Inside Story of Buying and Selling nft/ & Crypto Handshake Names with Ryan Ramirez

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Welcome everyone – this is the first episode of a special mini series here at Global From Asia. We are diving into Crypto a bit again – we’ve been in and out of the Crypto space since 2014 when a lot of us in the industry used BTC for cross border payments and then in 2017 a bit during the ICO craze. Unless you’re hiding under a rock – crypto is back in a big way. 

Here at Global From Asia, we are infatuated with the web 3 movement, aka the decentralized web. The parent company of Global From Asia, Shadstone Limited, has been diving into Handshake (HNS) a couple months now and loves the space.

This will be a 4 show mini series about the evolving decentralized internet (dWeb) and covering different players in the space. At the end of the show we’ll give our own insights and applications for ourselves as well as you as a listener, now – let’s tune in to the first episode of this series. 

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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Ryan

    What is up Ryan! Nice to have you on the show! Can you introduce yourself to our listeners today?

  • How did you get into the crypto space?

    What is your angle on all this BTC, NFT, HNS, ETH world.

  • Finding Domain Names (TLDs) to buy in the Handshake Auctions

    So the big story is – you found out about Handshake (HNS) and were studying and watching from a distance. You saw a name come up on auctions (.NFT) and got in.

  • Why did you pick NFT?

    What was the criteria on making that investment?

  • Getting Funds together to bid.

    So the story I know is, you were preparing for this, you’re talking to people on Twitter (Steve McKie we’ll get on the show later) and then we’re preparing for this auction. You needed more funds, what was that like?

  • Winning the auction.

    We’ve also been in some of these auctions on Handshake and Namebase and they are intense – can you share the feeling and experience of winning NFT?

  • Selling NFT TLD.

    So – you won that name in mid August 2020. What was the trigger to get the sale started, which from my recollection is from a Telegram group?

  • Terms: Escrow, Namebase, USDT.

    The deal was not normal, at least from my understanding most sales currently happen on the Namebase marketplace, but if you look at NFT there it doesn’t show the transaction. So how did the terms go?

  • Your future plans.

    Buying more HNS and TLD names? I think you have made some more investments, what is next?

  • Tips for others looking to get involved.

    Is it too late? Is there still opportunity? What is your angle and recommendation for those looking to get into the decentralized internet and web 3.0

  • Any links or places people should go?

    For more about what you’re up to or places on the web to learn more.

Part 2: Interview with Encrypted

  • Story selling a knife to changing a life.

  • Intro Encrypted

  • How did you find out about Handshake HNS?

  • The story of funding your account.

  • How you find names to bid on.

  • How you sold domains / TLDs.

  • Tips for others in the space.

  • Tips for others looking to start

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 01:16:49

Thank you Ryan for sharing, that was truly inspirational. It is a great story that you’ have such success and still in the industry. Also thank you so much to Encrypted for sharing as well.

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Show Transcript


[00:00:00] Hi everybody, the ticker for handshake today. It’s a double header, some pretty cool stories, some, some new, new, I don’t wanna say new, we’re all new, but some younger and some really great stories of people that have gotten into handshake and into the decentralized web and, and have some life changing sales.

[00:00:24] So that’s a treat today. Let’s tune in today. Welcome to the Global from Asia podcast where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down into straight up actionable advice. And now your host, Michael Michelini. Thank you everybody for choosing to listen or probably watch.  It’s easier these days watching. Would put us up on YouTube, but we’re still a podcast.

[00:00:51] And I know some of you listen. Anyway, we had a great show. Last week Jehan Chu, from Kenetic Capital. Amazing crypto investor and really great way to start this mini series about handshake and a dWeb, decentralized web, I think is very important. To all of us, this, this topic of the future of web, maybe web3 or dWeb or blockchain. You know, domains on the, on a blockchain, which has handshake.

[00:01:21] And then of course, server hosting and others. But today’s a little bit more about flipping, buy and sell and flipping and, you know, domains, whether they’re web to like dot coms or web3 or dWeb, which is like in this case, handshake, you know, a lot of the early stage stuff is buying and selling and flipping and, and a lot of people in the community are doing this.

[00:01:42] You know, I have my reservations to promote this. I believe in building and creating. But you know, this is where the money is for sure and the community. Now I don’t condone squatting, like Cybersquatting, you know, grabbing trademark names of people today. I have not been selling those, but we will be talking about people that have bought pretty low and sold pretty high and are very happy and they say life-changing.

[00:02:07] So actually the first one is Ryan. Ryan is the seller, Jehan was the buyer last week of NFT. So he’s talking about his story and how he got into handshake and everything, and then the sale and the terms. And then after, we’re going to have encrypted, that’s his discord username. And we did an audio only recording of his experiences also

[00:02:30] Buying and selling these names. They both give us some insights. It’s gonna to be a longer episode today. I don’t even know how long total, probably over an hour. But if you enjoy these stories and also, we also announced, remember last week with Jehan, we talked about an event. We’re doing it handycon.promote.handshake.

[00:02:48] handycon.promote.hns.2. If you do not have an hns resolver, hopefully in the future, you all do or don’t need it, but that’s going to be an event. Save the date, March, it depends if you’re in the West or in the East and two weeks from today, March 10th and 11th or 11th and 12th. Check the website, but as a two half day event for

[00:03:11] Eight speakers panels, some auctions, some fun stuff, networking. It’s a free event. We actually already got some sponsorship. We’ll be talking about that in the future, but let’s, let’s tune into the show and we’ll talk about this and then this, some of the breaks. Thank you for tuning into Global from Asia.

[00:03:27] We’ve been going on since 2013, started around Hong Kong business and cross border trade going through Amazon and. Digital nomads and crypto. And now just dWeb. We actually have a premium membership GFAVIP. We’re also starting to add handshake names, .gfa extension it’s for new users, new members. We have masterminds that are happening every other week on topics.

[00:03:49] Of course, Amazon e-commerce started talking more and more about handshake and dWeb and just really a tight little community of people that you know, want to support the show and meet other people. Connect with me, check it out. Okay, thank you everybody for tuning in on our Global From Asia show, this is a second part of our handshake series here, hns series.

[00:04:13] And we have, last, last, the first episode was with Jehan Chu who is the buyer of NFT. Now, today we have the seller of NFT Ryan Ramirez. Thanks so much for coming on the show today, Ryan. Thanks for having me. It’s great to be here. Yeah. Yeah. It’s awesome. I’m really excited about this, you know, introducing this decentralized web at handshake and other things to the community here and people.

[00:04:38] So I think, you know, before we get into the deal and, and the technical things of, you know, dWeb and tell us a little bit about you, you’re in Miami. You know, maybe just a little bit about yourself that you’d like to share with listeners today. Yes. So my background is pretty similar to a lot of Cubans in Miami.

[00:04:59] So my grandparents fled Cuba. After the Cuban, the communist revolution, and they worked really hard to get it me and my parents a much better life. Wow. And now this semester I’ll be graduating from the university of Florida with a master’s in accounting and a concentration in taxation. Wow. That’s really in the summer, I’ll be, I’ll begin working at PWC as a tax associate.

[00:05:25] Very cool man. Very cool. Thanks for sharing that. Yeah, I mean, that’s the great thing about, you know, the US my, my, my great-grandparents came over, you know, from different parts of Europe and, and I’m a mix of as well. I’m a mix of Russian, French, Canadian, and Italian. So, yeah, I mean, that’s the cool thing about the US, opportunities that it gave to people.

[00:05:47] That came down over the generations. So that’s awesome, man. And, so of course the question is how, how did you get in into the whole crypto? Is it, I mean, are you, what’d you say you’re in crypto or like what’s your kind of interest? Yeah. Yeah. I would say I’m a pretty, I don’t know if obsessed is the word, but obsessed is probably the word also.

[00:06:11] I got into crypto in the summer after I graduated high school. So I just started by putting a couple hundred bucks every, every paycheck. And so, yeah, I caught the 2017. A bull market. And then like a lot of other people, I just got one and all the

[00:06:33] we were in. Yeah. We’re in the middle of that stuff too. I know. Yeah. Yeah. But I kept buying so that’s, that’s good. Kept buying in the bear market so, well, that definitely is working out for us for you today. And, early 2020. I mean, it’s like even late twenties. Early 2021 and late 2020 has been the rise of, you know, breaking through records and everyone was looking at the 20 K of Bitcoin.

