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We are preparing to place our Amazon FBA business first order at the Yiwu market! Lorenzo has been doing on the ground hustling, and we met Insight Quality Ino and have the founder and my good friend on today’s show – Andy Church! We have an epic conversation about placing that order and making things happen, let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Andy Church and Insight Quality

    You were on the podcast back on episode 99 – thanks for coming back!

  • So we are making moves here at the Ecommerce Gladiator series with our new FBA business, Para Living Inc. Lorenzo was hustling and went to Yiwu last week and met your colleague Ino

  • Steps

    So what are the steps, we have done our sourcing, have toured Yiwu market and have suppliers we are ready to order with.

  • Supplier Contract

    Even if we are starting with smaller wholesale amount? Is the process the same?

  • Preparing shipment with multiple suppliers

    Lorenzo is talking to quite a few different suppliers and we plan to order from a few, let’s put these all together for one shipment.

  • QC flow in Yiwu

    This market seems different from the days I was buying from a factory. They work with factories, have it all shipped to the Yiwu market. Then we meet them at their booth and do a deal, check there, pay there?

  • Preparing for Amazon FBA

    There are labeling and bar code requirements for Amazon FBA, can we do this in China first?

  • Lorenzo’s time on the ground and how to coordinate

    So we have Roland overseeing the project and Lorenzo is going to Yiwu weekly. Now we have Insight Quality helping us, how will this all fit together.

  • Common pitfalls people make at this stage

    What we should work out.

  • Place order after this Mid Autumn Festival holiday

  • Connecting with Insight Quality

    Thanks so much for sharing on the show Andy – how can people reach out and use your services.

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Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Cross Border Matchmaker event on Friday October 27, 2017 in Hua Qiang Bei Plaza hotel of Shenzhen, China. The Cross Border Matchmaker is joint conference with Global From Asia and a Chinese E-commerce Amazon FBA association to bring top Amazon sellers on both the Chinese and International community. Simultaneous translation and an action packed day of speakers, booths, networking, and meals. Friday Oct 27 Check it out at

Episode Length 33:59

Notes from Intro

Regarding below notes stores in Yiwu market will probably not agree to a contract, one thing because they don’t have English speaking stuff, other is that they consider responsibility for goods is finished after they deliver the product, handling claims after product shipped might be challenging if not impossible.

Process of purchasing in market is basically the same for small to large quantities and pricing is not much different between few cartons order and container order if you buy from same supplier, only difference is that if you are regular customer and buy big quantities above mentioned issues will not be issues anymore, supplier will treat important customers better (accept claims, shorter delivery times, better internal quality control). For larger orders suppliers will agree to customizing product and packaging based on customer needs.

Payments and ordering in Yiwu works as 30% deposit and balance is paid on delivery. Yiwu market suppliers are 90+% local businesses without export license and USD bank account, so payments will need to be made in RMB without tax invoice (suppliers not able to provide tax invoice). So payments are usually done through Yiwu shipping companies (payment sent to shipping company in USD, they transfer USD to RMB and pay suppliers on receiving products to their warehouse or give cash to customer representative to pay suppliers by himself) or Yiwu market agents (USD payment sent to their account and they manage payments in RMB, agents are advertising that they take commission 1-3% for their service but they provide pricing to customers in USD, they usually calculate exchange rate much lower than official exchange rate due to unstable USD/RMB exchange rate, so they can get around 5% more on that if exchange rate is stable until final payment).

Labels and barcodes is possible to request suppliers to place on packages but it also depends on supplier, purchased quantity and relation with supplier if they will agree.

I personally think that as quantities grow it might be better to work directly with factory for some kinds of products, but market is great for start because lower MOQ and every kind of product is possible to find there.

Let’s keep on making action, taking business serious but also knowing it’s a gamble, it’s a game. Meir, thanks for being such an inspiration, and let’s all win! Abundance mindset.

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Podcast Transcription

Welcome to the Global from Asia Ecommerce Gladiator Series where you can follow along the progress of setting up a Cross Border Ecommerce business from start to finish. Hear insights of real product research, Amazon FBA, China manufacturing, branding, marketing, and all the blood, sweat, and tears of building a global business from Asia. Now let’s tune in.

