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Global From Asia episode 251. It’s great. I mean things have been rocking and rolling. Thanks. I’m really bummed I missed FBA4u. It’s a meet-up. I saw some great photos, I’ll put a couple here.

I’m actually at the airport since you’re hearing this intercom, I am going back to Bangkok back to Chiang Mai. Some things in the works. Some factories and business stuff happening down in the south of Thailand that I will update you all about soon. But this week’s show, we have today’s guest – Danny McMillan from Seller Sessions. I believe I met Danny through Chris both are from the UK and European sellers.

This guy knows his stuff and today we’re talking about some new things happening. With people I have registered brands. I was able to access it after he helped me out getting in you have to have brand registry for Amazon to get some extra data and we talked today about some of that and also he’s got an amazing event coming up and about a month from today.

So without further Ado, let’s tune into Danny McMillan.

Photo from the FBA4U Canton Fair Meetup

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Danny

  • A few months ago, brand analytics came out

  • You need to be brand registry 2.0?

  • What do people need to get in?

  • Brand Analytics Overview

  • Brand Registry is required

    – Get your trademark sorted

    – If in the UK or EU it is faster

    – This should be good enoug for the US, but confirm with support first

  • How it works

    – Search terms are based on Frequency in order of searches on Amazon

    – Not to be confused with search volume (Amazon does not provide this)

    – Each search term provides the top three ASIN’s with two metrics

    – Click share

    – Conversion Share

  • ASIN

    Click-share is the just percentage of the total clicks that the ASIN received for all ASINs (not the click-through rate of the ASIN)

  • Conversion Share

    Conversion share does not represent the conversions (sales) for a given search term it’s the % total sales that each of those ASINs received for that keyword

  • What are some of the bigger KPIs / metrics to look for?

  • What is the typical use case of this data?

    Current products, finding new products, checking into competitor?

  • Product research and discovery

  • Search by date / period

    – This can be used to look at the previous periods (within reason) such as Q4

    – And is handy for seasonal checks on products

    – Search by category, which filters the data for zooming in

  • Download / scheduling

    – Excel or CVS

    – Filter by time and department


  • Reverse ASIN

    – Other tools provide more data

    – This is still useful to get a handful of search terms

    – Bit more labour involved

  • Why the name?

    Protecting your brand from hijackers? Will this help us more against brand hijackers

  • What this means for sellers

    Amazon has anything for the seller written on the wall?

  • Bringing the big brands?

    Maybe that is the reason

  • The reason for getting brand registry

    Protection from hijacking

  • About your upcoming event - Seller Sessions

    Sounds interesting, tell us more! Building out UK FBA seller community.

  • Connecting with Danny

    How people can find you online

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 46:46

Thank you Danny for that amazing content.I really wish him the best with his event seller sessions June 1st in London. Have a great day everybody and let’s build brands and value.

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[00:00:00] Episode 251 of Global From Asia. Welcome to the global from Asia podcast where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down into straight-up actionable advice and now your host Michael Michelini .  Okay, everybody. I’m in the airport as you might tell AirAsia flights are always the most fun.

[00:00:30] Last people enjoyed my on-the-go intros in the buses and vans. So today let’s try it from an airport. I won’t do an interview. At least. I don’t think I’m crazy enough to do an interview at the airport. I actually did interview a guest at while he was at the airport due to his flight delay, but you know.

[00:00:01] let’s see if this loud intercom pops up again while I do our intro and outro for Global From Asia episode 251.  It’s it’s great. I mean things have been rocking and rolling. Things… I’m really bummed I missed FBA4u meet up. I saw some great photos. I’ll put a couple Chris Davies been a guest a couple times in the show.

[00:00:26] He’s been doing a great job and Juju or Cindy also not sure if she listens to the podcast or not, but she does great. I’ll put a clip in the he sent me a photo. Thanks also Global From Asia and FBA4u for always trying to help each other out, so that’s awesome. Also the guest today Danny McMillan from Seller Sessions.

[00:00:49] I believe I met through Chris both are from the UK and the European seller as well. They sell globally but this is the world we live in you know, people all around the world. I was literally just talking somebody a couple married with kids like me Korean wife German, German husband living in Thailand.

[00:01:14] This is the life we live in but guess I’m not much different Chinese wife American guy kids in Thailand. But so I’m actually at the airport since you’re hearing this intercom. I’m going back Bangkok back to Chiang Mai some some things in the works some some actually some factories and business stuff happening down in the south of Thailand.

[00:01:39] That I will update you all about soon. But this week’s show I’m going to jump into it while let’s do the blah blah blah. I know Russell Smith enjoyed that in our GFA VIP group was saying he really enjoys the blah blah blah with the maybe we’ll get the kids..they’re they’re watching Airplanes right now.