[00:06:57] You know, like now we’re at, I don’t even know where it’s at 60 K today. I don’t even know. It’s like unbelievable. It’s incredible. Incredible, really nice. Yeah. I mean it’s, how do I say it? I don’t know about you, but it’s like when you’re right. You’re like, you feel like, you know, it’s weird because for so long people don’t understand it or don’t believe it.

[00:07:19] And then when it’s actually becomes true, like we’re actually in some telegram groups together and chatting a bit even today before this recording. And you know, we’re gonna talk about more handshake and, and NFTs and you know, that, that segment, but I guess anything in life, you know, you’ve.

[00:07:35] Especially handshake. You know, it’s been kind of flat at like 10 cents, 12 cents for like freaking eat. I don’t know, at least a half a year, you know? And, uh, now it’s coming now. It’s, uh, it’s coming, it’s coming live, you know, as the show will be a week from now, we don’t know where it’s going to be in a week, but, right now it’s right now.

[00:07:55] It’s what, 35, I guess we can say 35, 40 cents right now. And o that’s like four X from like, A couple of months ago, or even like a month ago, maybe. So anyways let’s move into, so you’re in band crypto since 2017. That was a crazy time. Like. Wait, we had some shows, you know, here at Global, from Asia. We’re not fully crypto, but we do try to dabble in it even since 2014 about cross border trading and payments, and then 2017, we had some discussions on it and over the years. But a lot of people in e-comm and B2B or are liking it, but what’s, let’s.

[00:08:34] We did, we had last last week, show it’s Jehan. He didn’t, we, I didn’t want to get into the basics with him too much cause you know, didn’t want to, we spoke, you know, I didn’t want to maybe, take time from that I think is kind of cool for you to share your, how you got into handshake, what you started to learn about it.

[00:08:51] You know, what do you, you know, maybe how did you get into handshake, hns? Yes, so. I would say Stephen Mackey was the one that got me into handshake and, you know, I’m, I’m pretty, I’m pretty keen on actual decentralization. And I realized pretty fast that, that the layer that hasn’t really been talked about is that DNS there.

[00:09:16] So even before, before I knew any, I didn’t, I didn’t even know anything about DNS. So I had to do the research and I realized how important handshake is to true decentralization. Agreed. Yeah. So just to explain that some people might not get that. So again, it’s gonna be hard to really explain everything in like a 30 minute or so podcasts, but basically DNS for people that don’t know is in domain names system, I believe basically means it’s the naming system of, uh, of domains in the current world, which is controlled by ICANN.

[00:09:47] And then there’s fair assigned that I think owns common net. I think, um, but basically there’s these big groups that own these and it’s controlled by ICANN, and then they keep increasing the prices, you know? And, so what handshake is trying to do, like you said, it’s trying to decentralize that. So on a blockchain.

[00:10:04] So the idea is an owner of a TLD, can then own it on the handshake and then update the settings for, yeah, it’s hard to, I don’t, hope I’m not messing this up, but SLDS are not on the block on the handshake chain yet. Maybe one day, but it’s more on the TLD level, but basically yeah, it’s like domain, I think the simplest way is domain names on the blockchain, right?

[00:10:30] I mean, is that an easy way? Yeah, we’re going to try and get Steve. Steve says, they’ll come on the show, which will be really exciting, hopefully in the next episode or so, but, uh, let’s get him. He, you know, he, he, yeah, like you said, he drops really crazy, amazing knowledge in groups and on Twitter and we’ll link LinkedIn and hopefully get them on the show soon.

[00:10:50] So. Okay. So you saw his tweets. I remember he messaged, we were, you were on the call. How’s this, when I first connect with you is on our handshake clubhouse call. And he came up on the stage and you shared, and then I, you know, you said you were direct messaging him on Twitter about how to buy these names.

[00:11:07] And then I guess it was, it was, you know, it was NFT, right? So that’s your first one? It was like August, 2020, right? Yes. So you were just like looking for ones to, to, to, to go forward to, cause this is auction. So you were just watching other ones and you were, did you have agent? Yeah. I didn’t have hns at the time, at the time I was really, Oh, I still am really interested in, in tokenized art, you know, as like, as a numbers guy, it’s, it’s pretty cool to see this new medium of art and like how empowering it feels for artists.

[00:11:45] It’s really cool. And I knew that that, you know, NFTs, if these are, it’s not only art, but they’re going to be there literally unlocking digital assets. And I knew they were going to be big. So my criteria for looking for a top level domain was I was kind of trying to keep it under four characters and I needed something that would identify large groups of people, places or things.

[00:12:09] Awesome. Any NFT can encompass any of it? Yes. Yeah. So it was, it was. It was kind of like the perfect, it was like the perfect top level domain. Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think most of us are agreeing, especially looking back. It seems obvious now, but, uh, it was then still early. It was early. Um, you know, it still is early now.

[00:12:39] I, I. I believe, but it was really early then. I mean, it was like a half a year since the handshake has started about, I think about a half year, right. August. So six months, February 2020. So you were at like halfway through the first year you saw that you were identifying, you know, like a three L, NFT, non, non fungible token, I believe fungible.

[00:13:01] Yeah. So, so you saw that one and like, yeah cause a lot of people still don’t understand. I literally, I’m talking to someone on telegram yesterday. And there, they thought it’s after that name, they thought it was like, you know, the, they think it’s a domain name, but it’s actually a TLD extension that people are buying on mostly, mostly name base.

[00:13:21] But of course there’s a Bob wallet or a CLI you don’t have to use name base, but of course, name basis the most easy to use one in the handshake ecosystem right now. But so you identified that and I, I want to make sure we cover this, but you, you had to pick how much you’re going to bid, right. And you had a conversation with your brother when I heard, remember with the clubhouse calls.

[00:13:43] So I’d love to hear a little bit about the planning of bidding on. Yeah, so I, yeah, so I, I actually bid on, on Bob wallet, but it was funny cause I, yeah, I kind of scouted it out for two weeks when it was going to come to auction and I anticipated a large bit like large bid sizes. So I kind of had to do like a fundraising round with my brother.

[00:14:07] We didn’t know anything about Adriana. I told him, like, I, I basically told them, give me what you can give me. And I’m going to try to buy NFT. And I am almost positive it’s going to really work out in the end. Also, he gave me, he gave me 200 bucks and I added that to my 500 bucks. And I think, I think the bid was eight, like around 8,000 HNS.

[00:14:31] And we ended up winning. So we worked out that’s the beautiful thing about the blockchain is it’s pretty much public your bid so we could, uh, yeah, I remember. I don’t remember. You remember you paid 4,000. I mean, this cause the way it works in these auctions is you pay the second highest. So I think you paid 4,096.

[00:14:49] Honestly, I paid four, zero nine, six, and auctions too. There’s somebody that’s bidding four, zero nine, six. I don’t know how they picked that number, but there’s a, well, at least wise, I don’t know about nowadays, but at least back those days, um, four zero nine, six is what you paid them. I’m pulling up right now and name base.

[00:15:07] Uh, so, so then 200 bucks. So set. So then I guess it’d be $700 USU put into the auction. Yeah, it was around $700 in NHS is what I is, what I bid at the time. Okay. My internet, I think, uh, China’s listening and they’re, they’re slowing down my internet here. Um, so I’m not loading it successfully at this moment it’s spinning, but, um, yeah, so, so that’s, so then you bought it and then you won.

[00:15:39] So how did it feel when you, you know, what was, uh, you know, we’re going to get in a sale, right? We already had Jehan on here, but that didn’t run away. So you won, what was, what, what was the thought process? Conversation with your brother, things like that. Well, I actually didn’t think I won because somebody had sent a transaction and I wasn’t really familiar with at a time, but it hadn’t been brought, hadn’t been been mined to the book.

