Banned on Amazon? Use It To Go Multi Channel (Walmart + More) with Andy Lee

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Today we have back with us again Andy Lee – who shares for the first time how his Amazon Seller Central account was banned (he’s back now) for 4 months!

Any seller knows this is a worst nightmare. We get him on the show (while he’s in quarantine in Taiwan) to share the experience and how he used it to grow his business by going multiple-channel.

Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Andy Lee

    Selling on Amazon 7 years now

  • The Amazon FBA “Game”

    The money machine that is Amazon, coupons, lightning deals, PPC – all configured to extract as much money / margin out of sellers

  • Getting Banned on Amazon Seller Central

    The feeling and experience of being banned on Amazon FBA and how Andy dealt with it.

  • Going Multi Channel

    Discuss various other channels – WalMart, Etsy, Overstock, Wayfair, Shopify

  • Applying to Walmart getting easier

    How Andy applied and was approved for Walmart and how it is becoming more like Amazon

  • Shopify as the center

    Using shopify (with plugins) to sell multiple channels.

  • About Andy’s next program

    How Andy is taking this experience and making a program to help others go multiple channel.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Andy’s VIP Page
√ Andy’s new course –RSVP now
Walmart seller page

Episode Length 39:27

This has been great. Thank you so much Andy for that amazing podcast, it’s been great to have you with us.

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[00:00:00] Thank you, everybody for choosing to listen to a global from Asia episode 350, talking about Amazon suspensions and multichannel, and we have a special new guest, . Yeah. Hi everyone. Welcome to the podcast. Welcome to the Global from Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:27] And now your host, Michael Michelini,

[00:00:33] We have Andy Lee. Yeah. Today we have Andy Lee from FBAulous. FBAulous. Yeah, which I think he’s purposely made to sound like, fabulous, which is cool. Right? It’s a very creative idea for the name of, he’s got a very successful training company. He’s an Amazon seller himself and he’s, he spoken at our events in the past.

[00:01:04] He’s, he’s going to be at our upcoming Cross Border Matchmaker. Thanks  for helping get him to share with us. That’ll be May 21st, Friday, everybody, And it’s the first time we’re going to be doing a free ticket option and a paid ticket option. So definitely everybody, no excuses.

[00:01:29] See you there.  will be there too. Andy, our guest today will be there. It’s going to be a really exciting one. What do you think, ? Are you excited? Yeah. So I’m excited. This is going to be my first time actually, to, to be able to coordinate to the speakers. It’s great. Yeah, you’ve been doing great. I know we’re getting lots of great speakers and people, members from our GFAVIP community and it’s awesome that we’re so lucky to have you helping us out.

[00:01:59] So. Well, this is the first time you’re on our podcast, but the goal is, have you, you know, helping more, getting more involved. You’re not in the interview with us today. It’s just Andy and, and me, but in the future, we want Janie Janie to come on and help with the guests. And it can be a really exciting time.

[00:02:18] Right. You ready for that?

[00:02:24] You’ll do fine. I’m very excited about the CBM2021 guys, join us, there are free tickets. And if you want, you can join our GFAVIP.  There are a lot of content here and a lot of great stuff plus a whole network of expert people. So you should join. But if not, there’s free tickets, always. We’re trying to balance that and give, you know, give to the people, you know, we call it the broken border series.

[00:02:56] So we thought of that idea because the borders are kind of broken right now. They’re not really crossable. So we know a lot of you have been stuck at home, locked down over a year. You know, we’ve all been through a lot, so we’re going to try to keep it fun. And, well, let’s talk a little bit more about the event after, after the interview.

[00:03:15] So people just stick around. If you want to hear more about CBM. Well,  and I will share, but let’s, let’s get into the interview now. So Amazon, he got suspended on Amazon and which is so painful, but Andy, you know, Andy is such a positive, charismatic person, so he didn’t let it get to him and he’s gone multichannel.