[00:01:54] But this week’s show is Danny McMillan. Like I just mentioned the Seller Sessions podcast definitely recommend checking that out. If you haven’t definitely one of the top e-commerce and Amazon. Podcast out there. It really gives amazing content. This guy knows his stuff. And today we’re talking about some new things happening with people that have registered Brands.

[00:02:18] I’m actually was able to access it after he helped he helped me out getting in you have to have brand registry for Amazon to get some extra data and we’ll talk today about some of that and also he’s got an amazing event coming up in about a month from today. So if you’re in London, or I can make it out to the UK definitely recommend is going to be a Monumental event first time ever.

[00:02:39] The first events are always the coolest because that’s where people are, you know, making things happen and finding the right fit and I’ll also talk some blah blah blah about how I used the tool as well as just branding in general and brands and in what I think is some of the trends and importances of it.

[00:02:58] So without further ado, let’s tune into Danny. Are you looking at Brand registry and other benefits of being an actual brand? This is the future of e-commerce and business in general. So make sure you get your trademark set up correctly. Our partners at trademarks 24/7.com or 24/7.com can help you get set up online fast easy and the right way get the info you need as well as the services at www.trademarks24/7.com.

[00:03:32] Okay, thanks everybody for tuning in Global From Asia show. We are here and bringing back one of my more popular guest Danny McMillan from Seller Sessions out in the UK. Thanks for coming on today, Danny. Thanks for having me. Sure. It’s always a pleasure and you know, you’ve been at some of our Summits and you’re you’re doing quite a bit there.

[00:03:53] You have your own your own amazing show this growing Seller Sessions podcasts and we’ll talk a little bit more about some of your live event that you’re doing and amazing stuff for those that don’t know you do you want to get a little bit more intro. Yeah, sure. My name is Danny McMillan..I’m an Amazon seller.

[00:04:12] I also host the podcast Seller Sessions. We have an event at which we start to shape Seller Sessions live. I also do a bit of content in the UK for Amazon. I’ve just done a recent pilot webinar with them and we have an agency called Data Brill and Data Brill looks after 7 and 8-figure sellers.

[00:04:34] We take care of all their PPC Etc and it’s a technology-based company. So yeah, that’s pretty much me. Great. Yeah, it’s great making things happen. So today there’s obviously so much we could talk about but I think an interesting topic we prepared was brand analytics as somewhat recently just came out.

[00:04:55] Do you..Yeah, do you want to share a little bit for those who might not even heard of it? Yeah, I mean brand  analytics won’t be there for everyone your requirements are you going to need brand registry wherever you are, it was started off in the US and it’s been rolled out. You can now get it in the UK can get you you data on it.

[00:05:14] So obviously with brand registry 2.0 now you need to get a trademark. So you need to double check this but there are ways and means or it used to be this way up to recently whereby as long as you had a trademark in the select set of territories. Like, you know any you like UK or Germany for instance or the U.S.

[00:05:34] That was good enough to utilize that for your brand registry territory, obviously that trademark doesn’t cover for that other country. So if you’ve got a US trademark, it doesn’t cover you trademark for UK or in the EU if that makes sense, but it was up to recently you need to just raise it to get the Seller Central.

[00:05:55] But you you know, if you can or you don’t have a trademark one of the advantages that you can do is that we submitted their own trademark in the UK took eight weeks spent 220 pounds whereas in the US it’s a lot more expensive and it can take up to eight months to get and then obviously you got to move the pills and injections and stuff like that if anyone opposes the the mark but yes, it’s down to having brand registry so when you login to your Seller Central account.

[00:06:24] You should be able to see that under the  tabs. If you go to yeah, the reports tabs as you scroll down, you know example UK account you’ve got payments seller coach and then you’ve got brand analytics, which is just above the business reports. Okay. Yeah, we have to definitely check into that.

[00:06:49] I honestly so complicated. I have brand registry 2.0 at the with our seller Sisitano, but then there’s like …. Yes, he did the thing what you got is Amazon seems to make it more difficult in terms of its presentation of it because people get confused right because what’s happening in there is you you’ve got you know you log in and you’ve got keywords.

[00:07:15] Okay, so when you’re logging in and you’re utilizing the system what we used to use in is keyword tools that show search for you. What this is you search frequency rank. So for instance if you just log into the UK at this given time for the period to the seventh to the fourth to the 13th of all ..

[00:07:34] of April the search frequency as it stands at the moment, you know, if it’s up to date will be number one will be wireless headphones and the number to be headphones and in number 3 bluetooth headphones and etc etc. Right this goes on and you know, there’s thousands here. So the frequency is basically how many you know, what is the number one searched searched term on Amazon at this moment in time in the UK is wireless headphones.

[00:08:06] And then the second most recent, you know highest frequency of searches is for the search term headphones and then split on headphones. So effectively the three most search for items on Amazon in the UK at the moment are wireless headphones followed by headphones followed by bluetooth headphones what it doesn’t give you is a search volume.

