Running a Kickstarter Campaign from Hong Kong & China Multiple Times with Martin Kessler

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Speaking of Kickstarters – Martin is working with Julian Lee from Ambiclimate (we had him on Episode 46, on his Crowdfunding in Asia experiences) so it is awesome to see this coming full circle! I didn’t mention this on the show, but they launched their Kickstarter TODAY as I release this podcast, so support them if you can at today! I’ll be backing them once its live!

Now onto the podcast notes (wish I had mentioned that on the audio too!)

Recording this at a very special and delicate time for Hong Kong – I’m sure many of you have heard about the protests happening in Hong Kong by students looking for democracy – well to be more clear, the right to vote from a ballot of people that are not pre-selected by Beijing. I try to not get political, but the main idea is when Hong Kong was handed over and transformed from a British to Chinese colony, the 2 systems 1 country rule emerged and has been a haven for business people like us for doing business in Asia with the Western business practices. Let’s hope this continues, and also let’s hope that everyone stays safe while they practice their freedom to assemble and protest.

Let’s get to business, this week we have another Kickstarter crowdfunding episode with Martin Kessler, a German entrepreneur living and working in Hong Kong. He has experience with a couple kickstarter projects, and he shares openly and we learn a lot so let’s listen in:

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Martin Kessler
  • We first met a couple years ago and had moved over from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, care to share that process and why?
  • Phonejoy, did a good job on Kickstarter, can you share with listeners what the product is
  • Kickstarter, how was the process of getting it set up
  • Strategy of doing Kickstarter first, and then Indiegogo
  • PR gaining strategies
  • Used Agents?
  • How was fulfillment?
  • Difficulty doing it in Hong Kong?
  • Fundraising in Hong Kong
  • Advantage doing it in Hong Kong?
  • Do you recommend others to do it here?
  • What are you up to these days?
  • How can listeners reach out to you?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 25:15

Thanks Martin for coming on the show and sharing – you rock! quick update on my book – Hong Kong Business Supercharged, I am set on launching it on November 1, about 50,000 words now and I am in the second draft. Spend at least 2 hours each morning to write, and it helps to set firm times to work and when you have your rhythm – I’ll share my experiences writing a book and getting on Kindle in the future episodes, cheers guys see you next week!

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