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Looking to crack the Amazon Europe market? It has been a hot topic, we had a great podcast with John Cavendish on the second gold rush being Amazon Europe episode 173 – today we bring you more! Nadine is a German herself and shares strategies and tips on Amazon German market.

This is also our first show where we opened it up for GFAVIP members to listen in live and at the end to ask questions! Chris Davey joined in and had some great questions to ask as followups which we included in the podcast.

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Ineda company

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    Differences When Selling into Amazon German Market

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    Intro Nadine

    we connected with Danny McMillan, who was over in HK for trade shows and shared on our podcast his experiences on episode 128 – where you 2 were at an Amazon conference in Germany, very cool. so you out the customer service outsourcing queen of Germany, very cool to have you on the show Nadine!

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    About Nadine

    Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your company

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    Culture Differences in Germany vs Europe

    Now, I get some listeners to say stop saying this about myself, but I always soft joke that I am still a bit of an “isolated american” who sometimes isn’t too sensitive to various cultures. We had a great podcast with John Cavendish from FBA Frontiers talking about the 2nd gold rush – that being Amazon in Europe. The show there was an overview as Europe as a whole. So I’d like to say – as sensitively as I can – Germany and the rest of Europe, what are the differences really? I’m sure there are so many – but as far as an e-commerce seller goes.

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    Market Size in Germany Compared to All of Europe

    So as an Amazon seller, in Europe, how big is the German market as a total of all Europe?

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    German Copywriting

    Here is some more fun stuff- I have European friends who always joke about American copywriting as hyperbole – hyping things up to seem to special and great – where in Germany (Europe) they don’t like this. When writing up descriptions, should you be more “straight facts” and less “this product is amazing” as you may see in the American market.

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    Being perceived as local is a good thing?

    How about in your listing, in your product – to localize totally for the German market? Of course we would say – yes – but the reason I ask is – in China for example, if it has English on the packaging and marketing – it is seen as international. So the market treats international products as higher quality and can charge a higher price. In Germany is this the case, or they want their products to really be 100% Germany focused.

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    Made in China to Germans

    The brand “Made in China” is not the most quality brand, I think most would agree – Chinese and those overseas. Same in Germany? Has it improved at all over the years? Do Germans care if it is Made in China, or are they buying more “Made in Germany”?

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    Launching in Germany

    (Based on answers to above) What are some good strategies to bring your product into the German market, via Amazon?

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    Customer Service in Germany

    I have this idea, from my German friends here in China – that Germans have a high expectation for quality – both in the product as well as in service. Is this true? How can companies best prepare their customer service teams for Germany customer support.

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    German Customer Service vs American (English) Customer Service

    Now, your firm does customer service for Amazon English (International) and Amazon Germany. So you must have some data here. How are the customers? How are the returns? I’m just curious to know if there are some trends – to help set expectations for listeners.

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    Ask for Feedback in Germany

    Amazon sellers live and breath by feedback. Is there any tips or tactics that are different in German market vs international when asking for feedback? Or we just translate our process to German? My thinking is, Germans are more direct and organized, so may need to just go out and ask? Do they leave feedback, more….strict?

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    About Your Services

    Thanks Nadine for coming on and sharing. So for your services – how can you help growing Amazon sellers?

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    Getting in Touch

    How can people find you and your business on the web? Email, websites, social media, etc.

Thanks Nadine!

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Episode Length 38:01

Thank you Nadine for sharing. The Amazon German market seems to be the big opportunity, we also had a GFA meetup in Shenzhen last week with Wilson Blues (also on our podcast a couple times, episode 66 and episode 96). During his fireside chat with me, he says he sees Amazon Germany as the best market for new sellers now.

What are your thoughts – think Amazon Europe – specifically Amazon Germany are the best markets for FBA sellers now? Let’s get the discussion in the comments below, and best of luck to everyone.

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