Managing Chinese Staff, Partners Expectations As a Foreign Entrepreneur with Marcus Maher – GFA149

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If I hear more people asking me what is going to happen in the world now that Trump is US president, I’m going to go crazy! A ton of people in my space have had a huge surge of traffic from Americans looking to head over to other countries. Let’s all try to keep calm and see how it pans out.

If you are looking for places to go – April we are having our 2nd annual Cross Border Summit here in Shenzhen, China. Tons of you guys are asking me for the date -and we have decided to put it on Friday April 14 and Saturday April 15. and let’s make it happen.

Alright, now to bring back one of our popular guest – Marcus Maher – an Australian super entrepreneur who has been in China for decades and always has a ton of experience. He was also on episode 55, Today he shares some perspectives on how he has managed Chinese business people’s expectations, from investors to staff to partners. This is show 149 – so you can get the show notes at – so now let’s tune in.

Thanks Marcus for coming back on the show – you were with us on episode 55 talking about boots on the ground China business and a lot of people really enjoyed it, you were a top hit.

Care to re-introduce yourself to our listeners who missed out on that amazing interview last time Marcus?

So today we have another intriguing topic – managing Chinese staff as a foreigner. How to manage Chinese business partners, investors, and overall business people relations. You are a great person for this topic, as you have done so many ventures in china I have lost count – many restaurants, but also many serviced based businesses like investing overseas and immigration services and some technology projects – let’s start with the mindset

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Connector.


    What is the mindset a foreigner should have when they want to start to deal with local Chinese business people and employees?

  • Connector.

    Application of Management Skills

    Can they apply some / all / none of their Western management skills in the Chinese business environment?

  • Connector.

    Business Partner

    Need a local Chinese business partner from the beginning?

  • Connector.

    Managing Partners

    But then also need to manage them – which there are many books all about the problems and issues that can arise here – so managing Chinese business partners, easier than managing Chinese staff?

  • Connector.

    Managing System

    If you have a Chinese business partner – they manage the staff and local operations, so you don’t need to worry about it? Or should one stay involved?

  • Connector.

    Is a Business Partner Essential

    So let’s say someone is stubborn or can’t find a Chinese business partner – go ahead and do China business alone? Or wait till they find the right partners?

  • Connector.

    Finding the Right Partner

    How about finding the right partners, any tips or just a lot of networking and hustle?

  • Connector.

    Keeping Chinese Staff Happy

    Managing Chinese staff, you have dealt with a ton of them- how to even begin this conversation – what’s your overall tip and strategy for keeping them happy and effective?

  • Connector.

    Chinese Investors

    Chinese investors – same mindset / recommendations as a Chinese business partner? Many say that an investor is also a partner – do you manage the relationship the same way?

  • Connector.

    When Problem Arises

    Emergencies with Chinese business people management – when you “offend” or make a mistake – how to fix / address the problem?

  • Connector.


    Any war stories you care to share about the good, the bad, and the ugly in dealing with Chinese business and staff relations (This will be fun I’m sure!)

  • Connector.


    So what are you up to these days Marcus? How can people do business with you and find you online. Thanks so much for coming on and sharing for a 2nd time! Cheers

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

√ Legal Representative
√ Labor Bureau
√ VICE – wfoe, jv, rep office
Marshall Taplits
Marcus on a previous episode, 55
√ 3 important parts – legal rep, accounting, employee contract

Episode Length 28:26

Thanks Marcus for sharing. Alright everyone – Cross Border Summit – April 14 to 15 2017 -wow, can you believe we are almost in a new year – and I’m talking about an event in April. So let’s make the most of what is left in the year 2016.

The world is getting exciting in 2016 with Brexit and Trump – as business owners, let’s keep an open mind and keep learning. Cheers.

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