[00:08:25] Hmm. Does that make sense? And I think that’s where people start to get confused with it because what they’re doing is they’re just seeing these rows of data. All right. So when when you when you just got those rows of data and you are left there to interpret this yourself now each of these searched terms as you’ll go along so, you know, for instance you got headphones you’re going to have to other metrics which again confuses people like one is called Click Share.

[00:08:55] The other one is Convergence share. So Click Share is just the percentage of the total clicks that asins received for all asins. Not the click-through rate of the asin, right and then you’ve got conversion share. This doesn’t represent the conversions of sales for the given search term, but it’s the percentage of total sales.

[00:09:14] But each of those asins received for that keyword. So basis works in on a percentage basis is not by it’s the totality part of it does it make sense? So it kind of confuses the language confuses. I mean, I may be confused some of my..I don’t know it’s wrong but it isn’t that’s the problem with it. It’s not user-friendly in the sense of when you look at it.

[00:09:38] You’re going. Wow. Okay viewing 215,000,660 rows. Where do I where the hell do I start with it, you know? True true.  Yeah, very very powerful. Yeah people got excited when I first came out some people could see some people couldn’t see it. And so what what would you suggest people use this for? I mean, you know, I think most people think about volume right?

[00:10:03] Obviously, I always I mean this easier search volume, you know, like demands, but what would be some use cases for? What you do is you felt through the data. So one of the things I’ve found it kind of useful for is not keep it for product research. But discovery, you know, like you’ve got the search tools you type in the search term.

[00:10:27] Okay, and then you go and discover and then you look at your Chrome Plug-In or if your whatever device you’re using and then you look at it and it’s giving you an array of options in terms of the the sales volume. And they all show little charts the sales history and stuff like that. Yeah, so you’ve got your jungle scouts and all those kind of things which is great, right?

[00:10:48] You never going to replace those tools. They’re always going to be in play but with something like this, what you could do is you could do a search term in example, if I type in the word oil, right, and I just hit search, this is giving me 2005 rows now, it’s going to give me various different options essential oils.

[00:11:09] It’s going to give me Bio oil, hemp oil, tea tree oil, essential oil diffuser. So what I’m looking at now is well, I’m a I’m just typing in the word oil but it’s give me different ideas to go away. Actually. Your hub of oil is the frequency of the search is is 2355 on Amazon. Yeah. So basically that that search term they’re all of the products on Amazon that sits in two thousand three hundred fifty fifth place for that searched term.

[00:11:44] Does that make sense? So I might actually click on that and go through and I know it’s the it’s going to be a competitive industry, but just to give an example once it clicks through onto the landing page, then I can start introducing my product research tools and then I can get an idea of the search volume the competition etc.

[00:12:06] Does that make sense? So what you’re doing there is that it’s a it’s a random way to start process of product research because you may not think of any of these Search terms like, you know, if I carry on scrolling down, I don’t know what cuticle oils is I’m doing this on fly. Yeah, so if I click through and see what cuticle oils are.

[00:12:31] Okay, they seem some sort of site protection now oil. Okay, but these are all pretty low price. So I’d skip that and then I’ll go back in and I’ll keep scrolling down obviously got to make a fish oil that’s going to be about control cod liver oil neem oil. I have no idea what neem oil is, you know, I can go and have a look at that.

[00:12:50] Okay price point to these 12.99 13.40 25.90 and then there’s some lower price like the best seller is 9.75 so, you know, and then the second one is 5.99. So it kind of the pricing is trashing the market there. So you might skip that one or you might find an opportunity. Yeah, then you’ve got Bio-Oil gel.  Now now we’re moving further back into the seven thousands now if I then quickly run one of my tools on this this to see what the sales are like.

[00:13:22] Yes at a top performing ones on this one. For instance. Is 2037 in the UK then the second to that is I know 1125 and then there’s a bit of a drop-off right? So this might be coming down to a branding thing and dominance into the market there and then you can look at the revenue can look at the BSR.

[00:13:44] You can look at the reviews and stuff. It’s just a free tool that happens to be with inside of your Amazon account. Okay, that you can activate right? Now another thing where it can start to become interesting is if I change the range now, right? So let’s just say I want to look at seasonality products.

[00:14:03] It depends if Amazon provides a day on see how far I can go back here. But let’s say I want to go well what’s been sold in October. Now you associate October normally with with like Halloween and stuff. So exactly so so let me have a look. I’m going to click on that period and apply and see if it gives me any data for that period so I’m just waiting for this to load at the moment.