Mike: E-commerce Gladiator podcast episode 11 alright everybody. We are taking action here and we’re making things happen. Lorenzo we introduced on the team on last week’s Ecommerce gladiator series show. This week we got him back. We got rolling our COO partner in the company and FBA business and we have Andy Church, a long time friend. I’ve known him since I first came to China. One of my first contacts. He was at episode 99 of if you want to know high level deep discussion about quality control in China. He gives us a lot great insights and this show he’s advising us, he helped us already, his company in Yiwu, Lorenzo met Ino, one of his team members in the market last week when he went. And he’s got some great product, ideas, and want to place order this week but it’s mid-autumn festival and national holiday here in China. So basically the whole week we are shut down. So we’re taking action, we’re moving forward and we have making a plans, making order next week. So we got Andy to, see he’s so busy really so busy travelling, doing tons of client work. We got him on a call and we have the 4 of us talking, preparing for this order. I thought it’s been amazing episode to put some money down and get a little bit nervous. I think a lot of Amazon sellers Ecommerce, everybody doing products, you know you get to make by the bulk, you got to make some orders, Mayer our adviser and our inspiration for this business. He said we got to take actions. So we got to place some orders or spreading our bets. I don’t want to hide the products but we will share them soon. We’re actually, we have some different ideas but we got to place some orders finally. We got to get this Christmas rush. So Lorenzo is going back. But we will going to this show right away. Also some exciting news, I’ve been talking about this Cross Border Matchmaker event Friday October 27th at Huaqiangbei Shenzhen. It’s got to be amazing one and you could check out that at and meetup and Lorenzo will be there and I’ll be there. It’s more amazing Amazon sellers, business owners, traders, and all kinds of stuff. But let’s get into the show. Again, show notes, we got some good links and let’s go in. We got 4 of us on the call. It cut out in the middle so I have to repatch the calls. Skype cut out on me but I think it’s an amazing one. Let me know.

Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Cross Border Matchmaker Event on Friday October 27th in Huaqingbei Plaza Hotel of Shenzhen, China. The Cross Border Matchmaker is a joint conference between Global From Asia and a Chinese Ecommerce Amazon Association to bring top Amazon Sellers on both the Chinese and International community together in one room. Simultaneous translation is provided and it’s got to be an action packed day full of speakers, booths, networking, meals together and more. Mark the date Friday October 27th. Check it out at

Mike: Alright! So we are in episode 11 Ecommerce gladiator podcast series. Lorenzo is back, from last week. To give everybody an update we are preparing in Yiwu order. We’re in the middle of 2 holidays. Actually national holiday and mid-autumn festival. So it’s kind a put a hole all of China on hold. We’re waiting as much as we can to get this ready. I brought, Roland’s on the call, remember he’s one of our partners and our COO on Paraliving Inc. and a good friend of mine. He’s been on the podcast on episode 99 Andy Church from Insight Quality Services, always a pleasure to have you Andy.

Andy: Good to be here, thanks for inviting me Mike.

Mike: Sure, so we had a call couple of weeks ago as we are preparing for this Yiwu, you helped us out lot. We are trying to get on the show today, Ino, but he’s enjoying his holiday like we should be. But he took care of Lorenzo. So Lorenzo do you want to share what happened last week in Yiwu?

Lorenzo: Well, first of all, I got to thank Andy for putting me in touch with amazing person, Ino is very friendly. He picked me up directly from the Yiwu train station with his car and with his, very helpful and friendly wife. He took us straight from the train station to the market. Then to market, I showed them the product. He took me straight to where the product is located. So instead of me wandering around endlessly, we went straight to the shops, to the district and the area of course, exact shops or where the product is located. And they were very patient with me, very helpful. Always assisting my translation, everything else. So they were nothing to show but amazing. So, thank you Andy they were absolutely a joy to work with.

Mike: Awesome here.

Andy: Yeah, it’s great to hear so Ino has been part of my team for over 3 years and one of our first tiers when we started Insight. And his wife Emma is also on our team so I’m glad that they took care of you.

Lorenzo: They were amazing and I can’t say anything but recommended this people and looking forward to working with them again.

Mike: Awesome. So now I know we have our Saturday calls every weeks for the partners. Maybe we all can give some questions to. But we’re kind of all of edge of our seats to make this order. We’re trying to get this Christmas rush, we’re just coming up fast. Of course there is extra speed bump of the holiday. But Roland how are you feeling, what kind of questions do you have so far?

Roland: Well first of all they are all excited and ready to make the first orders and ready to get our products out there. They are less happy about the Chinese holiday. But this is the everything for our listings and so on.

