Turning Around An Amazon FBA Business with Marc Roca

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Welcome to the Ecommerce Gladiator series – and I am excited today to bring into the colosseum – our newest gladiator – Para Living Inc’s new partner and General Manager – Marc Roca! A pleasure to finally introduce you on the show – how are you doing today Marc?

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Can you introduce yourself to everyone

  • Is there still opportunity?

  • So - what did you think once you got into the inside of Para Living’s Amazon?

  • The process of evaluating an Amazon business

  • The easy wins

  • The tougher decisions

  • What you have done already since starting

  • Target for Para Living

  • 2018 Plan

  • 2019 plan

  • Nice!

    Thanks Marc! Happy to have you on the team, let’s rock

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

√ Our listings
Marc’s profile on GFA Experts

Episode Length 32:38

Thank you Marc for coming on and joining the company. We had other great applicants and choosing is always the hardest. What Meir has taught me is – one person needs to be the leader. The last year we were kind of like a distributed role which didn’t have a specific head. Plus Marc has Amazon FBA experience already which is great.

As promised, we are sharing and executing together, take care.

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