[00:16:03] So I thought I lost for probably a day or two after. And then I’ll check, then I won. Amazing. Yeah, it was, it was, it was a great feeling. It was a great feeling. I there’s no way I could, I would be able to like, if it came out probably three months after that, there’s no way I would have been able to outbid some of the other, some of the other, uh, TLD buyers.

[00:16:25] So there’s no way, I’m almost surprised that I got it at that price. I know. It’s pretty amazing. Um, yeah. Yeah. I, I mean, uh, so just to recap, I’ve noticed some people probably. Experienced that are listening or tuning in, but for those not familiar, it actually very confusing. Some people bid at the last minute, they call them usually snipers or, you know, maybe a smart submit at the last minute.

[00:16:51] But what Ryan just explained is it didn’t that that person lost because they waited until the last minute. And it’s not like a centralized auction house where if it goes at one server, it’s confirmed it’s on a blockchain. So it has to be mined by minors. So the risk of a leak sniper is their bid won’t go through, which is what happened with NFT.

[00:17:12] And I didn’t know that either until today, which is pretty exciting. So sniper didn’t win, man. He won that’s okay. Yeah. That’s amazing. So then double-checked you revealed your bid or you saw that other reveals are confirmed and then you won and then, and then you have your brother there. I mean, what’s, what was the thinking now?

[00:17:33] It’s like probably late August 2020 or so. Well, my brother didn’t really know what it was, but I remember telling him and my dad, I told him I just bought this, but you’re going to see that this is going to be worth more than $20,000. And they didn’t really believe me. They didn’t really believe me. Okay.

[00:17:51] Yeah. I’m sure. I’m sure. I mean, I, yeah, I have, you know, my wife’s very supportive of me and friends, but they, they don’t, a lot of people don’t understand this stuff and they you know, there’s like, Oh, there’s this domain name, or there’s this crypto thing that, you know, so $700. Yeah. And especially you’re saying I got it for 720,000, you know?

[00:18:16] So if somebody is like, is this person crazy, spent 720,000 value? So, you know, But you’re, you didn’t use it, Ryan? You didn’t point it anywhere or did you talk to anybody or? I wanted it to, I pointed it to open sea, I pointed it to  super rare. Yep. All, most of the big NFT marketplaces, I pointed it to them and then tagged them on Twitter.

[00:18:42] Okay. So did that help with this, I guess, unless you think there’s something else, just to say, I guess, do we talk about the sale? How you found the seller and the buyer or so you’re so then I use, so yeah, so some people don’t know, you can do like a redirect or you can make in name, basically dealings, but you could do it even in a page builder, but you can build like a, you can actually build whole sites.

[00:19:07] Actually we’re doing that for GFA .GFA. We got the three GFA, TLD. So we’re starting to build out profile pages. Oh really? Yeah. It’s really actually, I don’t know if I’ve said it yet. It was the last I had. I had to wait last week, man. It was a February 4th release. Uh, so I was really nervous, but we, we, uh, we won it.

[00:19:31] It was amazing. I have 46 hns was what we paid. Yeah, I put 1500 hns I didn’t know if it was enough, but we put, uh, yeah, that Vickery oxygen is really, really, uh, incentivized to just throwing what you, what you want to pay for it on the table. No, looking back, we really think that the, the creator is like, Steve was Steve McKie.

[00:19:55] You mentioned, or Mckie, he was involved in the creation of it. And, there were some other really, really smart people. And like you said, the Vickery auction, I’ve never, they said it existed before, but I’ve never seen it. Uh, I’ve never experienced it myself. Yeah. I’ve not experienced it myself, but yeah, it really does.

[00:20:15] There’s so many dimensions to it. There’s, there’s blinds and there’s the second highest bid is what you pay and then there’s the mining. So, but let’s, let people study that on it. We can’t cover all of this and I end today’s show. So let’s, let’s move forward to, so it’s August, you’re pointing it to wearable and other markets.

[00:20:37] You’re tweeting it out. So you’re actively trying to sell it. Are you trying to, you’re trying to sell it since you bought it. Like I was, I was actually going to. Personally, build a marketplace on it. I kind of wanted to, at first I wanted to start it off with a, with like a data aggregator. So it would be like, um, like for people, if you wanted to, if you search the people Diana, it, it would show all his artworks from, from where he, you know, because it’s kind of, the markets are kind of fragmented.

[00:21:06] So I wanted a place where people can go and see all of the artworks of an artist and. You know, that was gonna be, that was gonna be very expensive. And then, you know, Jehan hit me up and he offered a deal. Yeah. So let’s talk about that. And I think you said it was telegram group, but how did that, how did that, how did it was January or, and how, how did that start?

[00:21:36] Yeah, so he messaged me on telegram. I think he saw on there’s a group called name swap we’re we’re TLD owners. We’ll we’ll chat about their names, try to sell their names. And I had posted that I had NFT. So I think that’s, I think that’s where he started. Maybe he start on Twitter. I don’t know.

[00:21:55] And he messaged me asking, he first sent out a bid of 20,000 HNS and I told him. I told them, like, I don’t want to, I, this is word for word. I told him I don’t want to be disrespectful, but my number is multiples over 20,000 hns and I told him, I told him seven, I told him 700,000 hns and at first he said, he couldn’t do that.

[00:22:19] So we kind of just, okay, great guys to tell them good luck with everything going forward. And then he came back and he, he accepted the 700,000 HNS. At the time it was 12, 10. Oh yeah. 12 cents. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So then it’s just, which is like January, right? So this is all in January. I think. Yeah.

[00:22:47] Yeah. And what I’ll say about Jehan, just, he blew me away. Yeah. I didn’t know who he was before I, he blew me away. His life is super impressive. Yeah. Yeah. He’s super I mean, he’s, he was on a previous episode for those who didn’t check it out, check out the episode before this one for, for the interview. Um, uh, Jehan and believe is, I know, Jehan is really, um, really smart.

[00:23:14] He’s early in crypto, you know, buy, he was buying Bitcoins. 2013, 2014, I believe. And he’s an investor of name base. He’s an investor of the handshake itself. And a lot of other, a lot of other, Kenetic Capital is his firm and he’s based in Hong Kong. So, um, yeah, we get to see his story, you know, you’ll see it.

[00:23:37] And it’s actually not yet released when we’re recording to the show. You’ll see it. But yeah, he’s super smart. And, um, so that’s interesting. So then, so then, uh, he accepted and then. I believe it was in a broker by name base, or they help with the escrow or how did the deal? Yeah, they helped with the Astros.

[00:23:54] He, I accepted, uh, we went back and forth a little bit with the, with the contract, just like little details to protect both of us. And then name based helped us with the escrow. Cause it would because the deal wasn’t USB-C yeah. And you STC. So then they held an so actually that’s even more interesting because I thought the name was a name base.

[00:24:15] So the names and Bob. And then, you know, the name of the name based at the time. Okay. Cause yeah, you got the offer to bid on a 20 K that was sent through a name base. I think probably he sent it or something or just say. That was just verbal. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And then, so then, okay, so then they.

[00:24:40] Is there a reason, did you choose for the U S D C or T? It was tether or was USD coin? Yeah, I choose. Okay. And then regretted it now. Yeah. I mean, now it’s like three times now, man. I mean, I bought hns with what I got. So I’m happy. There you go. There you go. Yeah. I mean, yeah.

[00:25:10] I know, I, I swear I’m always hesitant. I don’t want to be a pumper or a Schiller, but I mean, I really believe in this coin. That’s why I’m doing this series and it’s not just the coin too, but it’s also just, like you said earlier in the interview, I believe in what it’s trying to accomplish and the people behind it and the communities it’s really, an amazing time for it.

[00:25:31] So, so it’s really, really interesting. I mean, and then. Then you tell your dad and your brother that we’re maybe what I got to hear. I’m sure people want to, like, what’s the conversation there, you know, it’s like dinner table and you know, like, what’s that that’s happening in here? Well, my brother almost, my brother thought I was lying for a bit during the, during the negotiation.

[00:26:00] Part of the deal. My brother really didn’t really believe me until, until I showed him the actual contract. And I even told him, I told him, you owe me. Yeah, I know, man. He doesn’t know anything. So let’s just do the math. He gave you $200 and you gave him, what did you pay him yet? Or he’s going to be getting it at the beginning of 20, 20,000.

