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It is the end of the year – and time for a public letter to the wider community at GFA. Enjoy!Mike

Dear Global From Asia community,

What a wild couple years we have been through. As we wrap up 2021 and look to 2022, one thing is for sure. We have all grown.

We have all done amazing things and gone through dramatic times as the world has changed. And we do not believe it will ever “go back to the way things were before”.

E-commerce is going to continue to grow. As the retail stores continue to pay high rents with less foot traffic, more will continue to move online.

You, as a business owner, entrepreneur, and investor – need to make the right strategic decisions on moving forward for this new phase of business.

And today, we have an opportunity we hope you’ll consider joining. Many of you have been with us for the E-commerce Gladiator program. A few of you were partners, many of which we engaged with in the community as partners and friends and allies, and the community at large witnessed it from birth up to the sale of the brand.

Now, we are introducing a new program and a new model with a new E-commerce brand that we are going to scale up with the community.

So with that, I hope you are as excited as I am on moving towards this journey together.

The Backstory of How This Program Came to Be

Before we jump into the pitch (are you ready for that!?), lets talk about the backstory. This program and opportunity has been in discussion for years.

Meir Simhi, a friend, mentor, and previous business partner / advisor during the E-commerce Gladiator saga has been sharing this breakthrough model since 2017. It is a way to engage a community and embrace the demand from business owners and investors that want to “ride the wave” of the E-commerce and Amazon FBA boom.

We have tried multiple models and ways for us to bring this to the market, over many calls and meetings. Since I have returned to Shenzhen this past fall season, we have met and discussed even more. It finally took a 7-day trip for me to the temple (read the “temple experience” I had in November 2021 at if curious) to have it all click on how to work together and grow this ecosystem.

Meir is a genius and has put together a beautiful software solution that is ready for managing this new business model. He has worked with sellers in his home country of Israel successfully for years. He and I are working together to take it to more sellers and investors, starting here in the Global From Asia community.

For anyone that knows me, I love to make the content flow like a story; to engage and share publicly while teaching and inspiring others. So with his software and cases, we at Global From Asia are making a training program and our own public case that you will follow along with.

The Program is Called “The Blimp Method“

Our previous public case study program was called the E-commerce Gladiator, where we had amazing applications, partners, and investors join us in the arena of building a brand.

For this new program, we have code named it, “The Blimp Method”. It will allow many more of you to join along with us on the adventure together.

“Blimp” means Brand Licensing Improve (B -L -IMP), and we are taking this current E-commerce brand and growing it with you, the community, by our side.

For the lucky few who will be accepted to join with us in the first cohort of the Blimp Method, you will be equipped with:

  • Training program for the skills needed
  • A closed group of others in this first cohort program
  • The GFA community and GFAVIP membership community support and resources
  • A selection of pre-defined products under the case study brand for you to choose from
  • Product listing creation service to be a top notch seller
  • Launch assistance and support to get your product the traction needed
  • Opportunities to share along with us on the Global From Asia podcast and community

We have prepared a range of products to launch together on Amazon, and are ready to engage with a select group of partners to join with us.

Essentially, we have discussed this with several few and have called it a, “E-commerce business in a box”. We have all the major pieces prepared with a support network and community to motivate you along the way.

What Will You Need To Join?

Is this something that sounds good to you?

If the answer is yes, then the next question is, what do you need to do to join this opportunity?

Great questions, and thanks for your interest first and foremost.

This is a program for someone who:

  • Has approximately $10,000 USD to invest in a new business venture (for inventory, setup fees, Blimp program fees, and marketing costs)
  • Has 1 to 2 hours per weekday for the first 6 months to apply the training and steps needed to launch and kickstart the business. They could also squeeze more time from the weekends
  • Is open-minded to share their journey with others in the program, and potentially join on the GFA podcast to share their journey too
  • Understands that this is the first cohort of the Blimp Method program, and the program is being developed together (so this means more attention, but also more manual steps as well)
  • Team players and communicators. While you will have your own business in this program, the true success of taking part will be in engaging with others in the Blimp community.

If these fit your criteria, then let’s move along through the year end together.

What are You Getting / Investing in?

This is a new model based off brand licensing (something in existence for decades!). While it is based off an existing model, it has also been improved (BLIMP = brand licensing improved).

So here’s the gist, and once you’re in the program, you’ll get all the juicy details and clear contract:

  • You are the exclusive seller of that product (ASIN) in that channel and market (example – Amazon US)
  • You sell this product in your own Amazon Seller Central account (meaning the sales from Amazon are directly deposited to your bank account)
  • The brand charges a commission on the sales at the end of each month (Meir has a software to manage this). How much? The rate depends on the specific product (profit margin and expected turnover) but approximately one third (33%) of the profit will be shared to the brand and you as the seller will keep the other two thirds (66%).
  • You can sell or transfer your license to others in the program if you want to change products or exit the business entirely.

