Hong Kong startup Ambilabs & Crowdfunding Experiences with Julian Lee

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Thanks for tuning in to another Global From Asia, episode 46 – still keeping these weekly and have over 6 amazing interviews already recorded in the queue, can’t wait to release them!

Quick announcement – I’ve got a few listeners interested in a mastermind so I’m going to try an 8 weeks (8 is a lucky number in China) discussing business in Asia each week with each person in the hot seat. You can apply on GlobalFromAsia.com/mastermind and I’ll also make a private forum for us to chat in.

OK – Now on for the show – I’m getting overwhelmed with crowdsourcing projects in Asia. It is a fun topic, and my friend Julian Lee in Hong Kong has been working for years building up for the crowdfunding launch he has been working on for Ambiclimate! I am surrounded by people who are having trouble listing on Kickstarter as they are Asia based businesses, and it is becoming an issue similar to getting a merchant account from Hong Kong.

Julian gives us the story of his startup Ambiclimate, why he choose crowdfunding and the platforms and tools he considered – I learned a lot about various crow funding platforms throughout Asia.

Also if you are curious about other kickstarter episodes from China and Hong Kong – Joe’s 2 kickstarter campaign experiences on episode 36 and Andrew Chan from episode 38 on e-commerce from Hong Kong you should also check out.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • About Julian Lee and the Ambiclimate product and Ambilab company
  • So you are locally Hong Kong born? Curious of your own background a bit more.
  • So how did Ambiclimate come to be?
  • Have you raised funding ? How has that process been and what are some tips you can give other Hong Kong based startups?
  • Congrats on launching on your crowd funding campaign – I’m a backer 😉 – – you used a Kickstarter of Asia- Crowdivate – which is based in Sinagpore, in Singapore Dollars – can you explain how you choose this platform over say Indiegogo or the more famous Kickstarter?
  • Bitcoin helping in Asia crowdfunding platforms?
  • What are some of the main challenges you have seen running your business from Hong Kong?
  • Where is your product, Ambiclimate, manufactured?
  • How about some of the advantages?
  • How do you do your fulfillment on your crowdfunding campaign
  • What is your long term vision for Ambilabs?
  • Tips you can give listeners who may have not yet started a business or are thinking of – and want to do that in or from Hong Kong?
  • Ways people can reach out to you and your business Ambiclimate

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 26:12

thanks Julian! I am so glad you share so openly your decision making process for which crowd funding platform to use while in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. I’m also interested to hear that Julian is focusing on selling in Southeast Asia, so that might be a reason he has not chosen Kickstarter. I feel for all these Hong Kong and Asia based entrepreneurs and makers trying to get more customers and marketing for their business – let’s keep looking for solutions.

If you want to support Julian, you can check out his latest campaign on ambiclimate.com/campaign , I’m a backer and I hope he hits his targets!

See you guys next week – we will have Fion from Bridges.hk talk about Hong Kong company and BVI / offshore company formations, cheers!

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  1. Chi

    Good show, I had the pleasure of going to Dim Sum Lab once, such a fun and creative space.

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