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In today’s show, we have a guest who I have been wanting to get on the show for awhile. Shane Oglow is a PR internet market specialist and I met him a few years ago in a mastermind in Bangkok, Thailand. He is very active in he ecommerce, SEO, Amazon world and we are going to talk about the importance of PR in today’s world. So Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Shane

    We actually met years ago at a Bangkok mastermind and it is great to reconnect and have you on today! Can you introduce yourself to listeners?

  • The evolution of PR and the web

    So some may wonder – PR is the old web, PR releases for SEO and other strategies may feel like web 1.0 ? What do you tell them?

  • Distinguish and differentiate what PR means

    As it means ‘press releases’ and ‘public relations’.. we do both, and they’re intertwined, but obviously different

  • Not all PR is created equal

    Then some hop over to Fiverr and order PR releases – this can be dangerous of course – can you share

  • PR on Amazon, PR on general ecommerce

    Is the application of PR on Amazon products different than on the normal web?

  • When to use a PR release

    What is a good time to do it?

  • Launching and PR releases

    An effective way to help launch a new listing or ecommerce product?

  • Ongoing product promotion

    How often to do PR on a product listing? Or is it a one time set and forget it.

  • KPIs to look for

    How to measure if the PR campaigns are effective or not? What should someone look for?

  • Budgets sellers need to have

    What is something like this going to cost? How to decide the amount to spend?

  • Choosing which products to apply which campaigns

    Similar to budget, how do decide which product or variation to focus on and invest in.

  • About your company and offering

    What are you offering to the community today?

  • How people can learn more

    Where to go to learn more? Thanks so much Shane!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Shane’s VIP Page
√ Shane’s company – PR Reach

Episode Length 44:11

Thank you Shane for sharing, that was really cool and we really appreciate it here at the Global From Asia show.

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[00:00:00] Episode 329 of Global From Asia podcast. Importance of PR in today’s world. As e-commerce traffic generation in general is a little bit of touch, internet marketing, SEO, let’s tune in. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:27] And now your host, Michael Michelini.

[00:00:33] Thank you everybody for choosing to download and listen to Global from Asia. We are seven years old today

[00:00:43] Where’s the birthday music? Happy birthday Global From Asia. Seven years. Can you believe that? October 21st, 2013, it’s a, it’s been a long, long ride actually. And I hope I can imagine if you’ve been here since the beginning, I would love to know, but I think we’ve changed the show quite a bit and a content and a style, but I hope you have been enjoying it, you know?

[00:01:12] It’s for me, it’s legacy for me, it’s just an excuse to feel like, okay. Just help people get information out there. Connect amazing people that are harder to find. Some are harder than others to find in this amazing. Interconnected world, but I do appreciate it a lot for you to be listening today. You are right here in 2020, what a year?

[00:01:34] This will be the one where were you during COVID question, you’ll hear for the rest of your life, you know, the world, where are you when I will talk a little more about the history of the Global from Asia show after this amazing interview, you know, we always have amazing guests to shows on about me. I know. A little bit, maybe self centered as well.

[00:01:55] My wife says, but we’re talking about amazing guests. Shane Oglow. Shane is, I met him a couple of years ago and he’s very active in the eCommerce SEO, Amazon world. He’s he’s done amazing training for amazing.com. He is a PR internet marketing specialist, and he’s very, very generous. I mean, man, we could have gone on forever and his interview, but he’s given tons of input about, you know, PR and back linking and launching your pot product in Amazon or e-commerce in general.

[00:02:26] How many, how often even pricing budgets. This is a good one. Bring your notebooks out as always try to bring the goods here. Thank you, Shane, for sharing let’s tune in episode 329 of Global from Asia. Load pipe.com. Load pipe.com. What’s happened at loadpipe.com. A few of you have been asking, you know, we did take a break.

[00:02:46] I’ll be honest. You know, sometimes I take some breaks. I gather feedback. We went through the whole PPE pandemic, that stuff, but we still get lots of demands from factories and, and buyers want us to help them group by helping them launch, helping them get their word out there. So we are going to start to, you know, let you guys know about certain products that are not PPE in our content and our podcasts and what we’re doing.

[00:03:08] And our community and our private community and our public community, a free community. We will let you know loadpipe.com. Stay tuned for our group buys, you know, special offers in various products from factories direct. All right. Thank you everybody for listening to another Global from Asia podcast. And this is a, this is actually a guest.

[00:03:28] I’ve been wanting to get out and show for awhile. We were forced to meet quite a few years ago and in a mastermind and in Bangkok, which is awesome. And, Shane Oglow he’s, he’s a PR and Amazon expert. So it’s really great to have you with us today. Thanks Shane. Thanks man. Yeah, sure. So, you know, we got lots to talk about today and you know, about, I think it’s really, um, I’m also very passionate about, you know, external traffic and.

[00:03:58] You know, not just relying inside these ecosystems, say, we’re talking about Amazon or Facebook or there’s all these walled gardens. It seems like that’s the new trend, but I’m more a, I think maybe you two are more of a supporter of the open web, right. You know? Yeah. And you know, I’m a big fan of it.

[00:04:15] Diversity too. And you know, they just came out what a, I don’t know, four or five, six weeks ago, and talking about the 10 algorithm and how they’re talking about, they do measure and look for high authority backlinks. We knew that, uh, you know, intuitively it was the first time they actually talked about it in our testing.

[00:04:32] Could do that, and a lot of people are still very resistant to, he has seen any, but, but you know, like Press releases. So when we talk about PR there’s two types of PRs. There’s press releases and public relations, and they’re different, they’re interconnected, but they’re different. And, and we can talk about both of them and we can talk about whatever you want.

[00:04:50] Sure. But, you know, just press releases on its own. Where a lot of people talk about PR press releases. You know, the reason we’re primarily ever do press releases. Hey, you got a big news announcement. Cool. You know, find a really good distribution network. Get out in front of people, people start talking about, it gives you authority online, but really it’s for the backlinks, those high authority backlinks, whether it’s a Shopify site or you’re a service provider or whatever, you know, you’re grabbing something, product detail page it’s about the backlinks.