[00:26:23] 21,000. Yeah. So in like three, four months, four months, I think that’s pretty insane. So I guess you won’t have trouble borrowing money from him again, if you need to. Well let me see. I’m trying to think what else. I, I guess I’m trying to think of what others would be asking, but so you’re still in a game.

[00:26:45] You’re still, you said you did buy some more HNS. t seems like you still believe in it. Do you want to share or yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. HNS is one of those coins that I just it’s buy every month type of thing. I just I’m just dollar cost averaging. Yeah, building on my bags. Yep. Yep. And then I, for me, it’s, it’s a little different with my name.

[00:27:08] Cause I don’t really take such a, a formal route to names like with an Excel or anything. I just kinda go through life. And if I like, if I’m doing something and I think of a. Oh, that could be a nice DOD. I just, I look it up on my phone, on name base. That’s insane man, but yeah, no buying games, no buying HNS.

[00:27:30] I’m super bullish. I’m super bullish. I think it really, it really fills a hole in, in a space that in, in a crypt, in the crypto space that we need for true decentralization agreed. Yeah. And that’s, it’s a really, I mean, I think for people wandering, I mean, well, you’re going to probably pay more, but any kind of crypto related names are obviously more expensive, but probably most likely to be used or needed because a lot of these [00:28:00] crypto exchanges that are on the traditional DNS, you know, domains, and then we don’t know the future of regulation.

[00:28:08] Right. And then the ideas, maybe these domains will get seized or. Or a regulated or, you know, imagine people trading millions of dollars on a domain name that’s on DNS that then gets disappears. And then, you know, there’s been these cases. I don’t want to get too much scary, but there’s some cases of like GoDaddy getting hacked or tricked into like giving up, uh, changing DNS records for ’em.

[00:28:36] For these cryptos and then hackers get into the, uh, or, you know, there’s bad stuff that can happen. Of course it could happen, I guess, with HNS name. If somebody, the TLD owner, somehow didn’t update, it could happen both ways, but, uh, you have more control as a TLD as the owner of the domains and, uh, the issuance and, uh, it’s on your wallets.

[00:28:57] So. Um, I guess some other questions you didn’t mention less than three letters or two, four letters is a four L I guess four ELLs are three, four or three too. Of course, 200. I looked for, I looked for four, four to five characters and under. Yeah, but I still, I still have, like, I have I, if you, if you anyone, anyone listening, if you guys want to check it out, I have Bitcoin white paper and I’m just, I hosted, I’m hosting the white paper on Skynet on Bitcoin white paper.

[00:29:27] So I thought that was kind of cool. Yeah. Yeah. So I just hope, I feel like, I feel like these last, this, you know, Well, we can’t get in too much of the basics. I don’t want you to just be like a one Oh one so people can read up on it, but you, so somebody and then Puma browser is the first I think, well, there’s handy browser, which is Steve McKie Nicky’s or Becky’s company.

[00:29:49] He has a Support agent has needs, but I think Puma browsers is the first like mainstream browser that you can just type in Bitcoin white paper. I usually say put a slash if you also notice on Twitter, a lot of people are updating their name to put a forward slash to show that that’s a handshake name.

[00:30:08] Like I updated my Twitter name, so I have a Michelini, right? Yeah. My last name is Michelini. Um, but I still, I don’t want to be, I did michael.michelini. So actually I even have a website in handshake. HTTP://michael.michelini/ and then you’ll see my blog there. It’s actually a mirror of Michael Michelini.

[00:30:31] Actually. I tried to buy in 1999, dude. It was the first site. I tried to buy our GoDaddy and it was taken and I’ve been watching it since, and it’s not even a site. Somebody just bought it. I don’t know why. And they haven’t used it in like 21 years or 22 years, but I can’t buy it. I’m trying to buy it.

[00:30:47] But so I got my family name. Some people might like that and then there’s these emojis, but see emojis is like nuts. It’s also, yeah, I’m pretty bullish on emojis too, but the price, the price on emojis has skyrocketed. Yeah. It’s, it’s insane. So, you know, I think that’s, uh, you know, unless. Um, ask, I think one thing is short names, I think, no matter what short, because people don’t it’s a lot of people don’t understand these.

[00:31:17] They think they’re domain names, but like you said, they’re extensions. They’re TLDs so it’s to the right of the dot. So if you look at something on name base for somebody listening today, I noticed a lot of people buying these two words are long words and it could still work. I have some law or even michelini is long.

[00:31:33] Right. But you got to keep in mind, people most likely be another word before it dots and then this, you know. Yeah, but you could go to, in terms of, you know, like you said, you have Bitcoin white papers, all one, and then slash, and then I would re redirect or show the Bitcoin white paper, which is really cool.

[00:31:53] That’s when you did. Yep. But you were saying something, sorry. Yeah. In terms of, in terms of selling sub-level domains, I think, I think the, like I said, prior it’s, if you want to sell sub domains, I feel like you’re going to have to keep it closer under five characters. And it has to be able to distinguish a group of people, places or things.

[00:32:17] Um, and then I think it’d be okay. Yeah. Like those are really the ones. Those are the, really the ones that are the most expensive right now, for sure. Yeah. Short ones are always going to always well, even, even relatively expensive early. And like, even when you paid, you said eight, 700, $800. That was high then.

[00:32:36] Right. I mean, most stuff is going for free. So that was actually a higher sale then. So, um, What was I going to say here? I’m blinking a little bit, but, uh, yeah, like I said, we have dot GFA, so I don’t plan to actually sell SLDS on GFA. The plan is we have a membership here and masterminds and we have events.

[00:32:57] So the idea is that a member would get their name or their, whatever, I guess, let them choose the name dot GFA. And then I like to be way out in the future, but the idea is you go, hopefully we can have physical events again, you know, Okay. And then we’d like your idea to mean, yeah, we got the, I remember I saw you talking in a group.

[00:33:18] I won in Miami. Actually. I didn’t say it yet, but my parents are in Florida and I go there often. I grew up in Connecticut, but they retired down in Florida. And, uh, I don’t say it, I guess I’ll just say the city, but poor St. Lucy. So not too far, three hours course. Um, but I usually fly into West Palm beach PBI, but I’ve been down to Miami a bunch of times.

[00:33:40] I have good friends there. And also Miami seems like I’ve been seeing a lot of people leaving San Francisco to like either Texas or Miami. I’ve been seeing Austin and Miami is like some hot spots. So Miami is picking up in the startups seems like, right? Yeah. I’m really proud of our mayor. He’s he seems really forward thinking and, and.

[00:34:00] Technologically, uh, adept for a mayor, you know, it’s amazing. So, um, I am, um, so you’re so like you said earlier, so you’re, so you’re still, you’re, you’re, you’re invest even H and S is going up. You’re still dollar cost averaging up. I guess a lot of us are averaging up. Uh, you know, we’re also bullish on me.

[00:34:21] I still. I don’t want to make price predictions. You know, we don’t usually, we’re not like a crypto podcast really, but you know, it’s obviously all this is high risk, right. So anybody’s should be willing to encrypt wheel there’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, HNS, whatever you’re buying don’t don’t invest what you need, uh, to pay your rent or, or something.

[00:34:41] But yeah, I think you’re obviously seeing bullish. I’m pretty bull. I’m very bullish. Um, so I, uh, I think that there’s also a shortage because he didn’t, we didn’t talk about it, but there’s a lot of these coins getting burned. So when you won yours, you burned a 4,000. It’s not like somebody else got that.

[00:34:58] It got burned so that there’s less and less supply. So that’s the idea is, is pushing the price higher. Um, And, so we talked about it with Johanne too, but I guess for somebody listening to just get really getting formal or getting excited, what would you, what would you tell them to do you know, if they want to get involved in this?

[00:35:19] I guess, uh, you know, I would say that the, the people in crypto in general are really, are really welcoming and they’re, they’re really, they’re all trying to. To teach people really like the importance of the technology. You know, I can’t say that for everyone, you always have the chillers and all that, but if you can find the right people like Steven and others, you’ll, you’ll learn a lot.

