Chipping Away At Growing The Amazon Business, SalesVelocity with Marc Roca

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We have Marc Roca sharing the latest with the Amazon business- Para living we have the aqua green kits, new and improved, online as well as building up stronger feedback and sales velocity for the Sisitano moka pot.

Also discussing re-ordering more, praying that it arrives before Chinese New Year (yes this far in advance). Some potential bankruptcy with the market leader, Lorenzo found this news and we discuss. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Marc is in USA

    What has he been up to?

  • Update on the business. Sales at a high

    Ideas why? PPC, price, holidays ?

  • Performance on the Para Living Greens

    Got an amazing review right off the bat

  • USA warehousing instead of Amazon’s FBA

    50 usd a month

  • A listing is hidden

    How Marc found out it is not showing up

  • The bundle really doesn’t seem to work

    “What is this extra white thing that came in with my expresso maker?”

  • Risk of bundles to feedback

    If one of the “Free” items is low quality – can get negative feedback on whole order.

  • Ordering more moka pots - hoping it will arrive before Chinese New Year Starts!?

  • 3D Models Ready

    Improving the listing

  • Lots of emails to the website - more than your other amazon businesses?

  • Have enough inventory to last?

    Have 600 in stock

  • Finding a backup supplier?

  • What to do if we run out of stock on the product

    Re-launch campaign discussion.

  • Bialetti filing for bankruptcy

    Is that a good thing or bad thing for Sisitano?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Cross Border Matchmaker China CBM
Bialetti in trouble? (news article)
√ Our Moka Pot listing
√ Our new Sprouting and Microgreens Growing Kit

Episode Length 29:28

Exciting times. That is the thing about Amazon – it isn’t about rushing in – at least in our opinion it is about building it up bit bit bit. Optimizing, tweaking, being strategic.

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