Finding The Right Service Provider Internationally with Kristina Mertens

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In today’s show, we have Kristina Mertens from Sermondo. She is the Business Development Manager and we have had a very fascinating conversation as she shares a few tips and tricks in finding a good service provider for your business. We talked about some stories and I shared how I used myspace to start my own business. So let’s tune in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Kristina, Sermondo

  • The history of Online Sellers and service providers

    Mike’s journey searching Alibaba and Global Sources in 2005/ 2006 for suppliers, on Myspace looking and networking with service providers.

  • How People find Service Providers Now

    Ways we see and hear how people find services for their seller needs (Word of mouth, facebook groups, wechat groups, Google search, podcasts)

  • What to look for, when working totally online

  • Examples of Finding a Service Provider

  • Setting Expectations and Being Clear

    Sometimes it is service providers fault but often the seller doesn’t explain clearly their requirements.

  • Knowing what you want

    Consultant, agency, budget, location

  • How people can find you online

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Kristina’s VIP Expert Page
√ Kristina’s Linkedin Account-
Mike’s interview on Sermondo

Episode Length 46:08

Thank you so much for sharing Kristina. There is also a video version of this. She’s a video podcaster. So we both hit the video option when we recorded. So in finding good service providers, just proceed with caution. It can be a little bit tricky, whether you use somebody likes Sermondo (which is great – I’ve been watching them grow over the years) or other solutions. I think probably the biggest test is to test on a small order. Small test order as much as you can and always have a couple of options for backups and and just hope I know Logistics especially is dangerous. So try your best.

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