[00:35:48] You’ll learn a lot and get it. You get it. What’s really cool though, about. Blockchain and the crypto space is that with all these companies, you can, if you want to get involved, you just join the discord or join the telegram and you can, yeah. You can actually talk themes. Like where else have you been able to talk to, to the T the CEO of, of these companies and offer input?

[00:36:10] I agree. I think that’s amazing. Yeah, it’s true. I mean, like you said, we were in that. These clubhouses we started to do, you know, I think clubhouse really helped a lot. Um, you know, you came up, Steve was there to see you have name base Tyson. Was there, there was, there was some really amazing people. And like you said, they’re just giving out knowledge, like unbelievable and, uh, a little plug for a couple of my TLDs, but, uh, I have dot mastermind.

[00:36:34] And, so we try to put the recordings of those on MP3 dot mastermind. As just, it’s like a D link so people can listen to those recordings. It’s just raw, man. It’s not like this is more edited. We’ll clean this one up, but, uh, those are just straight up a little bit more recordings on mastermind.

[00:36:52] And then also put together a forum, handshake dot mercenary. Again, you need the resolvers for people. We’ll try to link it up in the show notes so that you have the regular link and the handshake link. There’s always these two links now, but my favorite was, again, back to Steve McKie. He says, uh, it is the dWeb now or decentralized web, but he says once it gets to be mainstream, we’ll just drop the D.

[00:37:16] Just drop the D that’s that’s the plan. And, um, I think, yeah, I think this is, this has been enough. I mean, we can go, I feel like this is what you’re handling. I could’ve gone for a while. We try to keep this at like 30, 40 minutes. So I think, I think we, uh, we had a great one. I, this is really inspiring your story, you know, man, you’re, you’re so young and, you know, You’re really doing amazing things.

[00:37:37] You’re investing. Um, and like, you know, you said your grandfather came from Cuba. I’m sure. I hope I’m not sure if he’s my, my grandparents aren’t with us anymore. I hope he’s still there, but if not yet. Oh, that’s great. Ma’am she must be, he has a printout of the, the articles. Awesome man. Wow. Yeah, he did the right thing.

[00:38:01] He came in, gave you guys opportunity and you’re doing, you’re doing amazing things for your family, so that’s awesome, man. And, uh, so I think, uh, is there, I guess you don’t have websites or anything, but, uh, is there ways, I guess just telegram groups will link up and uh, you’re in the community, so it’s, it’s awesome.

[00:38:19] Yeah. Thanks so much Ryan for sharing and, uh, yeah, this is part two of the series. Hopefully Steven agreed to come on. I haven’t done any interview, but we’ll probably have him on a next, we’re trying to get him on the next show. He’s pretty busy guy and a coin is going crazy. So he’s going crazy too. So, uh, but I think it’s something we’ve all been, we’ve been all working so hard and you know, you got your, your, you know, you did a great return.

[00:38:41] ROI on that one and you’re still in the game, which is amazing. So, you know, hopefully people stick in the game, you know, we’re, we’re all handlers, you know, I’m huddling. So, and also just the last point is, you know, Bitcoin is the first use case of blockchain. People always confuse blockchain. And Bitcoin is one thing, a lot of times, even me at the beginning, but it’s the point is, is the, is like currency or like a bank on the blockchain, but all these other things, like, so.

[00:39:10] You might say it better than me, but I believe isn’t it. Toshi says that the second use case was domains or internet on the blockchain. I believe somebody said that to me are, I don’t want to play on the spot. Um, I’m not sure I’m not familiar, but I mean, but yeah, that’s a perfect, yeah, absolutely. So this, this, the idea is if people think that the.

[00:39:33] Blockchain is good. And I think that domains and hosting and web should be on the blockchain. That’s that’s something you should look at is, is here. So, alright. Let’s appreciate it. I know it’s a little bit late there for you too, so I’m happy to have you on the show. Thanks again. No problem. Thank you for having me.

[00:39:50] Thank you, Ryan for sharing. That was awesome. And I, I inspirational, I think for many people, myself included and I liked it. You know, you see, he, his grandparents came from Cuba, you know, to Miami or to South Florida and, and he’s been working hard. I mean, he’s, he’s super smart, as you could tell, you know, and I’m working really hard.

[00:40:10] And it’s really a great story that he’s had such, such success and he’s still in the industry. You know, he didn’t just take his money and leave. He’s reinvesting, he’s growing, he’s contributing, he’s active in the community. So thank you for that, Ryan. Next up in our bonus, our header encrypted audio only, and it’s first time ever.

[00:40:31] That he said that I know of, you know, sharing and it’s, it’s insightful one and how he got in how he heard about it from a friend and how he started getting into name based IO, which is the main marketplace and to handshake and, and his stories and his life-changing sales. So let’s, uh, let’s tune in to the second interview.

[00:40:50] All right. So we have a pretty cool interview, uh, actually encrypted. How do I introduce you to everyone? What’s it? What do you want to be known as. I just, I guess I go by sitting, but in a nevus discord, I have myself as encrypted. So I guess either one is cool. Yeah. You’ve been really active in the community.

[00:41:14] So maybe you’re no, I just found out like yesterday you’re in North Ireland, which is pretty awesome. Um, do you want to just give some intro about your background, what you’re willing to share with us about, about, you know, about what you do. I mean, it’s, there’s not really a lot, you can say, but in the bar of about Northern Ireland, it’s really boring.

[00:41:40] It’s super boring. Like there’s not a lot you can do, right? Like it’s mainly just grass and beard. Awesome. So you’re from there. That’s your, that’s your home? Yeah, born and raised. I just spend too much time on the internet talking to Americans. I understand, man. I know it’s yeah. What time is it right now for you like to.

[00:42:11] It’s 12 minutes past one. Yeah. I mean, it’s definitely a global community. Like I just want to get that in, I guess. Yeah. Let’s just make sure we start with this. The community is really amazing. Right. And this handshake and Navy base and the neighbor community, uh, you were saying before and recording us thought, it’d be cool.

[00:42:28] You should share what you’re just saying. Yeah. I was just saying like, it’s so naughty that I can come and join into this community and everyone’s so helpful and just. Loving and cool. And everything just goes well over, right? Like I didn’t expect it to go as well as it did, but you know, the outcome was not, and it resulted in some pretty life changing.

[00:42:51] I know we’ll get into that. We’ll get into that. So, so you said guest started when, when was, when was the get started for you in this community? I’d say six months ago, seven months ago. Okay. Just be, which would be like summer, I guess, summer 20, 20, like August a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Around that time. Yeah.

[00:43:15] Okay. Just for the, you know, cause people don’t know when we were, we’re doing this interview in February, uh, and the February, 2021, but just for people to know what time is, what, so then yeah, so summer 2020, which is still early for sure. I mean, handshake. I I, myself, I didn’t hear about till October, uh, 2020, so you’re you’re ahead of me.

[00:43:36] Um, and it was still early. I mean, it started in, I guess I like to say Valentine’s day 2020 was when the blockchain or at least the auctions started. I, I’m not sure about the exact whole blockchain, but, so, yeah, you’re definitely an early adopter, I’d say. So, what was your first impression or how did maybe, how did you hear, but you even hear about it.

[00:44:00] It’s actually really weird the way that I heard about it, because first impression was okay, this is pretty cool, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work well, we’ll see. And I mean, I had one, a domain and just, I was like, screw it. I’ll just listed for 5,000. And it sold like. Overnight woke up, had a message from my best friend saying, Oh my God.

[00:44:31] and the only reason I even, you know, find out, by this in the first place was, I was in a call with a group of friends and I have a buddy Nick, who was working in subway at the time. And the dude came in and he was wearing like a crypto t-shirt and, uh, my buddy, Nick. Uh, I spoke to him and he mentioned handshake and then Nick came into the call and he mentioned it to me.

[00:44:59] And then I was like, cool, I’ll give it a luck. Okay, dude, that is crazy. That’s crazy, dude, walking into a subway. Was able to turn into this. Yeah. We’ll get into what it is in a minute. I mean, people in the community know, but for those just tuning again, uh, there’s quite a story, but let’s yeah, let’s still, let’s, let’s still go in the early stage, early days.