Mike: Yeah, I know, we want to make an order. So Andy do you want to give us some ideas on how we would do this? I’ve actually have no experience buying from Yiwu in my previous Ecommerce business. So, would, maybe you can fills in what do you think we should or our next steps, in making some orders.

Andy: So, the Yiwu market, for people who have don’t know anything about it, is like going to the shopping mall. Times a hundred. I mean it’s the largest commodities market in the world or at least at this point as I think they are building another one in some place. So it’s got to be rivalry. But you can go there and literally find any product that you can imagine that is for sale in your hometown and by any quantity of that. So, it’s better to go to the market. Some of it must to go and have an idea and they are focus on some product ideas rather than just go because, you walk around with no ideas because you could quickly lose focus or you go out of path or maybe is not profitable or feasible for the area you want to go. So, my first suggestion is that you really have a couple of product ideas and focus on those at the market so you can spend your time researching and talking different suppliers on specific products.

Roland: Andy, can you please tell me your opinion about going to the market straight? Are we going to meet factories there? Are we going to meet wholesalers or retailers there? And how should we relate to them?

Andy: Well, everybody at the market is got to be wholesaler. There might be a few that have their own factory or are factory owned representation in the market. But there really is any retail per se like walking down the streets and any Chinese villages or you need to buy something from a retail store. So everything is, got to be classified as wholesalers and very few that got to be factory direct.

Roland: Okay, the reason I’m asking this is because obviously there is advantage and disadvantage to working around the market. First of all if someone, our listeners, starting out their own Amazon stores and they are walking down the markets, they’re going to meet this random face to face and be able to see the product and their qualities first hand. But when they start to grow and also as they are going to be growing, we will try to eliminate the wholesalers and possibly try to focus on manufacturers directly.

Andy: Yeah, that is a good strategy. As your quantities grow, you want to be able to leverage the price discounting that can come along with that. You are unlikely got to be able to find the factory that the shop the Yiwu market is buying from. Many times they buy from many factories and as you placed your order then they source that order to a factory or factories that they have relationships to. So, I would not have the expectation that you’ll got to be able to find a factory that produces the product you buy from the market.

Roland: Yeah, I believed that this is totally correct. The other hand is I’m not sure if we want to go the factory directly because they just might not take us seriously. And we may not be able to develop a great bond or great relationships right away. So, in my opinion seeing the wholesaler developing the relationship in person right there is probably better to sort out than reaching out to factories, is that correct?

Andy: Definitely and especially if you add to your product line and make complementary products that may not come from that same factory or factory that has capabilities to make the same thing. for example if you’re selling bar soap and you want to begin selling loofahs, your shop may sell everything that is kind of bath related or have products that have bath related. But they would come from very different factories. So if you have a relationship with the wholesaler that you can leverage your buying power with them as you had to your product next and complementing products that’s got to be beneficial to you or if you’re going to factory direct then that would be possible.

Roland: Okay, thank you. What would be the key take away or what is your recommendation on the order process itself? For example, like this market seems to be different from the days back when some of us went to Ecommerce market. Basically as you mentioned the factories and they have it all shipped to Yiwu market then we meet them at their booth and do the deal, check the products there, pay there. Or are we going to have the orders from this booths, from these wholesalers and they will have the factory ship it to us, to our warehouse, to our FBA warehouse or how does it look like?

Andy: Well, can we done either way or accommodation to 2, the larger the quantity, you’ll got to want to have the product ship direct to your FBA service provider if they’re stickering or labeling the product to your freight forwarder. The less you have the goods the less transportation cost could be factored in. So if something has being made then, Fuji province, you don’t want to go the evil market where they could ship out to Shenzhen.

Roland: That is totally true. I’m very happy that you mentioned the labeling and barcoding. Do you have any experience on, when you can ask these wholesalers to do that for you or if this is something that we would have to look out for or we have to do it ourselves?

Andy: I would suggest an initial orders of smaller quantities that would probably be best to keep that separate from your initial buy either doing yourself if you happened to be in China and you have the capabilities of have the products delivered to you if the quantities not too large or the items too big. Or ship, develop relationship with a third party FBA service provider who opt to offer all those services. And as you begin to work with potential different wholesalers or shops or factories direct, have a relationship with third party that can do that would be beneficial as well. So, my suggestions would be to at least initially keep that separate from your buy and the request from the wholesaler and/or factory.

Mike: Got it. Yeah, this has been helpful ‘coz actually we’re talking in the group and Lorenzo was saying like he’s noticing he’s able to get samples for free or cheaper from actually online directories like Alibaba or others and as well as then the actual markets, some markets are willing to able to give us samples from what Lorenzo was telling me.