This allows the brand to support more sellers, and to make a positive, aligned, win-win community of sellers in this brand.

This is why we have named our program BLIMP: you are part of the BLIMP and we all rise and grow together. Launch together, grow together, and earn more together.

What do You Have to do?

First, this application is only for our inner circle of partners, so please read all of this carefully and see if you are the right fit.

With your initial investment, of money and time, you will:

  • Starting January 2022, start to review the training program videos and join the live mastermind calls with other Blimp Method cohort members
  • You will open your own company (or use the company you may already have), and
  • Then either apply a brand new Amazon seller central account or file for a new one
  • Select a product under the case study brand that you would like to launch and invest in inventory on
  • Work with a factory the Blimp Method has identified, or under special circumstances, use an alternative factory you prefer (we can discuss) and prepare the order
  • Work with the product listing team to ensure the photos, videos, text matches the brand but also your own preference criteria
  • Learn how to setup a PPC campaign in Amazon (with our training program and expert network) to launch the product
  • Collaborate with others in the Blimp Method program to jointly promote each other’s products in social media and the web, as well as with influencers
  • Share creative and motivating stories and inspiration with others in the Blimp Method Program as you learn and proceed through the program
  • HAVE FUN and MAKE FRIENDS while also building a long-term cash flow asset!

So What Brand Products Will I Be Selling?

From our early discussions, a top question those joining this programs (we already have some locked in!) is what the brand of products you will be selling will be?

Great question.

So there are a couple of answers:

  • Option 1 (our recommended option) – Working with our GFA community case study brand. We will introduce it further on this letter. We recommend this one, as we will be focused on growing this one and using our community network and expert connections to “put everything we have“ at making this a success for all involved.
  • Option 2 (to be fair and neutral) – We have other brands (Meir has a brand for example), as well as brands who are not even yet aware of the Blimp Method that we can add to this portfolio for you to choose from.

Now, what is our case study brand, you say?

Introducing The Ecommerce Brand Case Study For GFA in 2022

Just like with E-commerce Gladiator and the emergence of Sisitano during the program, we have a case study brand we will be openly developing and scaling on the podcast and community.

The Blimp Method cohort 1 case study will be Excalibur Brothers.

This is a brand that will be in the home decor on Amazon (it is currently a website and SEO traffic site) with top of the line branding and positioning. This is a brand that started in 2003 by my friend Lawrence and has been transitioned to our community over the years.

Want to read more? You can check out the introduction and opportunity for Blimp Method participants and investors here for the Excalibur Brothers brand, and here for the Blimp Method Program.

Work With Amazing Partners and Experts

While participating in this program, you will work closely with me, Michael Michelini, an online marketer and content creator since 2003. I have been selling online since 2004, and through all the major shifts and twists over these decades.

In addition to working with me, you will also tap into the amazing team behind the scenes at Global From Asia and our parent company Shadstone Limited. A team of 17+ amazing content creators, internet marketers, and customer success professionals.

But it’s not just me and the team here. There’s more!

Our partner in the brand is Luciano Drehmer, a skilled branding expert and talented artist. Luciano has worked in Amazon as well as with major Chinese Amazon sellers and knows what it takes to scale a brand through design and branding. He has built an amazing brand storyboard and product line for all of the Blimp Method participants to enjoy success with.

Meir Simhi, the “Brand Master” and – as we said earlier in the letter today – the brains behind the brand licensing system for Amazon sellers. He will be advising and assisting us and he is so excited we are taking this to the next level of his dream and vision.

And of course, we can’t forget the amazing GFA community and expert network. We always get such a warm welcome and support from our new case study businesses, from services, to promotion, and just amazing insights and feedback we had missed.

Just typing this up gets me excited. What an amazing opportunity to work with true experts and practitioners in the E-commerce industry; people who have done this multiple times and know what it takes to succeed and want to work with you to share that success.

Ready to ROCK 2022 and Launch a Winning Product on Amazon FBA?

We all have our new years resolution. Go to the gym, drink less beer, sleep earlier, etc. etc. etc.

While those are important, this is an opportunity that will deliver a steady business for the foreseeable future.

For those that know me, I am not a hype person. This is as clearly laid out as I can muster.

For the next steps, I suggest to listen to our GFA podcast interview with Luciano and Meir for their insights and inspiration too. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable.

If that sounds good, then…

Join Us For A Free Webinar

We want to have an opportunity for you to learn, see a little bit of what is under the hood, and ask questions. What better way than through a live webinar?

Join us for this, just before New Years 2022. For the date and time, head on over here.

register for the free webinar

Or fill out this contact form to have a GFA rep be in touch with you.

No matter what happens, I want to wish you a happy new year and all the success in 2022.


– Mike Michelini

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