[00:05:23] Yeah. Agreed. Agreed. And so I think we, I mean, it’s really a great, we just dove right in, but maybe just give a, give listeners a little bit of, about your you and your company for, for those. There’s no time to talk about that. Let’s just jump right in, man. We’re getting technical and it’s pretty awesome, man.

[00:05:42] Yeah. So I, I’m a co owner of PR reach with my, partner norm for our, a lot of guys that are enormous. Got the big beard. It’s kind of hard to miss him. He’s done everything. Since the nineties, like he’s just so steeped in knowledge. It’s great. But then I don’t want, I don’t want to go on a tangent here, but the cool thing about hanging out with norm and millennials, aren’t getting get this, but we hang out.

[00:06:08] I secretly hope that sometimes people might think that we’re ZZ top money was like, what the hell is easy talk. But anyways, anyways. Yeah. So a corner PR reach and, you know, Hey, PR reach is, is an instinct business. We bought it from a friend of ours. It started at maybe back in 2013,014, somewhere around there, Rob burns street guy.

[00:06:30] And it was the world’s first video, his company. And that’s pretty cool. And I actually was using it back in 2014. Uh, back when there was a hack, there was a press release hack that Amazon sellers used to use. And we can talk about that later, but then, you know, Rob, he’s very, you know, he’s, he’s going a little bit, he’s got lots of things going on.

[00:06:52] A couple of years back, he decided to sell it more, bought it and asked him to come a partner with them. And so that’s what’s happening. So we got a lot slower start than we intended, but we wanted to transform it from a press release company into more of a. A media communications company. And that’s what we’ve done by expanding, you know, to content and video, Amazon posts, public relations and earned media and also expanding the distribution networks.

[00:07:22] The press was, this was not just. There’s different processes for different jobs. We talk about LEDs. So that’s, that’s, that’s what we do for PR reach. And that’s where I come from before that, you know, I guess I started selling, you know, on that sort of first boom, when a lot of people did around 2013, 14.

[00:07:38] And that was great. Gosh, I wish I could do it and get excited, miss so much better, but yeah. You live and learn. And at that time, nobody knew a damn thing. Like there’s no resources, there’s no gurus or experts like, Hey, I know a guy been doing this for eight months and he’s learned this. He was like, Oh my gosh, you try and find out.

[00:07:56] But, and we knew things would change rapidly as everything online does. It will continue to do. Um, but yeah, so I, I worked with, uh, amazing, uh, for a long time selling machine. I did a couple of. Of their courses, I guess I’m five and six, if I’m not mistaken mentored thousands, thousands of sellers over the years. Um, and yeah, just, you know, it’s funny and you know, here I can, I can sit down with someone who I’ve known in the Amazon space for a long time.

[00:08:24] Either they become a big seller. Not all of them, a few have drifted off, or they’ve created a business around the Amazon space. So maybe they’re into software, maybe they’re doing coaching or, you know, who knows, but it’s interesting to see how that industry. Oh, exploded out in all kinds of interesting directions.

[00:08:41] So green we’ll continue to do so. Yeah. I remember those days. Yeah, like 13, 14. I think this podcast is going already. And then, you know, I was in shock. I’m still back in China. I’ve spent some time of Thailand, but yeah, everyone was just, no, he knew what they were doing. Like we had some interviews on the show.

[00:09:01] One was, Chinese friend is a seller and he was on, you know, just on regular websites. And he started selling on Amazon in 2013 and it was just, just are really exploding for him. He’s like, um, everybody was really just diving in and yeah, back then and launches and, and giveaways and, you know, reviews and.

[00:09:21] There’s yeah, it’s a totally different game, I guess. Like you said, everything on the internet changes, especially, it seems like Amazon has changed, but, um, but I still think, like you said, you’re already mentioning about backlinks link juice. You know, I still think a lot of people are not tapping into this power of, you know, traditional, you know, PR and, and the web.

[00:09:43] With their Amazon businesses. A lot of people are just still in the PPC and they’re trying to do the, you know, trying to get the ranking and the reviews and they know, and all the internal stats of, of Amazon listing not looking outside. Right. Yup. And no, here’s a funny thing about that is, you know, I’ve been through this process with many brands over the years and, uh, If you want to build a power brand, you’ve got to move on off of Amazon.

[00:10:07] That doesn’t mean you finished and say, move off. You need to diversify away. You need to Google up. You need to move, building your own list. You need to sell on other platforms. Other marketplaces, whether that’s walmart.com, you’re trying to get into Costco or eBay or opening up just Amazon, you know, UK, Singapore, whatever the case may be.

[00:10:28] You need that love because when you start to build a brand that you know, everyone. No 99% of sellers are just another nameless, faceless brand on Amazon that nobody gives a crap about. You need to make that move to become a brand that is also just happens to sell on Amazon. And you start to build that loyal raving customer base.

[00:10:51] You can do your own market research. You can do your launches much easier. You can charge higher prices. You have a better conversion rate. Your multiples increased. When you go to go to sell people who aren’t doing PR are insane. You see it because they don’t have the money cause because, or they just don’t know.

[00:11:08] I literally don’t know. Most of those don’t know, this is such a huge opportunity to. And it’s so inexpensive over time on the public relations side is 50 to 100 times our PR team. I’ve had clients stay with us an average of seven to nine years, because the ROI is there. We’re getting them published in newspapers, magazines, interviews, bloggers, podcasts, trade shows, gift guides, like you name it.

[00:11:36] Like that’s where the power. If you’ve got a brand and you see where your competitors it’s like, how the hell are they getting these gift guides? How are they always in the news? How did they get the, you know, Martha Stewart living or, you know, wherever they happen to be. That’s how they do. That’s what we’re doing.

[00:11:50] And you need to do that. Now, if you’re a brand new seller, ah, yeah, you don’t need to do that. You know, Amazon legs underneath you and get your conversion rates up, get your PPC dialed in all that stuff. That’s cool. But you need to start to reach out and bridge and start to get leads, come in from Amazon.

[00:12:06] So, you know, Amazon gives weight to all those high authority backlinks. Agree. Is going to, you know, content is getting. We all know that we all know those people don’t have the, the, you know, the what for all, we’re the vision to keep at it and make it work for them because here’s the typical example. Someone goes, Hey, you know what?