[00:03:33] So in today’s episode, we’re talking about how Andy’s experience going on to Walmart’s, other Etsy, other channels. And it’s a, it’s a fascinating discussion. So let’s tune in and I want it. Let’s go. Are you ready for this, ? Let’s do it. Yeah, let’s do it. All right. Thank you to our sponsor,

[00:03:52] They are an online bank for US business. So a lot of us, you know, I’m in China, ‘s in the Philippines. We’re selling on US markets and we have trouble getting PayPal verified, getting Stripe connected, getting Amazon connected. So mercury is a real bank. We’re gonna have a partnership with a real bank and you can sell online.

[00:04:14] We actually use it here at GFA for our newest brand, unless I don’t know if  knows that yet, but we, we are using it ourselves because we have a non US citizen that’s over 25% owner. So I couldn’t get Bank of America. I don’t know if I told you that I I’m an I’m an American, but because I had partner, that’s not an American that has, I don’t know if I’m right about 25%, but I couldn’t get Bank of America.

[00:04:37] Well, I sound like I couldn’t , I had to fly to the U S they’re like just come out to the U S and bring your business partner. I’m like, hello, Bank of America, it’s COVID. It will really cost me like thousands of dollars. Like my business partners in another country. So they want both of us to fly there, to go to a bank, to get an account.

[00:04:58] Luckily we’re so happy. Our sponsor and our, you know, our friends, they, they let us do it all online and it helps get our PayPal or Stripe and our Amazon FBA account all through this account. So thank you. Thank you, Mercury. We also have a special deal for them at I made a video tutorial of how I applied.

[00:05:18] Plus you can get a cash bonus if you use our link and it’s a win-win for both of us. So what do you think of that, ? Yeah, I think it’s great. I watched, I actually watched the whole video that you did about your experience in using Mercury. That’s because a lot of times people just promote, but they don’t use, you know, so it’s a great thing that you’re actually using it.

[00:05:41] You can share your experiences to our customers, and I think it’s a great US backing solution for everyone. If they’re working, we use it, we use it regularly. So, I always like to try at least to test or use what we promote. So thanks Mercury for that. And thanks to your sponsorship.

[00:06:01] Yes. All right. Thank you everybody for tuning in to the Global from Asia podcast, we have with us, at least the second time, or maybe more Andy Lee, the Amazon advocate. He is a great, you know, friend of mine and he’s spoken at our events, at Cross Border Summit. I’ve shared at his events in Taiwan and his online sessions.

[00:06:25] It’s always a pleasure to have Andy here. How are you doing Andy? Hey, hi everyone. Thank you, Mike, for inviting me to your podcast, I think is something, you know, I really enjoy coming to your podcast every time. Thank you so much for the invitation. Yeah. Again, thanks for having me and thanks for coming on.

[00:06:44] And, you’re in, so we’re not doing a video. I actually, the last one last few, we’ve been doing less video. I kind of actually like sometimes, audio only because it’s less, it’s less stressful. You don’t get to worry about your hair, but you’re in quarantine right now, right in Taiwan. Is that right? Yes, I’m doing a 14-day quarantine in Taiwan.

[00:07:05] So I’ll be quarantined until next week. Yeah, unbelievable. Yeah. I went through that in China. But that’s, I know it’s rough. What, what a world we live in right now. And then, like we said, on the last, the last episode, that we had met, we met many times, but we had last met in person was really like, Oh, I think a week before the lockdown and you were visting, you were visiting Manila.

[00:07:32] And then we had a nice, really nice dinner.You treated us with thank you for that. And it was a nice restaurant. I think we had, it was like a mix of fusion of Filipino food and Western food. If I remember right, it was, it was a nice place. We had a good photo together and we were talking about all these amazing things.

[00:07:49] We were both going to do with, you know, events and workshops and we’re shut down, like unbelievable. Unbelievable. It was like just yesterday, man, you know?

