New Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa, Ins & Outs w/ Sam Chan

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Happy 2016 everyone. I know we all say it each year, but I truly am excited for this year. Over 2 years with this podcast and its become a ton of fun meeting amazing people from around the world. Got my wife Wendy hard at work confirming the details for our 1st annual summit April 16 – 17, in Shenzhen – we are partnering with a few companies here so we decided to brand it “Cross Border Summit” – check it out at

For the personal update, next couple weeks my baby girl is due – gave her the name Maggie. They say having 2 kids isn’t double the work, but instead triple…I’ll keep you all updated, don’t worry!

Alrighty, now for this week’s show. Immigration to Hong Kong for entrepreneurs, sure you may have considered staying long term in Hong Kong at some point or another. Things have been changing since last summer and we have Sam Chan on from Visa Pro to give us some insights. Shout out to Brent Deverman from Shenzhen Party – appreciate connecting me to Sam for this interview. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg could have gotten a visa here when starting Facebook? Let’s find out, here we go Sam!

Topic Entrepreneur Visa in HK

  • Introduce Sam

  • Getting started

    How did you get started with Visa Pro, what’s your role there?

  • Trends

    How have the trends been for visas in Hong Kong, easier, harder, more strict?

  • Visa

    There is a new one, Entrepreneur Visa in Hong Kong – can you explain that one to us

  • Money

    Is it about how much money you have, like the investment visa?

  • Approval

    What are some common cases of those who are likely to pass

  • Questions

    They ask if you’re in some of the HK government startup programs like Cyberport and Science Park, are those necessary?

  • Sponsor

    What about sponsor, what is a sponsor?

  • Better sponsor

    Is it better to have a company sponsor or an individual?

  • Risks

    What are the risks the sponsor is taking in doing this

  • Tips

    Any tips for those getting started to apply for a visa in HK

  • Sam's service

    How about your service, how do you work?

  • Contact

    Ways people can reach out
    Thanks Sam!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length: 28:08

Alright – so there you have it, seems Mark Zuckerberg may have not even been able to start Facebook in Hong Kong. Well, that is, legally anyway. I think sometimes as an entrepreneur you need to take some risks and make some moves. If Hong Kong is a good place for you to base your operations – get over here and make it happen! There are a ton of great people who will support you, don’t find excuses. Its a new year in 2016, get on that airplane and let’s go!

So that is it for this show – now its time for me to start editing the next video blog – vlog! if you want to check it out – go to – try to keep them a bit entertaining with some bug eating, Hong Kong Elvis impersonators, and more!

That is it today – have a great day and let’s kick butt in 2016! Peace!

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