[00:12:27] Content is good. I’m going to do six blog posts a month. Okay. That’s cool. Great start. And they put it on their blog where they put it on social media. Month after month goes by. Double time cause they know how much traffic or engagement and they generally peak out and they give up and that’s the wrong thing to do.

[00:12:45] We bypass that because we can amplify content by syndicating it. So we accelerate that process, but it’s still the right thing to do. Even if you’re like hey, I’m going to do it myself. Great do it. It’s going to take you a year or two, but if you keep doing it persistently, you put out good quality content.

[00:13:02] You just give him Google what it wants. And if you can mix it up by throwing in videos and blah, blah, blah, all these different things that is lovely with nice, intelligent, linking, and soft spammy, you know, no garbage, it will pay off. I mean, look at, look at companies like, like no, dr. Axe. I mean, he’s, I’m a major player in that niche and what he did was for two years, man.

[00:13:25] Article after article every single month, like sometimes like 10, 20,000 word articles, he would just pump them up, pump them out. Eventually he became a power player. That’s the long slow rule that we used to shortcut it a bit, but still that’s, that’s how you get to the top because we’re given Google wouldn’t once.

[00:13:41] Right. I covered a lot of bases that are man, that little stuff quite a bit is awesome. I mean, I think sharing. Yeah. I mean, content creation, everybody says content is king, content is king with, like you said, a lot of people will just grow, you know, grinding out posts and putting it to their blog with no traffic, no, no know no links.

[00:14:00] And then they’re wondering why. And then, but even if you’re, you know, even with links or even with exposure and marketing, it still takes time. But especially with no work, no marketing to the content is the same. As, you know, some people give up too early. I mean, I guess that’s true with anything in life, but especially with like, Especially with like organic traffic and SEO.

[00:14:21] That’s where it is. That’s actually why there’s so many scammers that like to sell SEO because they say, Oh, you got to pay me for six months or pay me, you know, you gotta wait, so you can’t see it. You know? So that’s how they can, that’s how it gets bit name in my opinion. Cause they, they can, uh, kind of milk, milk the client, but.

[00:14:36] It’s true though. It does take a lot of time to get the results. And I think we should back up a little bit. Cause even I’m curious if the difference, I mean, I think I understand, but you were preparing for this interview and you, you, you mentioned a good one to just differentiate, press release from public relations because both are PR and I honestly think press release when I think PR uh, I don’t think public relations, so they are.

[00:15:03] Related, but they’re different. I’d love to hear that, that, that difference. Sure. Yeah. I mean, press releases are one of the tools in the toolkit of a public relations professional. Um, you know, it’s one of the ways they get the message out, but press releases on their own. I mean, a press is just a written communication that delivers the message.

[00:15:23] To an audience through a variety of means. And for us, that’s typically digitally. It can also be in print, you know, old school, you only get an art newspaper article, but for the most part, it means it means digitally. And there’s a lot of different levels of PR. Uh, but, but public relations is just sort of, um, putting on influence plus, you know, back in 2000, 2001 Bill Gates was public enemy.

[00:15:51] Number one, he had been hauled before Congress and antitrust is doing some really shady stuff. He disappeared. He’s got a lot of minor. It’s got a lot of influence. He influences news networks, tells him what to do. He came on, he rebranded himself as a philanthropist to save the world. It’s all PR I mean, maybe it’s, I’m not passing.

[00:16:10] There’s one. That’s the power of PR. Now here. We’re not trying to change the world. Of course. We’re just trying to. Um, get our product or service or brand in front of people through a variety of different means. We, them to become our loyal raving fans. And there’s a lot of technicalities in there, but that’s really, yeah.

[00:16:30] Public relations can be used like reputation management, for example, you know, some of these are bad reviewable, your dry cleaning business. You want to bury that you want to get good stuff out there. That’s great. Uh, and you know, over time, public relations increased the value of a business so much.

[00:16:49] First of all, you’re driving lots of new traffic, uh, from these high authority, placements and sites and magazines or wherever you happen to show up. So you get all of that and those never go away. It’s not like advertising, or if you pay for advertising, like the ROI compared to between advertising PR, it’s just, it’s insanely in favor of PR because the ad doesn’t go away.

[00:17:11] It stays there forever, that link. And then of course what you do, let’s say you get your business, you come to me and say, Hey, Shane, I want to be published in inc. Entrepreneur Forbes. You’ve got your dream as well. I can’t guarantee I’ll get you to those five. I’ll probably get you into some of them. It might take two, three, four months.

[00:17:28] Cause they have their own schedules. We have contacts in every major media outlet in North America. I don’t think there’s any magazine or site or news station that we don’t have contacts. And that’s how we work our influence. Right. So I’ll come to that person. I’ll be like, Hey, we’ve got this guy, he’s got this quick podcast.

[00:17:46] Here’s how you craft your, your brand and pitch. He might say, yeah, I’d love to have the model. Well, I don’t really have a spot until maybe mid July. Okay. That’s cool because they’ve got their schedule and we just start rolling those things out. So it takes a bit of time to get that flywheel going. And once it does.

[00:18:02] Those links never go away. So if you get this article, then what we’re going to do, it was we’re going to do PR is about it. You can write a blogs about it, the union linking to it on your social media. Like you’re just going to squeeze every drop of juice out of that really good PR for a long time added to your newsletter.

[00:18:18] There’s so many things you can do. And, and that’s, and that’s the real power of PR is its longevity. Agreed. Agreed. Um, so let’s start to connect it to the Amazon world, Amazon ecosystem. Um, I guess, you know, you mentioned new sellers or maybe new products, you might not need it or focus, or when do you think it’s needed?

[00:18:42] I have my, I have some insight. I’d love to dig into that, but maybe what would, what do you usually say to the seller? Yeah, and that’s a really good question too. Cause you know, as the new Amazon, so you’ve got a lot of moving parts. You’re trying to figure out. Um, now a new seller versus a new account are completely different.