Andy: I believed the reason for this is because you are there and see the product physically and when you’re buying online, you just have trust or you have to have trust and they want to make sure that you get the best quality. Go on Lorenzo, please.

Lorenzo: Yes, thanks. I went to shops with Ino and Emma the other day. As soon as I asked her for samples, she straight away say “No, we don’t have samples.” on the spot. From the explanation that Emma, Ino’s wife was able to get me is because they only have one unit at every item available so they would have to order it from the factory or whatever they get the supplies from. They told me I could get samples but I would have to order them. Usually after 3 days for the samples to arrive but because of the timing now and the holidays will take after a week. I mean after the holidays for me to get my samples. So I just didn’t even bother at that time. But again the explanation I got from the supplier and from Emma is that because each shop has only 1 item, 1 unit of each item on the shops. And if they give one, for example if they’re selling directly for examples then they will be left without those units and would have to order them again from the factory on this type. So that’s the explanation I was getting. From the majority of the place I went, it was very frustrating and very hard for me to get samples because the whole point for me to go there was to get samples, as many samples as possible but when I got there, I couldn’t get it. But I could understand the reasoning why those shops are not willing to provide samples, I mean at least on the spot.

Mike: Yeah, I think they are also afraid to turn into a shopping mall like Andy said what Yiwu. It kind of, its a shopping mall but I don’t think they want people to go there just to buy coz you can say as the sample, how would they not know you’re just buying one for your home or for yourself, right? Like they want to make sure that you’re a bigger buyer is probably another.

Andy: The only exception is also a commodities market for sometimes components specifically maybe a pair of jewellery. So you could go and you could buy product that are beads or bracelet’s or yarn or something. But for most products it’s just Lorenzo said, it’s like looking through a catalogue. Its like looking through a catalogue in person and seeing and touching holding the item and not able to take it with you.

Mike: Yup, so I guess the holiday kind of slow down the flow coz we couldn’t get a good flow, we have some product ideas. I promised to listeners that we’re not got to be so secretive. But right now it’s so early we can’t even reveal. Well we’re not even confirmed anyway. But we’re about to confirm some orders Andy. So Lorenzo is over in Hangzhou which is not too far. He’s planning to go actually when the show goes live on Friday. But what do you, I mean I think we talked to Ino, couldn’t make it. He was saying he’s having a purpose on writing a contract at the market like to those buying or just placing an order.

Andy: Right, I mean this is like dealing with a, literally this is like going into a shopping mall and placing an order through catalogue and saying you want to buy x number of this. Most of the shops are individuals, there’s no legal entity, they’re not got to be able to, most of the listeners probably don’t care about official tax receipts or VAT, invoices or refunds or anything like that. But these are individuals that, if you presented them what they contract, they would design it, they probably don’t have a chop, there isnt got to be legal recourse of they, taking your name, you know. These are commodities that don’t customize generally at the market.

Lorenzo: Yeah, I was just about to ask Andy a follow up question on exactly that because he said, if the contract has basically useless my question would be how for example, let’s say we agree on a place, even a small order let’s say 200 units, 500 units whatever. Let’s say we give them the cash to the shop, how can we trust them and then they will tell you that the delivery time let’s say 1 week, 10 days or a month. So how can we trust them if the contract is basically useless. How can we trust them that they actually deliver? That would be my follow up question to Andy.

Andy: Yeah, there is no recourse on late delivery and even with the contracts with factories late delivery recourses are usually some sort of discount or well not because you still want the product and you still need to ship it. So the biggest issue would be quality and you can protect yourself typically the terms are the sellers may start at 50% down, 50% on delivery, generally you can get them the 30% deposit and balance upon delivery. And so the ensuring quality is important that you inspect either using a third party yourselves or many other service providers that are part of the community or doing or using somebody to do an inspection to make sure that the goods meet your expectation before paying that bounce. So even without the contract you can protect yourself from the quality of the goods by delaying the final payment until you inspect them.

Mike: Yup, so I guess this is getting maybe a simpler call than I was expecting but it just seems like basically were ordering from them, giving them still 30% deposit before they deliver anything and then hoping they deliver on time.

Lorenzo: I mean, because before we got to start with that, there’s order a very small number, let’s say 100 to 200 units, can we get them to agree to what you said 30% down and the rest upon delivery of the goods and upon inspection? Or is it more for example placing your large order for 1,000 units that they are more open to those terms?

