The Second Amazon Gold Rush: Europe with John Cavendish – GFA173

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Episode 173 everyone, Global From Asia podcast – and things are so hot over here – we have so many amazing podcast episodes ready in the pipeline I am having trouble picking who to showcase next – but – this is one that I thought would be great to put up next – John Cavendish is an established seller in Europe – we worked together to get his Hong Kong company setup as well and he has been rocking it in Europe! He calls it the second Amazon gold rush, and I am so excited to share today’s interview with you all today. Which – can be done from Asia, China, Hong Kong – sticking to our theme of the show here – “Global FROM Asia”!

Also – for those who bought the Cross Border Summit online passes – the presentations and images are in your Global From Asia membership account – but the videos should be ready May 5, the Chinese video company is working hard on getting them ready for me to enter into the member’s site. We are still selling online passes for those who missed it check it out at

Alright – and now for this week’s show – and don’t forget – you can get the notes and links at

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro John

    So how long have you been an Amazon seller? What are some of your revenue numbers now, and how has the growth been over time?

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    Which markets did you start in?

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    Amazon EU marketplace

    So when and how did you get into the Amazon EU marketplace?

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    Europe Advantages

    I know that a lot of people focus on the “big one”, the US market – what are some advantages of going into Europe.

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    What are some of the disadvantages?

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    Launching strategies then and now

    Launch strategies versus the way he did it and how he would do it now.

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    VAT and other taxes?

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    Business Structure

    We worked together to get you your HK company setup, that is what you’re using now for your corporate structure? How is the business structured?

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    Expanding phases

    Are there certain stages someone should take in expanding into Europe? Small inventory, pricing testing, category selection?

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    Starting in Europe

    If one has a stronghold in US market, is that helpful in Europe, or is everyone starting from scratch?

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    Common pitfalls you, or those you have seen, make when coming into Europe

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    What is the future you see in Europe, and Amazon in general.

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    How can people reach out to you?


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