[00:45:26] So then you hear about from a friend group call and your friend, Nick at subway work, and subway heard somebody talking about crypto and handshake and you heard that. So then you look up obviously name based is kind of like the main. The main thing of nev almost named the dude who, uh, next to the supposedly he said that he was, uh, a part of handshake.

[00:45:51] I don’t know like who it was. We told Dick you’re probably never going to see that guy ever again.

[00:46:02] But it’s just it’s yeah. It’s madness. Is your friend Nick in the States or is he in Ireland or where? He’s in the States. Okay. Okay. Got it. So then, uh, so then you hear about it. What do you do go to Google or, or, or what I mean. He, uh, he linked me, nib is fucking wrong. Like, that’s pretty cool. There you go.

[00:46:28] Some cash into it. Yeah. And then I know you’ve been saying it in a discourse. I want to make sure we get the story. So. How’d you get the CA you know, I remember I want to hear this, you know, how’d you get the cash to start? I mean, I’m, I even want to know the full story. I’ve heard pieces of it in discord, but how’d you get your first cash into this?

[00:46:49] Well, it originated, I’d say a year or two ago, I was like doing like this whole Fiasco trading platform. I was trying to like build my own trading platform and unlike trading server for like anyone who wants to come in and just, you know, trade their virtual items, upgrade them dine great. And whatever way they want to do that.

[00:47:15] And I had find a really good deal on this website. I treated a bunch of items to get it and. Ended up holding onto it for a couple months and it’s kept going up in value. So I decided, well, I don’t have money, but I have this knife and it’s worth like $1,200. So I guess I’ll just sell it to a trusted guy for like 900 bucks for BTC.

[00:47:46] And then I punched the BTC into a handshake. Yeah. Yeah. So what was the knife called? It was a, an alumni Amnon, bayonet Blue, uh, blue Jen, 69% blue on the play side. It was like a top pattern number one pattern in the world. Yeah. Another crazy story. So, yeah, cause you said he’s a knife sale. So you funded this with the sale from that knife.

[00:48:18] And he mentioned about the auction and the sale, but let’s, I think we should back up a little bit. So then you just picked him, how’d you pick your auctions? I mean, how’d you choose what to start with? I mean, I just went for like things last, Albert. Cool like being able to use your emojis as like a domain is pretty cool.

[00:48:38] So I went for zoom, emojis, um, anything that was OJI related, um, like I come from the gaming scene. So like having an OJI name on platforms is worth a lot of money and I figured it would be the same for domain. So any like dictionary word, that means something, any, you know, thinking that someone may go by and on the internet is worth a lot to someone.

[00:49:08] Right. True. True. All right. So, so yeah, like. Just to kind of recap emojis, which is obviously seems like it was a smart one smart one for you to choose. And then, oh gee. Yeah. Like screen names or usernames. Yeah. I mean because like we mentioned earlier, I think we’ll actually have another, I think we’ll make it a separate piece of content to demo.

[00:49:31] You showed about the portfolio, but the log-in with handshake. So the idea that people will use these as their screen names, um, even starting hopefully now in 2021, but definitely seems like the future will be. Screen names for these. So that’s step those. Those are both good plays for sure. So then you, do you open the auctions or do you just see stuff ending now?

[00:49:52] You know, I’m just, you know, did you open something you look for or did you just see stuff ending in like 10 blocks and just started bidding on them? It was a mix between everything dude. I’ve had, like, I’ve started auctions. I’ve seen them on the end. And soon I had a day where I just saw a bunch of emojis just flooding through, I guess, some dudes spam open.

[00:50:19] I’m going to, I’m going to bid on these. Cause I mean, I might win them and I won a couple of hundred of them. So I was like, all right, cool. Uh, it’s just. Various things. I’ve had sleepless nights where I’ve just thought about a single domain that I wanted to get just waiting for it. And watching the sea of stone was trying to snipe me and kinder sniping.

[00:50:43] I’ve had heartbreaking moments where I’ve. Too much coins into other domains and not been able to get the one I really wanted because I’ve got no coins left. Like I’ve been through it all. And he was like, I understand. And I know. Yeah. Like I think there’s a meme group in the discord. I think maybe it was even you that shared it.

[00:51:04] It’s hard for me to remember whose was the one with like a, a cartoon character. I forget the cartoon series and the guy’s eyeballs are like, Bloodshot. And he stared at a screen and they’re like block nine. And it’s like dot, dot, dot. You know, it’s hard to explain to people outside the community, what we’re talking about, but those that are in it will definitely know what we’re talking about with your, uh, experiences here.

[00:51:29] I mean, it’s definitely addicting and it’s so hard. Cause it’s it’s block mining. It’s not like time, you know? So you don’t really know when things end, like you said, and then there’s this. It’s really the most multi-dimensional thing with blocks. And then you don’t know stuff’s substance to get mined. And then somebody’s trying to come in last minute.

[00:51:49] You don’t know if theirs is going to go through, you’re not sure if yours is going to go through, if you yeah. Like it’s insane. So, so yeah, so you’re just doing a mix of everything. Um, and then you said you sold for 5,000, is that, so you did that early on, like. Right away. It seems like that was my, my first deal, dude.

[00:52:05] That was like, I had a, so I ended up getting mothers-. Yeah. I’ve seen out of your portfolio. Yeah. So the way I ended up getting that was there was a dude who had a website up. It was like a sniper. It just listed all of them. My buddy was sharing the screens, my best friend, Michael. You’re sharing the screens in the, in this call.

[00:52:31] And he was looking at the, and I just saw it as like, that’s mine. I call it. I went in

[00:52:39] and I got it for super cheap. And then I ended up just listening for 5k, not knowing that it was worth way more. I know. That’s the thing. Yeah. Okay. I swear. I swear. I still see that. That’s where I still see it in your portfolio or maybe just different variation or am I wrong? I feel like I see that. I that’s the thing I haven’t heard.

[00:53:06] No, it’s not mother- or his mother-. Sorry, my first one. That was the one that made me think of getting mother-. Oh, okay. Got it. Got it. No, I get it. Cool. So, I mean, honestly, I think, I think that’s a better trade anyway, but yeah, of course. That’s, you know, you can’t complain though. I mean, you got it for really a Low silver 5k.

[00:53:25] I mean, We can all look back and it’s it, whether it’s these a name, name, bees, or a, you know, handshake names or as domain names or as crypto, you know, we all regret selling stuff too low, but at least, you know, he definitely obviously still made a massive flip. Right. So they can’t, you know, he can’t really look back too much at saying, Oh, I have got more or it’s worth more.

[00:53:45] Right. But I know that’s a natural reaction that we all have. Um, but that’s definitely a amazing though. I mean like, yeah, go ahead. In some regards. I don’t like, I don’t regret it at all because it was initially helping me, you know, grow my fund to get more domains. Like it kind of helped me, you know, get my foot in there, but yeah.

[00:54:06] Great. And then I think you said 800 from the knife was what you started with right. $900. A hundred a BTC. Okay, cool. And then, so this flip, I mean, I guess the. Also H and S has gone up quite a bit since, when not, that was probably like August, September, something like that. Or maybe, uh, yeah. Cool. And then, uh, yeah, I mean, it’s tripled since then to coin alone.

[00:54:32] Uh, and then, so then, um, you’ve always been in a discord, I guess seems like you’re always using discord even before, before this seems like you’re pretty experienced in it. So you joined a community right away when you got started. Um, Yeah, pretty much. I’d say like, roughly like about a month or two after, because like, my friend told me about it cause he had joined and you know, he showed me, there was like a whole page.

[00:55:05] You can post your domain and stuff and auction highs. Like people can see it more. Hey, like guys, like, am I helping me move stuff so nice. So, okay. So let’s, let’s, let’s go through the story. So you started, um, and you, you got, you sold for 5k, which, you know, that’s the cool thing about blockchain. We can all look and we can all look this stuff up.

