On the Ground China Tips for Entrepreneurs with Marcus Maher

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Happy Tuesday morning everyone, I’ve never officially stated it, but this show has been sticking to a weekly release on every Tuesday morning 10am Hong Kong time. Occupy Central is still going on and I have been blogging a bit more lately in addition to this podcast, you can read my article about my feelings on it at globalfromasia.com/occupy/ – try to not get political, but I can’t keep silent about it anymore as it affects me, this show, and my business so much!

Have had a few visitors to Hong Kong the past week on their way to DCBKK in Bangkok, had a chance to catch up with Nikos from CoinSimple.com and Dimitri from OnSign.tv, with Dimitri I was able to convince him to do an audio testimonial

Dimitri also inspired me to write a 4,000 word blog post on a first time business traveler’s guide to Hong Kong – from the airport to hotels and back again – you can check it out on www.globalfromasia.com/hkguide – all this writing has from the book has become a habit as I am in final edits in the book for release on Nov 1.

I’m having a lot of fun with this podcast, and meeting new business friends from around the world – it is a great honor. Ok so now for this week’s show we have Marcus Maher, an Australian entrepreneur based in China for over a decade who gives us an amazing interview on tips on being an Entrepreneur and businessman in China. He dropped so many value bombs – this is a bit longer show than normal but I was just so amazed with the tips we kept on recording, now enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Marcus Maher
  • How did you first get started doing business in China?
  • Here in shenzhen you have quite an empire of businesses – starting in wine right?
  • How do you go about finding the right partners and team for each venture?
  • As a foreigner business owner in China – what are some insights you can share? Positive and negative welcome
  • And while you are focused on local business – you have been involved with some online businesses – can you share?
  • Importance of contracts in China versus the West
  • Cost control as a focus and strategic advantage
  • Keep a flat management structure
  • Avoid war with competitors at all costs
  • What is your long term vision for business in China?
  • Discussion on the Housing market in China
  • How can people reach out to you for further questions?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 49:24

Thanks Marcus for sharing those insights – I am sure people here learned a ton, even I did and i’ve been around the block a few times. Marcus is pretty amazing how he can build the right teams, build up ventures and drive constant business. But like everyone, he had many learning lessons. We all just need to take action, take risks and stay positive as we learn and grow in business.

That’s a wrap everyone – this was a longer show than my normal 20 – 30 minutes – what do you think? Too much? I live off feedback and appreciate it all – shoot me an email at mike @ globalfromasia.com and I’ll get back to ya. Cheers!

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9 Comments on “On the Ground China Tips for Entrepreneurs with Marcus Maher”

  1. Danny Guerrero

    Truly priceless information shared in this podcast. Could have listened for hours more. Thank you!!

  2. Matt

    Hi Michael,
    epic episode, extremely valuable! 🙂 I will download it so I can listen to it again a few times. Thanks a lot for this

    Just one really minor thing: the background noise in some parts of the interview

    1. Michael Michelini

      Wow, so happy to hear it Matt!! Motivating me to keep cranking these out.

      Ya, I know there was background noise, we recorded it in Marcus ‘s restaurant, in his VIP room but had some China construction in the background…. Was really making me angry but “this is china ” and as Marcus says… Patience is a necessary skill….

    1. Michael Michelini

      Thanks Max,
      Ya normally other podcast I do are shorter, but people mainly enjoyed this longer one… A fine line of balancing these things… But normally keep length to 30 minutes

      1. Max Henry

        No problem, it’s a solid interview and what an amazing experience Marcus has! I posted your podcast on our Entrepnr app and website… check it out.

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  4. Pickel Digital Signage Commenter

    Nice podcast for entrepreneurs. But its quite lengthier. The information shared is very well explained. I have shared this podcast with our management and team who are planning to scale the business in Hong Kong.
    Thank you for this podcast.

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