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Thank you everyone for tuning in – episode 45 I’m in Beijing right now helping out for a Startup weekend here and Techcrunch event. Been quite busy lately, have been getting shows lined up in more payment services, auditing process in Hong Kong, both from listener feedback!

Got an email from Bob Lada – who is loving the show and we met up and traveled to Hong Kong to discuss a video version of the show – I feel that is a much bigger and more complex project but may try it out so stay tuned

So now for this week’s show – we have David Chung – the CTO of Cyberport in Hong Kong who I met last week at their amazing facility. I’m so happy he came on the show, as I feel so many more people need to learn what this program is – they are an incubator and support service for all kinds of businesses in Hong Kong – money as well as services – David explains it much better than me – there were some other points we discussed once the recording turned off which I can summarize after the interview – so stay tuned after the show!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Dr David Chung and Cyberport to our listeners
  • What are the various programs available for those who want to become part of Cyberport?
  • For startups – what are the programs available?
  • What is the breakdown of western (non local Hong Kong people) and local Hong Kong people) who participate in the Cyberport center?
  • And for medium to larger companies – can they also be in Cyberport?
  • How does the Cyberport application process work?
  • What kind of company sizes, founding team, revenue are there, can you give some examples currently inside Cyberport
  • What are some successful cases of companies here or have “Graduated” from it?
  • Tip for an entrepreneur getting started and when to come to Cyberport
  • Ways listeners can reach out to learn more about Cyberport

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 26:12

Thanks David for being on the show and sharing, and also thanks Terry Yeung, the Cyberport Corporate Communications manager for coordinating

So after we finished the recording, Lada was with me and asked David some other more specific questions, and I want to clarify them here:

There are 2 programs to clarify

incubator program – where you need to submit receipts and get reimbursed for the approved

Microfund – this is a cash grant, after accepted, you receive 10% of the amount, then 45% after a checkin, and then a 45% after the term. The purpose is to show progress and development of your startup and innovate.

Dealing with Hong Kong Immigration – it’s up to you to deal with the Hong Kong immigration department, but of course Cyberport will as best it can with a supporting letter and other ways possible.

Thanks everyone for tuning in – we have a ton of awesome shows ready to go, feel we are really getting traction and flow! All feedback is appreciate, let me know, cheers!

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