[00:55:28] So then you flip it, you got some more, you know, got some more H and S you got other names. So then maybe just talk about the evolution. I know, especially the last couple of days have been life-changing, like you’ve said, uh, but maybe you could. I don’t know if there’s some highlights or milestones you want to share for the last few months between starting and the last few days,

[00:55:51] In what, probably talk about some of the really amazing sales that you’ve just made. But I think maybe before we talk about what we call, you know, you’ve said in discord life-changing or, you know, pretty, pretty amazing stuff, but is there any other like milestones or points between. Then, and now that you’d like to share,

[00:56:16] Not really. And I’m just trying, I don’t know. I’m just trying to get the story, you know, so, but yeah, I mean, I’ve seen, you know, like you’re pretty happy, you know, definitely active in the community. People know you you’re in the channels. Um, I guess one question maybe we can ask now is the sales, even that first sale, would you say it came.

[00:56:36] I don’t want to, we call it organic from the marketplace. Did it come from the discord or do you, maybe you don’t know, did you know the buyer did or do you think, you know, where it came from or even over the last couple of few months you’ve been in it, do you think, where do you think your, your, uh, channels are coming from your sales, you know, flow?

[00:56:54] So the initial, like Domain that I sold. I, I know that was just from the market itself. Like that was just named base. And because I had never really like reached out to anyone for that. That was, that was the first one I was asleep, but it up like, it was cool, but, uh, I have experienced that, you know, knowing the right people in the discord makes it way easier to make a profit.

[00:57:28] If you have the right thing to make a profit, right? Yep. Yeah, for sure. I mean, there’s the auctions and marketplace channel. I don’t, I’m not sure if everybody used the word right word. Channel or a group or, you know, section of the name or community finding based it that, uh, yeah, people are sharing their names and their portfolios and, uh, we’ll link to your demo.

[00:57:51] You just did on video. It’ll be a separate clip, but we’ll link it in this, uh, show notes. But, uh, yeah, like you’ve used this pretty cool portfolio that makes it much easier for people to see your names. Uh, when did you start to use that? Or, you know, it seems like I’ve seen you all kind of develop where it was linked.

[00:58:08] You and others were just linking to the lists of name, base domains, you know, in there. And then I know Johnny Wu is doing amazing things though. He’s like a one man army too. I don’t know about you, but to me, you know, for a name base. Uh, so he’s, he’s amazing and he’s trying to keep everything clean. So he’s trying to get at people and make these portfolios right.

[00:58:28] Or dealings or, or any kind of sites or listings. Um, when did you start to kind of go to that? Next level of, of, uh, your portfolio? Um, well, really it’s I had wanted to do it for a while and I had tried it. Well, I had made my own, but I had to like list it manually. And my buddy, when he was developing the software, I don’t even know where he came from.

[00:58:58] Just one night he popped up with it. He was like, yeah, we’ve got this. Everyone’s like, yeah, this is cool. He’s kind of like a magic man when it comes to like making things happen, that’s hard to explain, but, uh, yeah, he’s, he’s kind of like an unrecognized talent in the whole community. He’s just really low-key.

[00:59:19] He doesn’t want to, you know, stay guys. Anything like that. Okay. Well, I hope the demo you did will help help him, or, you know, that’s what I try to do, you know, I’m trying to help spotlight, especially the developers. I mean, everywhere, but especially here. I mean, even I’m kind of introverted, honestly, but I like to create content.

[00:59:40] So we’re just trying to get more people to know about what, what these people are making in the community. Cause it’s true. It’s like building, building something, um, So then would you say January 2021? I think that’s when I would think things got more, a little bit more organized in the community. I would say.

[00:59:57] Is that about when he made that or am I right or wrong or? Uh, well, it’s been a slow development over time. Uh, I’d say this project, honestly, its projects probably been in the works or by maybe like a two, two months max, two to three months, max. Okay. Cool. So, all right. Let’s, let’s get to the good stuff. So lately, man, you’ve been on fire and that’s what initiated me to like say, okay, we gotta, we gotta like get your story, but yeah.

[01:00:28] I mean, emoji has been crushing it. I’ve seen others in the community too make us some great, great sales. So do you want to just, I mean, I can, I know about the, you know, I know. Do you want, do you want to share about the last, you know, we’re talking about mid, mid to late February 2021 of the things, I guess maybe what do we think started getting, when did you think that, I mean, you’ve been doing these sales.

[01:00:49] When do you think the market’s been really picking up? I mean, it’s just seems like things are getting really heated. I have definitely noticed that a lot of bigger players are stocking, Well, not really, as we’re speaking, like there are a couple of people that I know who are. Maybe, I wouldn’t say, I’d say one of them is a billionaire and everyone’s a millionaire. It’s madness because the amount of money that they can throw into this ecosystem itself, like it’s, it’s crazy, dude.

[01:01:24] Like it’s life changing for the smaller people who are just getting in and like, they get something really valuable. These bigger people come and acquire that. Yeah, I feel, I feel, the same. I’ve seen there’s some bigger players with money and they’re not afraid to put it down. So, so, I mean you sold, I don’t know if you want to talk about some of the sales.

[01:01:47] I mean, whatever you’re willing to share here would be cool. I’d say my last, like three to four sales have just been completely nuts. Like it actually like started at the start of this month in February, I had like sold two domains and getting like 35,000 coins. And I was like, Oh my God, this is nuts.

[01:02:13] You know, like four coins that my initial idea was the whole, at least $10,000 in the coins and just, you know, completely. Puddle it to the moon. And it is surpassed that like, after that I had sold two more emoji domains for 60 cage and that, that right there, that’s what it was really. I don’t know how to explain it, man.

[01:02:43] You know, it’s, it’s not every day that you get hit with something like that, for sure. So let’s, you know, in dollars because some, I think some people know, but let’s just do today’s today’s dollar. So 60,000 times point let’s just go a little bit down. Point three US so 18,000 us each. So yeah, I mean, that’s like, you know, 40 K almost 35 K, uh, which is obviously amazing.

[01:03:08] And then you had just gotten these names, right? It’s not like you’re. You’re you’re getting these an amazing prices or an auctions, uh, which is amazing. I don’t know if you want to share some ins insights of that. Um, I mean, it’s just always, what we’ve noticed is with the domains that I was selling. I mean, they’re basically all gone at this point anyway, but that’s kind of what drives the price up, right?

[01:03:36] Since there’s only a finite, a minor, these that are, you know, Available, uh, when you get them, there’s gonna only be the top level one. Right? So you can have the same emoji, like 40 times, but the top level one is going to be the most valuable one, like always. Yeah. And being able to go in and pick them up at a low price, even at 10 size and coins, like you’re in profit, you’ve doubled your money just by picking it up at that price.

[01:04:10] I understand that. Yeah. It’s like a, I mean, I’m not an expert on domain investing, but I, I follow some of it, but yeah. I mean, similar to domain investing your, your buy-side. If you can get, if you can source good deals or find good deals, you know what, you know, you can. That can sell immediately for more. I don’t know if it’s happened to you, man, but I’ve, I’ve found stuff in the market.

[01:04:31] And then people make offers to me like five minutes after I bought it. Like from like double what I got it for. Like, I guess they don’t know how to find, I think people don’t know how to still find this stuff. Right. I think that the searching, I think you definitely know I’ve, I’ve studied it. We try and make some YouTube videos too, but how to find it.

[01:04:46] But I think a lot of people don’t know how to, even me. It’s just grinding. Dude is like, For me to find the top level like emojis I had, I had to open up the windows emoji’s and copy them in. And like I had to put them in there and search to see what was available, what was up at what price and you know, just everything.

[01:05:09] You just have to try it. That’s it. If you don’t try, you’re not going to get it. I hear you. I hear you. So, so then, uh, What’s your what? I mean, it seems like your state you’re sticking with it. You’re not cashing out. You’re huddling. I mean, what what’s so yeah, you got those two 60 K so 120,000. It seems like your portfolio is just expanded.

[01:05:30] You just shared it in a discord before this interview. It’s much bigger now what’s your, what’s your strategy or what’s your, you know, whatever, you know, you’re, if you’d like to share, well, um, As I said, initially, I just want him to hold 10 K and hns but now that my portfolio is expanded, when I sold the two emoji domains for 60 K each, I ended up cashing, uh, let’s say maybe like 10, 15,000 coins to reinvest and other coins that I wanted to get into.