[00:19:00] So if you’ve been, you know, through the rodeo a few times and you’re launching a new product, I hit it with everything I got. Cause I’m moving from one realm. Um, but that’s when the different between press releases and public relations comes into play. Because if you’re a new seller, wait, let’s hit the 5,000 or 10,000 thousand dollars a month.

[00:19:19] mark. Hey, great, wonderful. You’re growing and you’re happy and you’re trying to figure things out too. Cool. That’s, it’s a perfect time to start press releases, even if it’s just, you know, one month, just get it out there. It’s not going to make a difference overnight. And there’s a catch there, There actually can make a difference over night.

[00:19:38] I’ll come back to that. Yeah. If you’re just, let’s say you’re putting a one price is too much, you know, X, Y then company launches this product X. Why is it company, uh, talks about the industry X? What is a company is talking about the benefits of the product or whatever it happens to be red persists all day long.

[00:19:56] Mmm. It starts to give you some authority. It’s not going to issue you the top of Google rankings or Amazon rankings or the gate course. It’s not where it’s going to do. If was that easier or would do it, but what it does, it starts to give you some online authority. So if I go into Amazon or I see, uh, Michael, you know, web.

[00:20:18] A mouse or something, a computer mouse. And I type in Michael and called Google like, Oh, okay. Michael link. Here’s it yet? Who are coders? Oh, legit. It’s not just some dude sitting in his mom’s basement. They’d gone tomorrow. Right? It’s it’s like, it’s a legitimate business. I get up a bit of trust, you know, build a story and over time you will start to get Google rankings.

[00:20:39] If you’re just doing one a month. I mean, we’ve got people we’ll do three a month or five a month. We’ve got clients for a year who just every month. And now they dominate page one, all kinds of terms of Google. So the caveat there, and that’s, that’s for that’s for a combination. Hey, to gain some backlinks.

[00:21:00] Lovely. You can get a bit of authority. Cool. You’re slowly building up your ship rankings. Wonderful. Yeah. But um, obviously the more you do, the more you can accelerate it. There’s two, actually two candidates. So, number one, if you you’ve invented a better most app, let’s say you have a, or you signed a deal with Nike or something, you know, he likes some big news, right?

[00:21:23] We’re going to put that out on our premium distribution network. And that’s when you can blow it up with traffic because all of a sudden, you know, the people in that, you know, journalists, influencers, bloggers, whoever sees that. The crap is what’s going on here. They’ll check it out. They might repost it.

[00:21:37] They might contact the owner, um, and reach out. And then that’s when things can really go viral. Obviously every piece of news you have, isn’t going to be that type. The other thing too. And we’ve had a mess success with that to knock on wood. There’s, we’ll keep it going. But our top end press releases. Now they’re more expensive.

[00:21:59] But it’s insane. The search rankings were results are getting within 72 hours. Like literally it’s insane now. Let’s say, what does your product detail page or your website that, you know, you’ve got a dozen keywords you’re looking to go. We’re putting people on page one for all those keywords, literally overnight at your website.

[00:22:20] Sometimes the product detail page can say the website or a beat product, please. Yeah. It’s the new, so maybe it’s a Yahoo news article or maybe one of our partners picked up or it’s a blog we’re pushing up. We got a general George Raisa over at clear ads. I don’t believe he’s this super, super nice guy.

[00:22:41] He runs a company called clear ads. It’s an Amazon DSP agency. Got it, got it. And, we got him such insane results. In one month, we were outranking Amazon for their own terms. Amazon contacted him and offered him a partnership and to do research and development with them, it was like, he goes, dude, whatever you’re doing, don’t stop.

[00:23:02] Let’s just increase it. And I’ll say whatever you want me to say, this is insane. So again, you know, if you come to me and you’ve got, you know, sunglasses you’re selling great. You’re worried about trying to get you on Pedro and Foley’s terms, but it’s going to be the news articles or it’s going to be a blog or those types of things.

[00:23:20] Sometimes it’ll be the product detail page. Eventually it’s designed, it’s like basically a month he done for you, uh, or that’s slightly different, but it’s okay. Over time. The idea is that it will start to rank your website. It might take you months. It might take six months who knows? Like, it just depends on the competition keywords, but the idea is that we just keep you all the time.

[00:23:42] Page one, exposure, page one, page one, and then your assets start to come up as well. Got it. So that, that is kind of the, the level of PR is you can start really inexpensively just once a month, two times, five times a month, whatever it doesn’t cost a lot. And it will start to make a difference slowly. You can jump ahead of the queue with one of these higher level PRS and just get really insane results.

[00:24:04] We are out of the gate, but it just depends on where you add as, as a, as a seller. Got it. So then it seems like, I think you’re kind of right. Just to clarify most likely it’s to your own website mostly than the product details page, or can you kind of sneak both, can you sneak both? I think, uh, I think maybe can sneak multiple links in a PR release sometimes.

[00:24:25] You can absolutely end. Um, we just did a test with a brand new product on Amazon, straight to Amazon link. Had two reviews, had been up for a few weeks. It was insane. The results we got, um, we originally started, um, What was called our brand builder product. Doing this in the brand builder is basically a monthly done for you.

[00:24:45] 10 system, where we have about three pressures is at its core. We write a 1500 word blog article, all three videos. We strip out, uh, different assets from it. We blast it out to our distribution network and we syndicate the content. So it hyper accelerate your content. You turn it into 20 keywords, insane every since.

[00:25:04] So on page one, Google, every single one. And for one term we dominate every single spot, including an image. I couldn’t believe it. Uh, I don’t probably have that case study. We’re redoing our websites are going to be redone here in a couple of weeks. It’ll have links to all those keys that can provide. But, yeah, it’s uh, sorry.

[00:25:25] I lost my train of thought on that question. Uh, the product detail page versus website or speaking multiple links in one PR release. Yeah. We started just doing it to, to. What pages cause that’s what, you know, what the original demand was. Okay. Why don’t we just drive this link straight to Amazon? Cause we’ve been doing it for years as part of our product launch procedures.

[00:25:46] So that what if we take all of this stuff, direct links, it was insane and yes, you’re right. So impressed. This is what you’d add up to three links. We never add through links all the time. Sometimes we will. Well, there’s also, don’t forget. There’s also, boiler plate contact information in oppressors too.