Andy: You can certainly request those terms a lot of times with smaller orders and the order price because you can never small order for a high dollar item, it’s not the same as small dollar item or small price point, small quantity. They may require a 100% upfront. So, certainly it’s a negotiation point with the supplier, the shop, but you have your bottom line and if they don’t want to do that, they’ll go to somebody else because there are shops that sell same items just down the corridor or the next store over or something. So you don’t, factory when you are looking at the shop, the communication, the willingness to work with you, their payment terms, are they over promising. If you’re dealing with the shop and not to give way another ten, but if every shop is telling you that it’s got to be 30 days or 20 days before they can deliver, one shop is telling you 10 and giving you the terms of 30% down and 70%, question that? How would they be able to do that? Ask the questions because that shop may not be there in 10 when your product is set to be delivered.

Lorenzo: Exactly the point.

Andy: You know the old adage? If it’s too good to be true, probably is, find everything. I think a lot of us lose focus on that. Whether it’s the delivery time, the price, the quality. Because the whole point of going to the market, a big point going to the market is to provide you the opportunity to talk to a lot of different suppliers in a very short time. And so that’s what I expect. You can go and do the research and why not, or the other I’ve mentioned, you go and have a specific product in mind. Well, it depends, that was the assumption that you are ready to move forward. But if something is too good to be true and any of one of those points then it should raise the red flag.

Lorenzo: Good point, yeah.

Mike: Alright. So Andy, we’re got to work with you guys for this and Lorenzo is excited.

Lorenzo: Yes, I’m very.

Mike: We’re probably small customer (laughing) a 100 pieces here. But we’re just being cautious. I think the other benefit maybe with Yiwu is we can test a lot of different products with a lower MLQ. So the flow would be, you have an office there which is amazing. So basically, how would it normally, we don’t want to be special. We want to kind of use the normal service. Does it normally like we pick the shops. I mean a lot of your clients are based in China. Do you guys get do the buying or someone else would buy, or consolidation. I mean the shipping there’s a lot of different parts here and then we do FBA’s so there’s labelling. I’m kind of overwhelming you but what do you? I know it’s like basically everything, I feel like I’m loading everything.

Andy: Let me, we didn’t get too much insight about the beginning of another previous podcast. But we started off the business insight, we’re on our 4th year now as an inspection service provider. We deal with, we have several large customer manufacturer probably brand product for retailers and so you’re writing that most of the customers based are much larger but we do work with smaller customers and nobody is too small. All is happy to have conversation about the process with anybody. But we got into sourcing, providing sourcing services because our customers were having delivery issues, quality issues, need to find out a back up supplier. So the same issues that my large customer faces are the same for somebody your size. Quality, on time delivery, price, all those things. And so we provide sourcing services, everything from finding new suppliers or finding a shop if it’s going to the market. We work with companies that most cases don’t have their own presence in China. So, we can go and buy samples and arrange samples from factories and ship them to a buyer overseas in North America, Europe, Australia, wherever they maybe. We can help negotiate. So everybody is different and what their needs are. We have customers who want to be very hands on on micro manager we part of it. And then just want us to be kind of hand holding on their first order, we can do that. We can just do the inspection. We at this point do not do labelling and shipment FBA (blurred) customer service provider that focus on that. so the services that we offer can be customized, can be whatever degree that somebody wants. Just like you and your team have background and complement each other very well. But in Lorenzo’s case he came in to Yiwu and had a specific need that we were able to take him right to those shops. I don’t know if it was you Lorenzo or somebody else but last year during the October holiday, went to the market and kind of begin scooping out ideas. So whatever that can be, we can offer.

Lorenzo: It wasn’t me.

Mike: Alright, this is great. So if orders just buy a wholesale, maybe even Lorenzo could answer this or Andy. But of course we want our products online yesterday, so the sooner the better. But what kind of time frame are we looking at for like smaller on Yiwu if we start to place the order next week. I’m not sure, who to ask, Lorenzo is talking some people or.

Lorenzo: I was planning on going on Friday but again I’m not getting any response and also I want to make sure, I want to wait until Ino’s back from his holiday. From what I’m understanding, he would be back on Monday, is that correct, Andy?

Andy: Yeah, this holiday is a little unusual that we have the national day in mid-autumn in this 10 week. Usually, most of the time mid autumn’s a little bit earlier and so Ino will be back, feet on the ground, ready to work, I understand on Monday.