[00:14:31] Right. So now what I’m looking at from that period from the 21st of the 10th just leading up to the 27th for the 10th.  I can see here. We’ve got Halloween costumes for women is the second most searched and then Halloween costumes for men is the fifth most searched and then Halloween costumes for kids is the ninth most searched in that period so it gives you no idea is that some people might just go after Halloween products, you know, they might say do cups and t-shirts when basically the biggest opportunity there what people are searching for the showed by Amazon data is the.

[00:15:11] They using Halloween costume for this Halloween costumes for men and Halloween costumes women. These are the kind of products if you’re going to do in that window, why not you try and rank for those get in there early and then focus on sorting those kind of products. Does that make sense? Yeah.

[00:15:28] Yeah, it makes sense. So you’re like you says car like Discovery. It’s like getting suggestions and ideas. Without having to have the input maybe from the keyword first. It’s more like seeing the environments kind of. Exactly so you can use it like periods product research. You can download and schedule you can look at all different aspects dated.. is down to creativity.

[00:15:55] are you going to use that you might download that data which you can you and then just drop it into a pivot table and have a play around that way, you know, just getting different ideas of how you can utilize the data. At the end of day it’s Amazon’s data only alright and hopefully will start to build on that.

[00:16:13] Obviously. They Amazon they’re going to keep rolling out different elements here that’s going to give you more benefits. I think in the US they’re doing location and spend and stuff like that, you know, so they’re providing more and more data as time goes by. But it’s definitely for me a powerful tool definitely on the product research to get ideas where you might not want to go for top top end products that are in high velocity.

[00:16:39] You might be looking to sneak into those different markets. Now. Another thing you can do is search term. So if we search for something like neck pillows for instance, don’t do that product kits. In the UK then what we’ll do is I’ll give you some variants on those Search terms now, you can then take those and then you can dump them into a PPC campaign or you can dump them into a campaign and look what suggested bits are as well when it shows that.

[00:17:11] Suggest the bits in there, you know, there’s some sort of volume on Amazon as well as it is gives you a bit of an indicator. You understand so much amount of keep its last three, maybe four. The world light is the norm in through such times that we’ve got an extra load, which is 40 1705 travel travel neck pillows for airplanes is simply 1000.

[00:17:41] 3 3 1 and then neck neck pillows for traveling is the frequency on that is 7,413 now 41s a bit far back and so is 71 but that might be if someone’s selling neck pillows for the first time. There might be a good option there on that search term that could be in terms of relevance and it might give them some, you know micro conversions over a period of time outside of the main searched term.

[00:18:00] Okay, got it. And and you know, I don’t know about other listeners, but the way I hear brand analytics. I mean to me it’s seems like shouldn’t I mean I guess why did it.. Is there any relevance to the name? I mean I think of its kind of like wouldn’t it be something like monitoring or data about your brand name your key keywords around you you what you’re selling.

[00:18:32] Is there anything like that in this or? Yeah, I mean, that’s a good question. What you gotta ask is why did they give us this data in the first place? If we start there now, there’s a lot of word about antitrust going on. At the moment in and around Amazon because the selling their own products on the platform Etc.

[00:18:51] And there’s this issue in the I think it was in India when the where Amazon are banned from selling their own products out there because they didn’t want it to be some kind of a monopoly on their platform and just shortly after that Brandon analytics appeared now, you could try and put both of those together.

[00:19:09] Or what. Now the other side of brand analytic twice probably staying there as well is because it gives you a search term it gives you three of the top asins for that searched term, then you can click through and look at those brands to see how they’re performing and get some ideas from those as well.

[00:19:25] Another part of the a discovery this is just working off the top of my head here. Is that what if you find stuff that are further down that you know, that are more Niched for instance obviously niches are going to work a bit better in the US could it’s more spread out but you got a niche down and you click through to them top three asins and you take a look at them.

[00:19:46] You might find that they’re poorly optimized with rubbish images and that gives you another indicator of going after that that area as well because you can add value in terms of optimizing your listing properly hmm makes sense. So yeah, I mean, of course it’s been people been confused just came out.

[00:20:06] Yeah. I feel like it came out of nowhere and it was really expecting it and then hmm just. As interest in this a lot of data that Hammers and spilling and they’re adding to it but maybe as well as their Amazon are trying to attract the bigger brands as well. Yeah true, you know that they’ve got the AMG and there’s there’s programs in place where minimum spend I think the US

[00:20:34] Is start out about 30k a month for their off platform and retargeting platforms as well. So it might be the branding analytics thing is if they’re trying to keep up with say Facebook or they’re trying to keep up with Google who give you a lot more metrics to implement into your campaigns. So maybe they’re doing it from that point of view as well saying.

[00:20:55] Hey, look here are some metrics see what these people are doing it and then utilize it for yourself on your own campaigns. Whereas they want giving this kind of data up in the past. Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to go from too much of a tangent. But I mean, I’ve seen some of your posts on LinkedIn and others about you know, Amazon getting kind of scary with their ads right inside of  your listing.