[00:26:03] So if you’re X, Y, Z company, you can have your XYZ company. You know what it means at USA with the domain? They’re saying you want to get the extra links, need to replicate it in the body, in the content. Yeah. Yeah, and press releases. So a lot of people know, um, they follow a very strict form. Google treats them differently.

[00:26:27] They treat them as their own special kind of piece of content. And in fact, the last update even give more weight to freshly. So it’s a great time to be using them, but. Uh, I’ve, I’ve had Prestos as submitted to me from great writers, like fantastic writers, but they’re horrible press releases because they wrote them like a blog where they wrote them like, yeah.

[00:26:46] And copy you. Can’t be, it’s gotta be news it’s to be written like a third party perspective. You can’t be sensational that’s product ever launches tomorrow. And you know, it’s going to get either declined or just could get low distribution, and having. Uh, the title very short snappy, no keyword fluff.

[00:27:06] And that first link is primary. 80% of a press release is weight rides on title on that first link. So it’s very important to get that right. So, you know, not, not that I’m disparaging someone on Fiverr who doesn’t speak English as a language, but. You know, just like with content now you can’t fool around.

[00:27:28] We can’t keyword stuff. It’s gotta be good stuff, you know, he knows. And, and you’re, you’re better off to either have a company, right? Like a precipice company, if you’re using one, uh, or get a proper PR writer to write it. It’s very, very simple. Yeah. I would agree. Totally. Of course. Um, and. And of course there’s no guarantee you’ll get picked up.

[00:27:49] Right. Cause the PR release, they don’t have to publish it just because you send it to, you know, well, we, we guarantee, we guarantee pickups. We guarantee, I mean, if you want to write it yourself and you say, Nope, I want it written like this. I’m like, no, it’s a piece of garbage. He’s like, I don’t care. I put it out.

[00:28:04] Well, yeah, those no guarantees. But for the most part we guaranteed pickups. Like we’re not going to guarantee every single distribution outlet it’s going to publish it. We usually never have a problem with that. It’s not like it’s not going to get picked up unless it was when it gets guidelines. You know, there’s certain things that some networks won’t publish, some networks will deal with supplements or sex toys or reverse mortgages or, or, you know, the whole list of things.

[00:28:30] I understand. Yeah. Or if you have. Sometimes, if you have saved 20% off for February for XYZ company, you’ll get limited distribution with that. So some will pick it up. Yep. Makes sense. Um, I guess we kind of talked about it, but the time of course more is always better, but what’s like a normal frequency, you know, maybe at the launch is probably good.

[00:28:56] I mean, um, certain products, certain portfolio, I know it’s pretty open and I would probably, it depends, of course the budget, the size, the amount of products, the competitive competition about it. I don’t know what you normally would say to somebody how often they should do it. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah.

[00:29:18] And you’re right. I mean, it, is it really dependent if you’re a small seller, just starting off, Hey, just, just be consistent. If that’s one a month for you have the cheapest press releases said that we got in RSL. Great. Wonderful that will slowly get you going. Uh, the more products you have, the more you want to do, we treat product launches completely different.

[00:29:40] Uh, you know, we have our own rebate management network, um, that we use. So if we’re, if we’re managing, uh, like a rebate campaign, for example, we will hit it hard in the first couple of weeks. That might be six presses might be 12. It might be 20. Uh, depending on the keywords are going after the competition.

[00:29:59] But, but I’m talking about just for that regular, you know, building that authority, that trust, uh, getting some Google luck and some backlinks, and it’s really up to, I think your, your budget. I it’s an important thing to do it just like public relations. I had a great question on the web. Our last night, I was like, well, what percentage yourselves?

[00:30:18] Shouldn’t budget towards public relations. And you know, it’s going to depend, but, and work from eight to 15% is what. Really should be looking at, I mean, you look at Mercedes or Toyota or Seagram’s or Apple, what percentage of their, to they put in, like, that’s how they build their businesses on PR. That is their entire thing.

[00:30:41] And what we’ve done is we’ve allowed it. So I used to work with this really. He was a super nice guy. I always forget his name. I think it’s Mike. But anyways, he was in the PR business for 35 years. I mean, he just knew, like she was a wonderful dude, but it was a 55,000 retainer to get started. And, you know, for most small and medium sized businesses, that’s not, especially if you’ve never done it before.

[00:31:08] You don’t know what to expect for an ROI. It could take six months before it really starts to kick in or three months or who knows. Right. You don’t know these things, it’s just not going to happen. And that’s why I stayed in the domain. Of these bigger brands, because they’re the only ones who could say, okay, yeah, 55 K fine.

[00:31:24] You know, we’ll see what happens. Most people can’t take a gamble with that. So what we did is we had a need for PR for some of our other companies actually, With a well around, Amazon’s doing this, you know, it’s sure you turn it into, you start doing a million bucks a month. Yeah. I get into PR you know, I know lots of sellers in that space, but for the other ones doing 50 grand a month or a hundred or whatever, why, why not?

[00:31:48] Why not get PR like it’s going to, it’s going to explode things for you and people just don’t know about it. So we basically made it affordable. Um, and just like monthly payments, you know, same, I’d have a minimum client contract at two months, four months, six months. It depends on the type of, of campaigns we’re running.

[00:32:06] That’s what we decided to do for people. Yeah. Yeah. It sounds really, really, uh, really reasonable. And I like the idea of thinking of as a percentage of your, of your revenue or profits, you know, you got to reinvest in. You know, what are we talking about here on the show is, and I think the main value of it is brand right at you’ve mentioned Apple.

[00:32:25] You know, I don’t remember the car companies like Mercedes, but the value is, is the brand recognition really? You know, when it really all boils down, of course there’s patents and IP, other IP, but I think the brand, the trademark, you know, that’s real value. So people have to reinvest in that. For ’em. I think the real goal is people search your brand name, right?

[00:32:46] Hopefully over time they search in directly to Amazon directly at Google. They’re looking for your brand, right? I think that’s, that’s the ultimate goal or one of the top. That would be lovely, or even just dominated the keywords, dominate spatula, you know, like I could type in silicones spatula right now and I guarantee you’ll see Oxo, I’ll see probably the oral or probably see Wilton.