[01:06:07] Okay. And from there I had. That’s what I like picked up that other one, you know, like the fist bump. Yeah. I saw that. Let’s talk about that. You got the piss fist bump. This is what really is like, I got to talk to this guy on this. He bought it for eight K like yesterday. I mean these to me and yesterday.

[01:06:28] And what happened there? Yeah. So, uh, this, this is what I was saying. Why like, I’m just really lucky with that one because. I had seen it on my watch list and I clicked on it. I saw it for 8K and I was like, no way am I like my head clicked that button. And so quick, bro, like literally it was like lightning

[01:06:53] and then I hit up. I don’t, I don’t know if they want to be named, but I had messaged some. Oh, I think maybe it’s so key. I mean, Jehan was on the show already. And, he was pretty published by NFT and we have Ryan the seller going to be on the show. But yeah, I guess you don’t have to explain, expose or say who’s the buyer.

[01:07:21] I don’t think it’s necessary, but if whenever you’re willing to share, I think is okay. All right. Well, um, well I message someone that I knew from the community, uh, That I knew was a big time player and was really interested in collecting, uh, top level emojis. And I just told him, I, he had already bought the other two for 60 cage.

[01:07:50] Right. So. I had just put it up for 25 K. I was like, I’m really tired, man. I’m going to go to bed. I’m just going to pop this up for 25 K. And whatever happens happened. And he hit me back move like. 21 K. And I was like 22 and a half and he said done, and that was it. Nice. Nice. So it’s just make offers. So you leave me.

[01:08:19] Cause some people turn off make offer. I’ve seen lately, but you leave the offer on yeah. I let people offer me what they want. I’m always open to offers, right? Like at the end of the day, handshake TLDs are really only worth what people are willing to pay for them. Right. So it’s really like, if you have something you can have you believe it’s worth it, then you should try and get that price for it.

[01:08:48] Right. Yeah. Awesome. Okay. So, um, so the, I mean that’s literally just happened this week, so, so then. Seems like you’re still sticking in it. Like you just picked up a whole bunch more, it looks like, or you add it, your portfolio is expanding. So, you know, what’s what’s next. I see. Yeah. You cashed out some, you got some other coins.

[01:09:08] You’re you’re huddling some, some HNS you’re getting some new TLDs w you know, I guess just, just growing in the space more. I mean, uh, maybe whatever, you know, what’s what’s next. I was, I was thinking to just hold onto my handshake. Just, just keep it there and just try and grow it even more. Maybe I’ll try, you know, maybe I’ll hit 200 K coins who knows?

[01:09:34] We’ll we’ll see. Um, yeah, it’s just a hold as much and cheek as possible. Okay, great man. Yeah, I mean, we’re all believers. I mean, it’s at 30. I think 32 cents us for one, one coin now. And I don’t know, I, I’m not trying to pump it too much, but I mean, we all think like a dollar is not a PR not going to be an issue.

[01:09:57] You know, I think at least in the telegram groups, I mean, and even above that, but yeah, it definitely feels like an underappreciated kind of asset because it doesn’t have that like professional. I know there’s name base in the community, but. It’s a really more of a like community driven project still feels like hasn’t gotten the exposure it needs.

[01:10:17] I know it’s getting more exposure as we can see with these sales, but it’s still, I think has an opportunity. So yeah, some people still feel like, Oh, I missed it. One year, new releases are out, you know, the price is so high. What would you tell somebody like finding them this interview, uh, you know, in deciding to get in or not.

[01:10:39] I’d say that it’s absolutely like there’s no, no bad time. Or you can step into those coin. Not, not at the minute. Anyway, the current price has said not at like 33 says 32 sentence and any where to run that price. You’re completely fine. Like the only way this coating can go up will go is up. And that is why it’s so mind blowing to me to have this much.

[01:11:04] Available to me because when it does go all the way up, I’m going to be living very well. For sure, man, as this, this, the thing I could sell it and are like, I’ve, I’ve been wanting a new laptop for maybe two months. I’ve just been like fiending for it, but I’m not aligning myself to sell the two, you know, $2,000 worth of coins or whatever it is I need.

[01:11:31] To get it because I know holding on to it is much more valuable than letting go at the current price that it is at go way, way higher. It can go to a dollar, as you said, it’s just not worth it to get in. I’ll hold it. And enjoy your province later. Yeah, I agree. I mean, of course, obviously the disclaimer for anybody, obviously, you know, do your own due diligence, only invest what you could lose.

[01:11:56] Although I think you, and I’ve kind of invested more, but, you know, of course, you know, what you’re in for somebody is comfortable with risking, but, you know, we, it just seems like also the, the news and everything, you know, about Decentralized web is really picking up. NFTs is really picking up and obviously domain names or TLDs are, are, could be art getting considered, as NFTs, right.

[01:12:21] Or are in a way I think they are qualified as NFT. So it’s definitely seems like the right, the right place to be. I guess that’s all I really have. Is there anything else you’d like to get in there? Links or follow-ups or, or tips or anything? Johnny Wu’s awesome. I know that that is a good point.

[01:12:51] He was the best man on this planet for handshake, right? He’s a one man army, as you said earlier on to me like that, dude, he helps everyone so much, so much. He knew, like he always meant his composure. I’ve done some things. I’d said some things in the name based discord that I know would make anyone angry and he’s handled it with the utmost professionalism.

[01:13:17] So that is why that man has my respect. I agree. I mean, yeah, he, I hope I know he’s I don’t want to say I know, but I believe he’s got a lot coin, help and, uh, for sure, man, he is like, He is like the most patient he’s perfect because he’s community manager and as like his it’s a perfect thing for him.

[01:13:35] Cause he, he deals with so much pressure, you know, all these people, there’s so many new people coming in now and they’re like confused and they’re like, you know, stress because there’s, there’s some issues maybe with auctions or, or funding or withdrawing and yeah. I mean, yeah, like you said, he’s like, I hope he’s getting paid a lot.

[01:13:53] Yeah, like seriously, he’s amazing. Johnny Wu is, and I’m sure he’s also helped me, you know, like he helped me when I first got started. You know, we hopped, I hopped on a call with them and he’s, it was supportive, uh, you know, to, to the community and I agree. He is. He’s amazing. Yeah. So, all right.

[01:14:11] Well, thanks so much. I’ll call you encrypted and we’ll get this out, I think next week. So, thanks again for sharing and yeah. It seems like you’re sticking in the community. That’s great. There’s others too, that have been getting some big sales. And, we interviewed Ryan who sold NFT. He’s still in the game, literally talking to him.

[01:14:29] There’s some others that are not so public that have gotten cash, some decent returns and they’re sticking in. I think that’s the most important is people, you know, still sticking in, even though they could, you know, kind of cash out and move on. So it’s great. Thanks. Thanks for, thanks for everything.

[01:14:45] And thanks for sharing today. Absolutely. No problem, dude. I hope you have a good night. All right. So what would this events is our first ever handycon his name right now, handycon.promote. And I really want to see you there. It’s a, it’s going to be the first ever, got eight different speakers and it’s totally free-sponsored, driven online event, handycon.promote.

[01:15:11] See you there. Thank you so much Encrypted for sharing. And we also made a demo of the software that he uses to show his portfolio and has helped him make some sales. That’s actually on our sky include website and channel And we’ll link that in the show notes, hopefully too.

[01:15:33] Okay. And the show’s on All right. I hope you enjoyed this little mini series. This is the second episode of our mini series. We already got some amazing ones lined up next. Also, please, don’t forget our online free conference for handshake first ever. It’s going to be handycon.promote/ if it’s on handshake, if not dhns.too.

[01:16:00] I hope you can start to use handshake names, but anyways, I really had fun making these and making things happen, making, making lives change. Let’s let’s keep on pushing. So please save the date for that event. If you’re not subscribed on our iTunes or email or our YouTube do that, like share again, thanks again for watching and tuning in.

[01:16:27] I really appreciate that. It means a lot to me. Thank you. To get more involved running an international business. Please visit our website at That’s Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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