[00:21:21] So I’ll click on the button by button is as crazy almost. Yeah. Yes, so what they’ve done is the massive post that went semi viral where Amazon once you’ve clicked like someone’s clicked on your ad as they’ve gone through and landed on your product page and for an Amazon product at half the price is a gift that’s floating around.

[00:21:44] So basically you may have paid as an example three dollars for that click now people going to lose out because they’re going to scroll and there’s all of the other opportunities as you scroll down the page, you know under the buyer box. You’ve got the AMS Style ads in the brand the brand new diets as you scroll down and you’ve got frequently bought together and you’ve got well remember the sponsored ads.

[00:22:09] I mean, it’ll ads everywhere. It’s just littered, you know as it gets partial image and title down into the buy box area that you know, once you scroll past are you may lose them as a customer. So Amazon stepped up even further by adding a pop-up literally so as you get through to the page of pop up, like I think this was for a supplements it was 19.99 and then save up to fifty percent or whatever.

[00:22:35] It was and then Amazon’s doing there’s a cheaper price. Yeah, that’s like to me. That’s a bit naughty. That’s I’ve not seen that in advertising like that’s cloaking kind of falling into those kind of realms where it’s a bit naughty a bit… which for the advertiser it benefits the customer but it’s not a good way to build a relationship with an advertiser by utilizing those techniques when someone’s paid for the clip, you know, it’s true I mean why I brought that up because you know, where as we’re saying why they brought this brand Analytics tool, but at the same time they’re popping this kind of stuff out at the same time to sort of they’re trying to bring everybody onto the.

[00:23:15] You know, obviously some what is over 50% of the Google, you know, it’s over already passed Google for a product search as the first, you know destination. So me as brands have to be here, but. They’re giving us some data but then are at putting some scary stuff like that in there as well. I think yeah, but that has no one’s noticed it for a while.

[00:23:36] So I think what maybe Amazon’s testing may have tested that got caught with it and then it’s gone viral and then pull back. The public opinion was like no this doesn’t fly, you know. Yeah true and I haven’t seen it for about a month or so, so I’m assuming that was a test and it’s gone again.

[00:23:54] So I think maybe getting towards the end here. I mean, it’s been. I think what I’m thinking is just you have to keep brand registry. Right? I mean as a seller this is just another reason to you know, you got to get your file your trademark whether it’s you know, UK, which is interesting for me today.

[00:24:09] I learned about maybe a little bit faster than the US and or anywhere, you know, I think it’s I think if you know to survive the long game and Amazon pray anywhere whether it’s even a product business service businesses to build a brand but I think this is another reason on there. It seems that’s the trend right?

[00:24:26] Yeah. so for sure. I mean people should should should get this may be not just for the data but also for more benefits, I mean, there’s obviously there’s a store fronts. I don’t know if you know if you think that’s worth worth it but you know ..Brand registry is great because it gives you ABC, you know enhance brand content you get your store Pages you got better usage of the branded ads.

[00:24:53] You’ve got you’ve got all of these extras in ther people misconstrued thinking that brand registry is basically the way to lock your listing away from other sellers, which isn’t true. There’s not many people that gets gated listings in there under special circumstances, but people get confused by that range.

[00:25:15] protection lot of things, but it doesn’t protect from people coming on your on your on to your listing one of the other things that you should do with all your listings going back hijacking thing is that when people share listings and like if there are spare bullet points and stuff people start to complete those and you know gets confusing with the catalog contributions, so you should always make sure that every field on your listing where possible is to be completed and then people that do jump on your listings are not

[00:25:43] Thinking oh there are extra more images here are X2 bullet points and then put in a description or ever so always make sure that you pre-populated listings as thoroughly as possible. Makes sense. Definitely good input and then the product video I think is still only for. offering I’m and I think yeah and brand registry think to maybe but I mean we’ll have I’ve got videos on my list listings.

[00:26:09] I’m even in the video one of them. But yeah, I mean, I guess just generally I think people even if they’re not so attractive even if today’s interview, maybe they’re like ahh brand analytics, but I think just in general file your your brand registry, you know, get get your build your brand I think.

[00:26:29] That’s the biggest takeaway and hopefully can also benefit from this tool. Yeah, and I think you probably find a lot of your listeners that the ones that are actually selling on Amazon. Probably I’d say half if not more or in brand registry people just go for it. Now don’t know they just go right this gonna get a trademark that because it just opens up the playing field for the various tools so all becomes a part and parcel of it.

[00:26:55] So if that’s the case then all they’ve got to do is go into that menu and pull up brand analytics and play with it. Definitely, so I’d love to hear people checking it out. And so for you. Yeah, I know we’ve been talking quite a bit last couple weeks. I’m excited to hear about your first live event in person events that I know.

