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Everyone is going crazy to sell on Amazon USA from Hong Kong! Read our Reasons why you should setup your HQ in Hong Kong for your Amazon FBA business. Now back to the podcast!

Think Amazon America is just for USA based companies? Think again, welcome to Global From Asia episode 96, aww ya!

Hey guys, so exhausted here, was at the most amazing startup event in Hong Kong, and probably anywhere in the world I have ever been, Rise just wrapped up for a 2 day event jam packed with speakers, booths, and happy hour parties! Tried to meet everyone I had on my list but just thousands of people in there and …. insane! If we didn’t connect, well, then we’ll have to go to another awesome event like that one!

Ok, now onto this week’s show, from popular demand we have Wilson Blues back on the show with us, he was on back in episode number 66 discussing F2C or factory to consumer, (podcast here: Factory to China (F2C) for international e-commerce) but we didn’t get into Amazon specifically. Today he’s sharing on how he uses his Chinese company to sell in Amazon USA, and get the funds deposited directly to his Chinese bank account in Chinese Yuan. He explains how people from around the world are doing this, and people and programs to look into … I know people have been asking me about selling on Amazon from Hong Kong, and here is a good show for you. SO let’s dig in, and after the show I’ll give some shout outs and announcements

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Wilson
  • What are some of the biggest advantages in your current Amazon setup
  • how to open an Amazon account via China?
  • Using FBA or how is your logistics setup?
  • So you ship your stock to FBA from China to USA, then B2C from Amazon FBA usa warehouse? Who is the importer of goods in USA?
  • Banking and cashflow, the Amazon deposits are every couple weeks, to a USA bank, can you explain how you manage cash flow between USA and China
  • If you go on backorder, can you ship JIT (Just in time) or dropship from China to the customer directly.
  • Do you have sales tax on the products?
  • Is there any Amazon representatives, business development, in China to help out? do you talk to them?
  • What are some of the bigger challenges in selling on amazon
  • What do you recommend someone just getting setup selling on Amazon?
  • Ways people can reach out to you – blog / contact info

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 28:26

Thanks Wilson man, I have not been selling on Amazon for years, but always thought people had to get a USA company setup and a USA bank account in order to get the Amazon payments to be deposited. I think this is a groundbreaking show and hopefully helped some of you guys out!

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Quick announcement, getting some emails from people interested in attending the China Business Workshop outside of Miami in Sept 19, 2015 – and Victor Leal my South American connection even started emailing some of his contacts in Florida, appreciate lal the support everyone and if you can spread the word too that would help me and my wife out pay some of our bills for our USA trip – that is at

Next week we’ll have Tom Grundy from Hong Kong Free Press sharing about how he got his news and media organization setup and some things he has learned along the way in Hong Kong business and a bit of politics.

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