[00:33:09] Why do I know? I don’t know the first damn thing about silicone spatula, except for my goofy training I did for years ago, because I’ve seen those brand names so many damn times they can obscure product. I guess it comes back to me. If I was a chef, I should know this, right. This is the best in the world, but you’re a hundred percent.

[00:33:28] Right. And here’s the other thing too, is. You know, we’ve all, all of us have been in Amazon for a while and seen some success. Hey, you start growing, you hit this milestone, that milestone sort of thinking, Oh my gosh, I needed to diversify. I can’t have all my eggs in one basket. I want to build a list and want it, you know, do this, that.

[00:33:46] So you start looking at yourwalmart.com. What could be a day where you’re looking at different Amazon marketplaces or you’re looking to try and get into retail, whatever the case may be. Um, It’s a tough goal for most people, because you set up your Shopify account, all of a sudden crickets, because now you’re responsible for your own traffic who will crap.

[00:34:07] You get the odd sale here and there. And what do you do? You sheepishly go back in to Amazon because that’s your bread and butter. You got to make money, man. Right? Like that. That’s the thing. When you’re doing PR you building your, your, your search engine results, you can start to get some traffic. You can track the links over there.

[00:34:21] Great. So you’re gonna start. You know, people searching online. Great. You start getting traffic from all the, uh, high traffic placements, bloggers, influencers, sites, whatever. And you can, it makes that transition into other marketplaces and platforms a hell of a lot easier. Cause you’ve already carried a little bit of brand weight.

[00:34:44] So Hey, you know what, maybe you only get 3% of your sales from your website. As first transit. That’s great. Wonderful. You know, if you’re doing a thousand bucks a day or 10,000 bucks there, whatever the number is at 3%, that’s somewhere to start with. Are you starting to build the list and it just grows and grows and grows.

[00:35:01] If you don’t have that read recognition, we’re gone. Any keyword love coming from Google, you’re going to spin your wheels. You’re to rely on like Facebook ads or Google ads, whatever that we all know. That’s not always the easiest nut to crack, you know? And it’s expensive. Yeah. I agree. Um, a little bit about links, you know, super URLs or, you know, the, almost like a bad word nowadays, but there’s other kinds of ways you.

[00:35:33] One maybe have links. I don’t know if, and then also storefront URLs. I don’t know if you recommend storefronts over product direct. And you know, the tricky thing is the URLs, ACEs chains, you know, URLs, cheap, permalinks, cheap, broken links, you know, or you can even do it on purpose, which is a more of an advanced strategy, I think.

[00:35:53] But you, some people break their links on purpose, um, which is crazy or Amazon changes your links. I heard somebody say, so, you know, Just some ideas there. If you know, I think this maybe a little more advanced question, but what kind of links would you want to put in a PR release for Amazon? Yeah, and that’s a very question and it has changed over time, you know, we’ve gone through so many iterations of different types of URLs and, um, yeah, it’s, it’s crazy.

[00:36:23] So what we’re doing now, Is we’re basically, uh, our whole goal is giving Google at once. So high quality client, no keyword stuffing. Good length. Clean links. So we’re not using, uh, and I’m not saying these are their dirty links. Like pixel five me is a great company. We were using their links for a while.

[00:36:47] We decided to stop. We’re not using any two-step bureaus. We’re not doing anything like that. Now, basically what we do and the reason is, is, and, and not that I think that anything bad has happened, we want to stay clean and safe. So we’re putting a straight, you know, amazon.com ASIN, the DPA. Or, uh, the canonical, uh, economical a lot.

[00:37:09] You just want a nice and clean notion and again, like, so, so Google GCs. Yup. Yup. Yup. There’s no nothing goofy going on here. And it’s working really well because the truth is, is even back in the day when we were using links that gave some keyword love. This is the secret that nobody knows about is that it actually depends on the title.

[00:37:34] The T the title has a hell of a lot more to do with the keyword ranking on both Google and on Amazon. So we often just use a straight link. No keyword notion that against, and we just make sure the title’s well-crafted with a seed keyword in there, you know, preferably in a long tail format. And that’s what we’re doing.

[00:37:58] Okay, cool. KPI, you know, how are you? You know, one of the good short URLs is link tracking. You can click at least tracking clicks or tracking, uh, tracking, but eh, you of course like pride checking, Google ranking, checking, uh, traffic to your website, of course, Google analytics or other analytics tools, but maybe give us some insights of what your what’s success or what’s, you know, what’s, um, some metrics you’re looking at.

[00:38:29] You bet. Yeah. And that’s a super good question. And it’s funny because as an owner of a PR company, I, I kind of lament saying this, but I remember back when I started using press releases back in what, 2013 or 14, whatever it was sometimes I’d see my account. I’d see the money come out. I’d see the Press release out.

[00:38:51] This is really helping like, like a month least my money on this. Like really, you know, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just publishing presses or whatever. I know keyword strategies willingly. Right. I didn’t know. Nobody knew, but I’m sure somebody knew, but nobody I knew knew. Um, so that’s one thing that I was very adamant about is like, look.

[00:39:15] We have to find a way to measure this. So I’ve done. Do we have a long time to talk? Cause I are wearable and linked. We have honestly, maybe 10 more minutes, man. I mean, I know you’re a busy guy. Yeah, no story, no story for you. Okay. Um, okay. What I want to do is, is I want to make sure that that the ROI is there, right?

[00:39:35] So what we’re doing now is, and I’m going to start at the bottom. So our standard distribution presses, which are great, there’s a great monthly. What we’ve done is we do keyword tracking. So you get your distribution report and we’re looking at the keywords that you’re ranking for. Okay. The base based on, on that process, one for now for our more advanced, um, for those higher end processes, we’re doing a lot more.

[00:40:00] We’re we’re blending and SEO. We’re looking at domain authorities. We’re looking at backlinks. We are looking at not only permutations within the press release itself. We’re also tracking. Uh, like, like, sorry, partitions from the title or looking at a keyword body permutation. So let’s say you run a, you know, you’ve got a Google SEO guy or yourself, and there’s, you know, 10 terms or 20 terms you’re, you’re tracking in general.

