Silicon Valley vs Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem with Edith Yeung of 500 Startups – GFA131

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Welcome to episode 131 – recording today’s intro in Prague – been in Europe a couple weeks now for Dynamite Circle conferences and its going great. There is all this news on UK exiting Europe – I’m just an innocent American living in Asia witnessing all this craziness.

A quick and fun announcement, we are going to be doing some “Cross border trips” from Hong Kong into Shenzhen for various themes – and our first one is Friday July 29th going to the Qian Hai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen – a full day event leaving Admiralty at 8am and going to various government incubators and cross border e-commerce companies, training workshop and meals all included. If you’re interested to read about this event and more check out

Ok, now for today’s episode – we have a special guest, Edith Yeung, a venture partner at 500 startups. I was fortunate enough to catch up with her at the Rise Conference and she is kind enough to come on the podcast today and share about her perspective on the startup scene differences between Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. She is in HK a lot so maybe we can catch her more – let’s listen in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro Edith

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    I love your background, you’ve shared at Startups HK seminars in the past – you’re now at 500 startups, but you were at Dolphin browser company for a while, how was that?

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    HK and US

    So you’re born in Hong Kong, but left to USA, when?

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    Emigrants coming back

    Seems this is a common trend, a lot of talented Hong Kong people emigrated overseas – but some are now coming back?

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    Rise Conference

    So we met at the Rise Conference, which was an awesome conference for the Hong Kong startup community – seems things have really picked up in HK.

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    HK opportunity

    What are some of the opportunities you see in the HK community?

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    Challenges in HK

    What are some of the challenges you see in the HK community?

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    Silicon Valley magic

    Silicon Valley, the heart of the global startup ecosystem – what is the magic behind it?

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    HK Startup ecosystem

    How can Hong Kong continue to develop its startup ecosystem?

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    Successful Silicon Valley setup

    Let’s give a case of a normal track of a successful Silicon Valley Startup

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    Frank advice for HK startups – a few of them have gone to your 500 startups program in Silicon Valley – seems this is necessary to get to the next level? Should all startups plan for that in their early stages (to go to Silicon Valley, have a presence there)

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    How to connect with Edith

    How can people get on your radar for investment?

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    How can people reach out and connect with you and the 500 startups community? Thanks Edith!

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Episode Length 28:17

Thank you Edith for coming on! I hope some startups and entrepreneurs got some great ideas on how to pitch a VC. Also it is so tricky to know when to raise money and when to build. Should always make progress and not wait for investment!

Also – if you want to read some of my own battles – I have a recent interview on Chinaimportal – Fredrik is a big supporter of this podcast and got me some exposure on their blog – I’ll link to it in the show notes!

That is all for this week – we have a lot of amazing interviews coming up over the summer months – from incorporation to various parts of Southeast Asia to manufacturing tips in China – we are all over Asia

And, if you want to meet up and do this fun cross border trip – let me know – check out and let’s make some moves!

Til next time, enjoy!

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