese food in China
  • 3) Chris intro – Asia is not what you read about online – Philippines, Tokyo isn’t the same as China… Different regions of China
  • 4) Chris intro – Be extra EXTRA clear with instructions – SOP, don’t assume staff in Asia will understand what you sketch out. Need to be super clear in specifications.
  • 5) Mike intro – that guy you have been talking to on Alibaba might not be the factory owner
  • 6) Chris intro – It doesn’t pay to be shy – don’t be afraid to put yourself out there
  • 7) Chris intro – hiring, use specialists and outsourcing instead of everything in house. Full time staff can be a liability..
  • 8) Mike intro – Work for a CEO, don’t be an English teacher
  • 9) Mike intro – don’t give away your IP
  • 10) Chris intro – Predict the unpredictable – go against your instincts – driving. Be ready for the unexpected and be prepared to make adjustments on the fly.
  • 11) Mike intro – People always say yes – don’t trust everything that you hear
  • Things just take longer, gotta compensate for it
  • this isn’t just for Westerners to Chinese, this is how Chinese deal with other Chinese.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 20:55

Thanks Chris for being awesome and coming on the show – if people can reach out to him on linkedin and thank him for me – I’ll put a link to his profile there on the notes. And let’s all enjoy the holidays this year. I love this time of the year because I get to reflect on the year and think about a fresh slate in 2015 – so please don’t forget to go to globalfromasia.com/survey and give me some of your ideas for next year – I am really planning on some new things and want to hear from you!

take care


Starting miles early, he’ll be in next week’s GlobalfromAsia.Com podcast #liferocks

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