Lorenzo: Okay, then I will go back to you, I think it will be wiser for me to go back on Monday and then we can start placing orders right away.

Mike: And then what does Lorenzo or do we know how long, did they say how long will it take for an order?

Lorenzo: Some shops are 7 days, 10 days, some 30 days. So I have to go back on my notes and take a look at that.

Mike: Okay, great.

Andy: So one of the questions to ask especially on small quantities would be, if you’re ordering a hundred or something, it’s very unlikely that the factory or this shop that you are buying from is got to have a factory produce a hundred or 200. So, how long were this items produce and what quantity? I mean, here are some questions because we went to different shops and ask you the same and they say well, we can have them 7 days then they have their warehousing the product somewhere, right? And another shop they’ll tell you it’s 30 days, they maybe waiting until you get some other orders enough for the factory to make a thousand or 2,000 or something so that they could ship your hundred which may end up turning into 45 days because they can’t get those other orders. So my thought at Lorenzo’s comment was if a factory was telling you 7 days and have a hundred or something, then it could be good at that. So how long will go the products made, where they store, what quantity would they require to make to be made. Meaning if you sell at hundred and they sell really good and then you decide to re-order and he want to order 500 to a thousand and now they tell you 30 days but you counted on 7 days, it’s better to know that ahead of time because if you’re counting on 7 days and then your air freight replenishing your stocks in Amazon, you now have an issue because you ordered more on what they have in warehouse. So, it’s important to think about those stuff especially as you do final orders on what your future orders may look like.

Lorenzo: Excellent point, Andy. Thanks for those tips. I’ve been taking notes and I’ll definitely ask them those questions on Monday.

Mike: Awesome. Alright, well I appreciate Andy on your time. I know you’ve got full schedule so I think we’re going towards the end of today’s discussion. I like that were taking action and I’m sure listeners will get a lot from this as well. I kind of answer my question to a pitfalls I really like that insights and its first time that we are buying from the market. But of course normally the factory would be like you place the order, you make a contract, you make sure everything is clear, you put a deposit and manufacture. You do quality check, you pay the remaining, you ship to the port. But this will be interesting. And then for Andy, of course we want to give you guys a shout out its we’ll link that on the show notes. Is that the best way for people to contact you?

Andy: Sure, actually on our website there’s a way you can schedule for an appointment or call with me. As I’ve mentioned, I’m happy to have conversation to discuss next steps if somebody is not sure how to, where to begin or how to begin.

Mike: Okay, cool. And then next week’s show, we’ll be checking up on this order at Lorenzo’s trip to Yiwu and keep these things.

Lorenzo: I’ll probably place an order.

Mike: Yeah, let’s keep rocking. Alright everybody, thanks so much and let’s keep taking action.

Lorenzo: Take care.

Mike: Alright.

Andy: Bye, talk to you later, thanks guys.

Lorenzo: Ciao. Bye.

Mike: Thank you, bye.

Mike: Thank you everybody for listening that was awesome. This has been a cool series, we’re only at 11 shows and I am even still learning, Andy’s been on the podcast before. And we talked some cool stuff but we’re talking about action, taking action. So I hope you’re taking some action, too. I hope this has been inspiring you to put some skin in the game, i’m back in the game, back in ecommerce, back in the arena, the ecommerce gladiator. I hope you’re enjoying and we will just keep on pushing forward. Got 3 place holder 011, right in the numbers. So, going over a hundred shows for this year. Hitting 200 in our interviews in this series and we just keep on cranking out amazing content. I hope you guys are enjoying this. Camera is amazing, thanks for supporting and I know we got some amazing listeners around the world and it’s awesome and Mayer got some great feedback sharing with us. So let’s just all take action and keep filling himself too much. But i’m also a little bit sick, got an air-conditioner blowing onto my face even it’s a little studio here. Enjoy, we’re getting through this holiday, this show go online at the very end of the holiday and Monday Lorenzo will be back in Yiwu markets, hopefully placing some orders, make us some bets, gamble a little bit, business is a gamble. Hopefully it’s a calculated gamble. I hope we all win. Let’s all think positive, abundance theory, abundance mindset. Cheers.

Welcome to the Global from Asia Ecommerce Gladiator Series where you can follow along the progress of setting up a Cross Border Ecommerce business from start to finish. Hear insights of real product research, Amazon FBA, China manufacturing, branding, marketing, and all the blood, sweat, and tears of building a global business from Asia.

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