[00:27:12] Those are quite a big undertaking. So Seller sessions live a couple months away. I’ll get the show out pretty soon in June first right at the beginning first gen in London Sunday. Yes, Sunday 1st of June. Yeah, and maybe some listeners could come out with it’s a full day event am I right and yeah, that’s it.

[00:27:37] I’ll give you a bit of background on it. Sure, please yes. Oh, so basically there are events that go on in the UK, but we wanted to do something a little bit more, you know a bit different, you know for us this isn’t about. Making money, right? So for us it’s about setting and raising the bar in the UK for better education for sellers.

[00:27:56] Like I interviewed some guys the other day in China. They had 40 events in 2 months. That’s incredible. You know, it’s true. And for us if it was about the money then the ticket prices would be a lot higher but they’re not so what we’re trying to do is bring in the world’s best talent and put them all under one roof.

[00:28:14] So we try and do the same with the you know curate on the podcast do my best to ask, you know, the right questions, but now we’ve expanded that into like a live format with keynotes. In the UK as I said the bars not super high. So for instance what people charging for one international speaker that come into town which is what we’re charging and we’ve got

[00:28:34] Six, yeah, so the way I look at it is the in the US market, they’re very much spoiled, you know, every month there’s lots of speakers lots of events in lots of different cities. So eventually what we want to try and do here in the UK’s we want to be spoilt for choice, but first you have to raise the bar, you know.

[00:28:53] So what we’re trying to do is help with the building and the sustainable educational culture here in the UK. So we basically what we’re doing is putting our money where our mouth is, but in order to do that, you’ve got to build the infrastructure, right? So we’ve been with Seller Sessions for last couple years we’ve put now our own content forums and sellers.

[00:29:11] So everyone’s in reach of this content we’ve been doing it for free, right we feel we do a lot more than most for the UK in terms of the Amazon FBA community. I’m basically putting in the work to for the long game for this. So we speak directly with Amazon to build deeper trust of the community. We just done a webinar for them last month, which was a pilot.

[00:29:34] They done invite people at external with Amazon to come on do stuff. So working on some new web webinar content for them for the for their audience and we’re also working with the Barco company GS1 for initiatives for their amnesty program. We also do a blog for them for their 36,000 brand members in the UK educating them on Amazon who are not on Amazon.

[00:29:58] So basically what it comes down to is like we’re trying to help with the culture here build out the community and of course the infrastructure so in terms of like the lineup for the day, we’ve got Lively Demorov. So I’ve didn’t need often copied that attribution is one of the most advanced guys in our industry always breaking new ground.

[00:30:19] Okay, but Anthony Lee who he appeared at your events when we last year and, and you know, in smart years. He’s like way ahead … is machine here. ..Yeah. Yeah, and so he is also very open and sharing what he does on these blogs etc. And then we got Leran Hirschkorn.

[00:30:42] He spends a lot of time going to Seattle. We get some feedback on their programs again, very open sharing these findings great all-round technical marketer and then we got Paul Harvey. I’m not sure if you met Paul not everyone’s heard of him yet, but he’s very technically gifted and good at breaking down complex information great.

[00:31:02] He’s very early on the messenger button and build software to get around the limitations of the product from the market. Obviously, I’ll be speaking and we’ve also got Casey Goht from viral launch. I mean if I mean, I think he found it out at 21 and like that was a startup now it’s got 60 plus staff the done over 40,000 launches and they’ve helped generate about 7 billion in Revenue.

[00:31:27] for Amazon and clients as well. And then we’ve got hosting co-hosting on the day with myself is Athena Savery should be taken care of all the speakers and dealing, you know, integrating with the crowd and doing feedback and stuff. She’s done China magic and she puts on the vent. She comes over and she’s been involved with putting events on for Sellicon and dinners and stuff and she spoke at like the China Source and Summit places like tha. Great.

[00:31:56] Yeah, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing one and definitely the listeners hopefully can some people can make it out and say hi. And yeah, I mean, I feel like we’re you know, you see if you share amazing content. I mean your podcast is very in-depth and technical people are already subscribed if I check out any seller sessions.

[00:32:14] I think it ranks really high for Amazon and keywords and iTunes and other tools and I know you’re putting a lot to build this build a community not just in the UK, but globally and always appreciate what you do and wish you the best I’m sure it’ll be a great first one and many more to come.

[00:32:32] Hopefully, yeah, so we’re excited we’ve done well so far sold out the super early birds have got handful of early birds left and eight weeks to go and so looking good. Great and then little teaser but you know, I’ll get you back out to this side of the world in Asia for our fourth annual Cross Border Summit and this time in Guangzhou and October 22nd 23rd, and it will be it’ll be great.

[00:32:58] I mean we’ll share more as the day to still got quite a bit of time, but we’ve been preparing earlier every year and and I’m excited to have you out here too, Danny.  Happy great. I’m looking forward to it. Okay. Thanks for your time today and will let you get on with your other amazing work.