[00:40:26] We’re also gonna attract those even you might not always be hitting them every single time. We’re going to look at those and we’re having really great effect on those terms. And again, and that, uh, that case study for George. Would you be on that website is, I mean, it’s just a lot of things away, so yes.

[00:40:46] To answer your question, most companies, in fact, I don’t know if any will provide that. Everyone’s going to give you a distribution report. Yeah. That’s not right. You will see with your published, we’re the ones who are tracking it because it’s really, really important to me. Cause I gotta make sure it’s worth it.

[00:41:01] Awesome. That’s really good. Of course. Um, yeah, I mean, this has been really great. I mean, I think you you’ve been mentioning it. I don’t know if you want to put total dollar numbers in the show. Cause of course, you know, time changes, but. Maybe for a new seller for me, I guess, of course you have different camps and packages can change, but, um, how much you said like eight to 15% of a budget or revenue, you know?

[00:41:33] Yeah. What, it’s just something to think about with sometimes those numbers are blown out of the water. When you just started to you start, you start a new brand, you know, you got to put more oomph into it. You know, the revenue is not there yet. I get it. You know what I’m talking about for an established brand?

[00:41:47] I mean, most guys I know do the same thing with PPC, right? There’s like, Hey, 10% of our revenue with whatever that number happens to be. Um, yeah, we have got a real range. So on the bottom end we have like one a month. Ups look, 79 bucks. If you want to write it yourself, if you want us to write it so a little bit more, but it’s not expensive to get it.

[00:42:10] And then it just goes up from there. We’ve got medium range with video press releases. Of course. And then we’ve got the higher end enterprise, I’d say around 800 bucks a month. Yeah, there isn’t a, well, for sure. . Yeah, then we move up to that. What we call the brand builder that’s 3000 a month. That’s up monthly done for you content system.

[00:42:30] Okay. Public relations packages actually start at 3,500 a month. Okay. Five to 5,500. And that’s great when you start to really cook with guests. So just to give people an idea of what we’re best at right now, I appreciate, I know over 20, 20 years. Yeah, no, of course this is, you know, that can change and, uh, you know, Contact you or your company for an elitist packages, but I appreciate you willing to share.

[00:42:57] So I think that’s really, that’s really all, you know, but I think the [00:43:00] launches even a new seller, I think should budget at least a small package to PR I think, um, you know, they launch because he gets so excited, but. But they also got to maybe realize, you know, it’s going to take time and now it’s still got to do to PPC.

[00:43:16] Right? You still got to do everything else. It’s not like this will replace the other. You still gotta, you still gotta do your other strategies, but this is another way to, to boost awareness and your brand boost, you know, links and traffic to your site and to your cheer listings. Um, and of course it’s PR reach.com.

[00:43:37] It’s the pr.com. Yeah. Like I said, if you look to right now today, a website’s not really reflecting a lot of the things I’m talking about right now. I included the press releases, but I expect was in two weeks, we’ll have it. We’ll have it all. So yeah, that’ll be, this will go on the 20th, 20th. So hopefully it could be up by then.

[00:44:01] I’ll hope you’re a programmer, you know? I understand and I told them, yeah. All right. See? Yeah, no, great. Hey, we could talk forever on this type of stuff. Yeah. I really appreciate it guys, to get you back on it’s it’s been awesome. And, and, uh, but I, you know, I think the, the real one is, you know, Like you mentioned Apple and all these guys have huge PR budgets.

[00:44:22] And I think a lot of people say, Oh, how do these guys get, so how do they get so well known? But they also have a story. Right. You know, you also have to have a story, like you said, like, if you’re just saying, Oh, we have another, you know, garlic press, you know, like who would help. It’s getting really tall, but you have to have the, I remember something I learned in P from a friend about PR is try to be the first in something, even if you’re the first purple garlic press.

[00:44:49] Even if the first is color, you know, try to have some kind of a unique, you gotta have some kind of a pitch, right? Like. To appeal to that’s I think. Yeah. Yeah. That’s very, very true. And the public. So that’s what our team works on. As you work on your story and craft that, that pitch, and he there’s a lot of ways to do it.

[00:45:11] You know, maybe, maybe you’re not all inventors. You don’t have a patent for everything. Like I said, maybe grow up purple. Maybe it’s a charity you’re involved with charity or. Yeah. I mean, that’s a whole topic in itself, but it, but of course, really make sure you donate to the charity I have, of course, but I have a system for that.

[00:45:33] I always wonder if there’s always some kind of a system cracks that for you, but yeah, I do. I love that idea of a hour or, um, especially nowadays, you know, environmental friendly, you know, somehow, you know, That kind of angle for your product, your packaging, stuff like that. I always try to tell people too, um, people want to help the environment being, you know, one thing I have noticed too, in a lot of it really good listings I see on Amazon is sometimes you’ll see, like in the title or bullet point, Oh, we donate a dollar for it.

[00:46:04] Okay, great. Then go down to the plus page and you’ll see like really great well-crafted story showing them that like the image or like, it’s really, it’s like, Oh, I like, there’s a story right there. That’s, that’s something I’ll buy into. I get it. Agreed. Agreed. And then of course you use that social media, Amazon post lately, when is so many ways.

[00:46:24] And then you do PR on that and blogs and link to it and it just creates this whole ecosystem on its own. And that’s what we sort of do for the more bands. Peoples were previous ecosystem was interlinking and. Awesome really great. Shane, it’s been a pleasure to have you on fire. We have so much, well, we’ll have to get you off for a second, second, soon, and I’m excited to see the sites and we’ll link.

[00:46:47] You know, we’ll link this as always in our show notes. Um, and uh, it’s been a pleasure to have you. Great. And next time we’ll just keep it to one topic. So I don’t go all over the place. Okay. Yeah. Sorry. I know this is a little bit, okay. So that’s really great. Thanks so much. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.

[00:47:05] Are you a super fan? We’re seven years old here. Global from Asia would be amazing if we can get some more cool high level people, because you are high level. If you’re listening to this, you’re learning, you’re an expert gfavip.com. We’re starting to do more and more amazing stuff for paying members. I’m sorry.

