Creative Ways for Building Your B2B Distribution in USA with Jimi Olaghere

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Trying to build up more sales and distribution in America? Well then, happy holidays everyone, we have your early Christmas gift here on the show, my friend Jimi Olaghere who i met at a coworking space randomly while traveling through New Jersey a few years ago has been rocking it with e-commerce and my Chinese designer friend David at Geekcook. I am so happy he came on the show today to share so let’s get right into this one as it is a jam packed show with value and tips he uses. For those interested in finding a Chinese factory who is looking for a USA distributor, I have a list of a few so if you contact me on the show notes of I’ll get you a list of some product lines and you tell me if you are interested.

Start now! Let us help you find a long term Chinese Partner

At the end of the show I’ll list out some of those products and see if anyone wants to try them out in 2015! OK, now let’s jump into the show –

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Jimi
  • On Terry Lin’s Build My Online Store podcast Episode 8 a couple years ago for those who want to tune in
  • Experience with Geekcook
  • Doesn’t use traditional distributors. I seek out partners that fit my brand and we do the distribution in house
  • Fab – what is up with them these days?
  • Trade show experience
  • Tools and methods you use for building relationships with these distributors
  • How does China fit into this?
  • Some of the common import / export and financing terms used in your work flow
  • What are you currently found online?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 45:31

Thanks Jimi, you rock! It is so amazing to me – and that a random hello at a coworking space and him seeing a catalog from Geekcook can make it this far! And I am interested to see if I can help match some more people up like that – I’ve been in China even more years since then, so if you are interested in seeing I can personally match you with a Chinese factory looking for a US distributor partner, let me know.

Some of the product lines are women’s sandals, sofa covering and home goods, bluetooth headphones , camera bags and cases, and portable batteries. If there are other categories you like, let me know – these are some suppliers I have known for years and also want to make sure you are serious too so let’s talk first together before i connect you with my contact cool? Want to get started? Click below and let’s see if we can find the right Chinese supplier to be your long term partner.

Start now! Let us help you find a long term Chinese Partner

And enjoy the holiday season, stay warm, and appreciate the people and things around you – i have been a lot more positive past few months and it has seriously helped me in business and in life. talk later

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