[00:33:18] No worries. Thank you very much. Take care. Are you looking for a Cross Border payments solution in Asia? I know I was and I’m lucky I found goremit.hk an official sponsor here at Global from Asia and I do really use them. For many years they’ve helped this show pay our amazing editors.

[00:33:38] and posters and content people to get the show online and they have come through and supported us and I’d love for you to take a look at goremit.hk for your payments into China into Vietnam into Philippines into Thailand. I think here from Global From Asia we see the trend of Southeast Asia coming up and that means you’re gonna have to have either more bank accounts or Bank wires or other solutions.

[00:34:01] And definitely one of them is goremit.hk check them out free to sign of up course. There’s a KYC account opening process, but they’re a good affordable solution for you to get money to different parts of Asia from your Hong kong based bank. Check them out.

[00:34:24] All right the kids are watching the airplane. I’m just going to do my recording. Find myself on the blah blah blah section after the interview. Thank you Danny for that amazing content. I yeah, I think him and I are similar. We give so much free information on the internet and I really wish him the best with his event Seller Sessions June 1st in London.

[00:34:47] Sellersessions.com live2live. And send him my best great guy. So we also logged in after the show recording and I also have the X2 this tool I link to it in the show notes to so that you can you can also see how to login because I thought it was brandregistry.amazon.com but it’s a different link so is as we as I can imagine Amazon is massive, so.

[00:35:18] Just got to be a little bit careful that you’re logging into the right system, but it gave me some insights about trends actually some different stuff than he had seen.  Maggie hi. Hi. Okay. So what I got out of it was you know some trends about seasonality in it as well as just some other keywords. I did honestly, I’ll be very honest.

[00:35:46] This town doesn’t have so much volume. So didn’t give me so much data, but it gave me some ideas of what could be there. And even Danny got some new ideas because it seems different on different people’s accounts. Whether US seller or a UK seller seems a little bit different as of now of course, this is changing rapidly, but just about brands in general, you know, we’ve had Meir on the show and you know, we’re we’re all just talking about the value of a brand long-term and

[00:36:14] I think that’s all of this valuable. Hopefully Global From Asia has a good brand. Maybe it’s not the most clear because I know some people said they’re not into the Amazon content that listen to the show, you know, we do kind of do a wide range of content. Well try to do it around e-commerce and cross-border business in Asia and China and stuff like that.

[00:36:35] But you know, what? What a brand should be is what somebody thinks of when you’re not in a room. That’s what Jeff Bezos says. But what I’m what I’m saying is.  what I would say is really it’s about people trusting what they’re buying is going to be what they buy, you know, like in Thailand, you know, there’s tons and tons of McDonald’s and KFC s and obviously there’s just no brand ones.

[00:37:02] I even try to go to know brand once if if you wanna hear a funny story I got blocked  from going to a coffee shop here just like a couple of days ago. I do my morning work, even though I’m with the family they they let me do my morning work. So I sneaked to a coffee shop. I try to support the local places.

[00:37:22] So I go to I don’t think there are chain. I think it’s a random owned coffee shop and I plugged in and I order a coffee and and it was like a Tuesday and I worked from about 8 a.m. until about 11:30 left for lunch. I bought two coffees, you know, very crazy low price. Obviously, it was like 30 Baht which is about one US

[00:37:47] Dollar a cup. So I had two cups and then I left and the next day I came back around 8:00 a.m. I was putting my bag down telling her another Americano and she’s like, okay you can order. You can sit but you can’t use the electricity today. You can use the Wi-Fi and I’m like what why and I guess I didn’t make enough money or she’s nervous about the electricity bill from a few hours of my working there to her.

[00:38:21] ROI on the dollar coffee two dollars of coffee income. I said why… problem I picked the..I was like the normal price everything on there. So I didn’t stay I didn’t buy said cancel the coffee. Sorry. I mean I need power. My laptop dies. I mean, it’s an old Mac Air that last for like a half an hour to an hour?

[00:38:41] If I don’t, you know, I can’t really get any work done. If it’s just plugged in for you know, half an hour. I need need a few hours to work in the morning without my kids and craziness. So anyway, I had to leave and then you know where I went. I was like I went to Starbucks and honestly I’m not a hater but it’s not my top choice, you know, it’s the.. but that’s a brand you don’t you know KFC or McDonald’s or a Starbucks people know when they go inside what they’re gonna get.

[00:39:11] I know I could get a power plug I noted there was Wi-Fi know that there’s a coffee and I paid three US dollars for a coffee and I got to..So yeah, they made six dollars off of me and I worked from what by that I was like 8:30 am because I had to leave the first coffee shop and go and find it walk around, you know, you know how it is plug find outlet fight connected to the Wi-Fi, although I did hotspot.