[00:47:23] You know, we are, but it’s a whole nother level. This, this show will stay the same, but if you really love what you do listen to when you want to get on the inside, we’re doubling down, going even higher level gfavip.com. See you on the inside. Thank you. Shane, was, that was really cool. Thanks for sharing.

[00:47:41] And, we really appreciate it here at the Global from Asia show, the audio version, because honestly we don’t put the video version intro, cause it’s just a, it’s just me and a microphone. I’m hiding behind my microphone here. And my amazing wife got me another microphone. The same old ATR 2100, but the other two or three, I think there’s two, two words looking at one broken one, sitting in Manila and Gautier, his apartment.

[00:48:08] Thanks buddy. He literally helped me move out of my Manila apartment because I evacuated from Cebu and I couldn’t get back to Manila. What a, what a crazy, crazy, year, um, and a seventh year of global From Asia, I said in the intro, if you want to hear a little bit of the story of Global from Asia, it did start, it started in, uh, from another podcast I listened to and amazing guy, his birthday just passed too Dan Andrews at Tropical MBA.

[00:48:38] And I went to, I was out with the first TMBA meetup back in 2010, 2011, maybe in Philippines. And he, they did an amazing job, made the dynamite circle, DC and the DCBKK. And I had been, been going to quite a few of those. And back in 2013, he was saying, everybody should start a podcast. Everybody here should start a podcast.

[00:48:59] I think I said this on this podcast earlier, but it’s been, you know, after seven years you might’ve forgotten. So. I’m sitting in there and after the break, I’m talking, I bumped into Dan, you know, at his event and I’m like, Oh, I’m in China. Can I do it about Hong Kong? Cause he was actually saying someone should do it about Hong Kong business.

[00:49:16] And I said, I don’t really live there, but I have a Hong Kong, the company. And I mean, I know about it, but he’s like, you don’t need to live in Hong Kong, do podcast about Hong Kong business. So yeah. I’m in the lounge area that same day, maybe, or next day and thinking Hong Kong podcasts. Like I was like, I don’t want to register it.

[00:49:36] Like, you know, I don’t want to name it like Hong Kong business podcast or something like that. I want to make it a little bit more cool. And thing, you know, idea Global from Asia. I don’t know. I was literally just. Thinking of talking to John Myers or somebody in the lounge. And I just said, how does it sound global from Asia?

[00:49:55] Yeah. So I was looking at it and then domain registered. The rest is history. You’re listening to this. Right now, if you’re here and that’s, that’s the quick, honestly obvious story and throw up a quick landing piece, got people to subscribe, to find out more about the show and when it came on and I listen to Pat, Flynn’s free YouTube videos about how to launch a podcast and I kind of patched it together.

[00:50:21] Other, you know, did a masters, other people starting a podcast and. Connect, you know, connecting with amazing people. You know, it’s a Zach Franklin he’s been on here a few times. He literally just messaged me on Wechat, shout out to Zach seller.deals, check it out, check it out. He’s an amazing guy, really supportive of the community.

[00:50:43] A good friend of mine, uh, been on the show at least two or three, maybe even more times. But, um, he’s like, should I start a small, small podcast? Mike, you’ve been doing over 300 shows. I’m like, okay. Yeah, man started, you know, I’ve helped others start there as I, you know, I give some tips and tricks and I don’t know, but I don’t know if audio, you know, I’m talking on audio right now, but we did do this shame interview was also on video.

[00:51:08] We put them up on YouTube, but mostly this is an audio podcast. I like audio more. Well, it’s easier, but you can also get deeper and you, don’t got to worry about fixing your hair. Changing your clothes I’m wearing clothes. I can actually, I’m going to do global sources, some global sources webinar. I’m hosting.

[00:51:28] Literally after I finished this intro on a, they’re doing their online global sources online show, and I’m doing a panel, but I mean, yeah, Zach, try it out here. Everybody sh you know, a lot of people, a lot of people are doing it and. It’s about connecting with people. Honestly, the hardest part of our podcast is I don’t even know who’s listening.

[00:51:49] Literally. I got a LinkedIn message today. Somebody Fernanda Brazilian in Slovakia has been listening is enjoying and says, Oh, how do I get on a podcast? I really, I love it. You’re doing, I’ve been listening. I’m like, man, I don’t, he really have not much idea. I guess you can get some stats and downloads, but I think that’s the hardest part, Zach or anybody start a podcast.

[00:52:12] Honestly, it’s a small, this is a niche market, or maybe I’m not pushing it enough. You know, we’re not getting bazillion downloads, but I think we’re building good relationships. Some of you, um, I hope, and I hope, uh, I hope you guys are get something out of it. I sneak a couple of ads in here, you know, if you really want to support, I do appreciate that.

[00:52:32] And, uh, I get to connect with some amazing people where we’re getting, trying to get some amazing guests coming up as always, and. You know, it’s changed my life. It’s a, you know, every, every week, every Tuesday we try to get out this podcast. I mean, there’s been a couple of breaks in between for various different reasons from the podcast, but we are still going strong.

[00:52:57] You know, I’m applying to do hundreds of more of these shows. I mean, this is a life style business, a lifelong business that I. I don’t know, business hobby artists last week. We’re talking about garbage man, artists, artists, summer. I’m an artist. I’m not so good at business. To be honest with you, you know, some of you’ve read my books or you’ve listened to the show, just keeping going a real man.

[00:53:19] I’m a, I’m a, I’m a, you know, I’m a creator. I’m a, my middle name is Angelo. Mike, Michael Angelo, my artists, you know, like grandmother was an artist anyways. I think that’s enough in the blah, blah, blah session. Thank you so much for choosing to listen to this show. It does mean a lot to me. And, uh, even though I can’t see you or hear you, you know, but you know, feedback or comment would always be helpful or share telling your friend whatever would be helpful.

[00:53:46] I think that’s it for now seven years of  over and out. See you next week. More amazing stuff coming up. Peace. To get more info about running an international business. Please visit our website at www,globalfromasia.com. That’s www.globalfromasia.com. Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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