First Time China Trade Show Experience with Amazon Seller Danny McMillan

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Hope you don’t hear any Mickey Mouse in the background – Sunday night is family cartoon night, but I’m squeezing in today’s welcoming for this week’s show.

We have some exciting updates on the business side of things – I will be a partner in – a community of entrepreneurs taking their product idea to launch with other helpful entrepreneurs, I mentioned it on my personal blog over the weekend I’ll link it in the show notes.

And for those Dynamite Circle listeners, I’m hosting a meetup at the DC Barcelona event on Tuesday June 21 from 2pm to 4pm talking about Hong Kong business, if you’re there – would be cool to catch – will also link it in show notes –

Alrighty – now for this week’s show – we have Danny McMillan who was also a speaker at the Global Sources Smart China Sourcing Summit last month and we thought it would be cool to get him on the podcast to share his experience visiting the trade shows in China for the first time. This guy has great Amazon skills and shared a lot about PPC at the summit, but here he is sharing some fun and insightful tips on how he approached the trade show, so let’s dig in

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Danny

  • First Asia trip

    We both spoke at Global Sources – that was a great event. You shared on PPC for Amazon, which was amazing – but today -we will talk about your first Asia trip, right?

  • First Impression

    So, first, what was it like when you stepped off the plane versus what you were expecting ? (for me, I will be honest, I was thinking rice fields and dirt roads jeez I was off! )

  • Agenda

    You told me your itinerary when you were in HK still – care to share your agenda you made with listeners?

  • Tiring!

    That is just exhausting – did you get to sleep? Or caught up on the ride back to the UK?

  • Research

    What was the strategy / attack plan? Did you do research upfront? (if you did research upfront, care to share?)

  • Picking

    Which phases did you pick and why ?

  • Trade Booths

    What kind of questions did you ask the booths?

  • Sifting

    How to get through the data

  • Fun

    Any fun stories or shockers to share?

  • Transportation

    How about getting from Hong Kong to Guangzhou – I know how people sometimes struggle with the transport

  • Passport Visa

    And your China visa? Applied from the UK?

  • Walking

    Was it an all day walk the floor, did you do any factories? any meetings off the floor ? You’re a morning guy, afternoon, or evening business deal??

  • Out and About

    Late nights drinking with suppliers? Or big dinners?

  • Tips for Newbies

    Tips you would give others new to the trade shows in Asia

  • About you, Danny

    Tell us a bit about your business! How can people reach out to you.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 32:03

Thanks Danny – hope everyone enjoyed that. Thought it would be fun to have someone on the show who has experience on Amazon and e-commerce but was a first time visitor to these trade shows.

He is also down to be a speaker at our Cross Border Summit in April 2017 – so stay tuned for that epic event, can’t wait.

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7 Comments on “First Time China Trade Show Experience with Amazon Seller Danny McMillan”

  1. Chris Davey

    Great podcast Michael & Danny, surprised to hear my name mentioned 🙂

    If anyone want’s to join my Amazon WECHAT group add me on wechat user:chris_zhuhai, let me know who you are, what your doing and where you know me from 🙂

    1. Michael Michelini

      nice QR code!

      thanks for listening to the podcast Chris – and ya man, you’re doing awesome things down here in China for the Amazon FBA community – keep it up and let me know how else I can help 🙂

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