[00:39:34] So I just eat electricity really, but anyway, you know. That what I’m saying about branding is that is branding right, you know people know that they go to Starbucks. The coffee is going to be I don’t know two to five dollars US and they know that it’s loud speakers so loud, but you know, we basically that’s what I mean is what is a product or a service or a food?

[00:39:59] You know what you’re gonna get when you go in. So that’s why people sometimes don’t want to go to a local coffee shop because they don’t know if I can get Wi-Fi electricity how much the coffee is going to cost? Is it gonna be good or not. But if you go to a brand, you know, so that’s the real that’s the real value and.

[00:40:15] I hope they didn’t changed my gate. But so whether you’re an Amazon Seller or whether you’re a coffee shop owner its consistency is what it’s all about. People know it’s going to be a quality product. They know it’s going to be the way that they like it and they don’t need to worry about it. So. Just maybe it’s not the best idea. It is not.. airport.

[00:40:44] But as far as Brands, you know, the other thing I was I’m reading different listings and I saw some frequently asked questions and somebody asking a specification on certain product and the answer from the seller was oh, I’ll ask the manufacturer or I’ll ask the brand owner is what their answer was and they said I think even put an email address of the factory where they’re the seller but they’re not the brand right?

[00:41:11] I don’t think that’s the big value to be the seller. Of course you’re making money, but I think the real value is being the brand. So the best is if you can be both and we had theory on a few weeks ago. He’s doing the toy industry expert and he had you know helping to working with this OEM manufacturer to build their own brands, you know being the seller, you know, you’re going to make the money whether you know short term, but the long-term value is the brand that’s where that’s the hard part.

[00:41:44] Of course to how do you build a brand of obviously that can’t be done in my 10-minute blah blah blah in the end of the show but do you know that and the other key is you can see is Amazon’s giving these tools and data only two people that have brand registry. So I have read registry 2.0 with the Sisitano business, so I was able to get access to that but they don’t seem to really want to help or give data to not registered brands makes you even think about WeChat WeChat, you know, they let anybody join groups, but then they started making have WeChat pay connected in order to.

[00:42:21] Join a group of over a hundred people or something like this. So I have this feeling that Amazon is going to do that with registered brands. I think the trend is to build a brand and I don’t hopefully don’t need to do that just because of Amazon but that is the real value and I made huge mistakes on my first bar products business.

[00:42:41] I didn’t register a product brand. I had New York Bar store and I registered the trademark is just as a retailer as online retailer. I didn’t register all I had led pour spout, but it’s very Niche product for one specific category of products I sold, but I think the goal, you should have as a seller is to build a brand that it’s not just a not just for Amazon either but that can be used for multiple different products or categories or at least a wide range of goods that of course are focused and related so that people can understand that.

[00:43:17] But it’s never too late. If you didn’t do it, you know, it is a bummer like, you know, Danny’s to actually that’s a cool trick about the faster faster trademark in the UK didn’t learned that one. But yeah in the US is it takes a few months to even get one of those US trademark government officials to even look at your file.

[00:43:38] So if you file the US trademark, you’ll have to wait a few months for them to even look at it and hopefully there’s no questions or problems. But if there is then you got to go back and deal with answering those questions from the forget the name of that person, but basically the government rep that’s checking your case your serial number you’re filing, but that’s the real value.

[00:44:01] But yeah, it’s going to take time, you know first you gotta get file trademark. You gotta get brand registry, but they’re unlocking features like product photo. I mean videos EBC all these features and now this tool that Danny and I were talking about. I think there’s going to be a growing trend for Amazon artists the world in general and you know, maybe I won’t have to mass-produce in China or in Asia.

[00:44:24] You can do just in time production and all is going to really matter is the brand and whether it’s a product brand or a Starbucks coffee shop. People are going to buy what they know and trust because they don’t got to worry about not having a power outlet when they go into a store because they know that that store will have a power outlet.

[00:44:43] That was a real bummer. Right? I like the lady too. But I guess she just felt like my coffee wasn’t worth it. So this is just a rant about coffee shops having power outlets. I thought they didn’t even sell food. I couldn’t even give her more of money if I wanted to or I could I guess gotta pump myself up in more than two coffees.

[00:45:01] But you know, or she would build a brand of having. Maybe she has she grows as a huge change. You would be people know that that’s the place to go if you don’t want electricity and you just want cheap cup of coffee and maybe that would be their brand at least it will be consistent. Right? So you would know that that logo and that name means cheap coffee with no power outlets, and maybe I’ll leave it at that.

[00:45:26] I think a little bit more time for the flight boards. Looking at some airplanes with my kids. Have a great day everybody and let’s build brands and value. To get more info about running an international business, please visit our website at triple www.GlobalFromAsia.com that’s www.GlobalFromAsia.com.

[00:45:48] Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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