[00:08:04] Okay. So there’s, there’s so much we can talk about, I know we were, we were chatting recently and you have been having some good insights and success with multiple channels. Multi-channel I know like. You were saying it, everybody’s always looking at Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. Of course, Amazon is a great channel, but you know, the money is in distribution and multiple channels.

[00:08:27] Right. Or, you know, what’s, what’s your motivation for like, you know, today’s show or talking about these, you know, multi-channel.  I mean, I’ve been selling on Amazon for the last, it’s coming to my seven year already. And, I always believe that you know, that diversification is the key. Of course, as what you mentioned, Amazon is a great channel, it is a great platform.

[00:08:54] And of course, everywhere. I go to, you know, I’m actually in many, many different types of groups. I’m in the Amazon groups, I’m in the Walmart groups. You know, many, many platforms and currently now I’m also building a lot, selling on other platforms. So that I do not only over rely on Amazon, because sometimes it’s a bit dangerous to over rely on Amazon.

[00:09:19] For something, you know, off the record. You know, Mike, I mean, you do know about this. It was like one of my biggest accounts was actually suspended. that was like in October.  It took me about three to four months to get a call back. Just because they said that it was linked to another account, which basically it was only because we try to open a Germany account. You know, a Germany account.

[00:09:51] And, there was some issues with the registration and things like that. And, the text issue and things like that. And some rather it was linked to that account. And so we couldn’t get it back. And we lost a lot of money for that four months and it was really crazy. Yeah. That’s sad to hear. I know.

[00:10:12] I mean, there’s, there’s others. I hear that. Unfortunately, I have, we have a really good member, really nice guy. I don’t want to say his name, of course. But he had a similar story. I think his, I think his friend or his family member wanted to sell on Amazon and I think they signed up with maybe the same computer network in the US or something. Like he says, like, or maybe they didn’t even finish it, but then his account got suspended.

[00:10:40] They said, because you are trying to get multiple accounts or something like this. Like, I don’t even think the second account was approved or failed. I don’t think they finished the whole process. He told me that it was a totally separate business. There was no black hat intention, but, you know, they got his main account for many years, was shut down and he only sells on Amazon, you know, like, yeah.

[00:11:05] And then you’ll see those scary, there are scary photos in the Amazon groups. Like I saw one with like a big truck dumping off all the products to this guy’s garage, you know, like from Amazon. They close it. Sometimes they’ll mail you back all-year inventory. So, yeah, I mean, it is scary. And, you know, of course we have to at least try to keep on Amazon because it’s a huge channel. But what I’ve said it is, I call it like a, a brand is, distribution is the key, like you’re saying, right.

[00:11:39] Like diversification and distribution. So if, if you only have one channel, whether it’s Amazon or anything, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a higher risk. So I think diversification is always helpful. Of course, it’s more work though, right? It’s not, it’s more work. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, if I do have this chance to talk on your podcast, and I think this is really exclusive. Because, I’ll not talk about this anywhere else, I just want to see something and you know, the moment I say this statement or this sentence, I’m sure that a lot of people will attack me and see that, you know, I’m, I’m doing some blabber. But I just want to say this, you know. I feel that every year, Amazon sellers.

[00:12:21] You know are really stupid. So really pumping too much money during prime day. And all Amazon wants is our money to do all the stupid ads and all the coupons and all the lightning deals and everything. And then they still want us to reduce our price. And I know that they who get the, who gets the benefit is really Amazon.

[00:12:49] All my students, I always teach them that, you know, during a prime day, don’t do anything stupid, just be normal. Even the ads, you know, you know, doing a PPC, do not do any PPC for the next three days. And after that, you know, when everybody’s stock is running low, because everybody has sold out their stock, it’s time

[00:13:06] You increase the price and that’s always a strategy in terms of doing this. And you know, this year, this coming last quarter, right. Is going to be very, very challenging because this coming quarter, right? It’s no longer a quarter about, you know, how good is your listing is, how good is your PPC, you know, doing and how good are your advertising and promotion, but rather the main key issue, right?

[00:13:31] This last quarter is about your inventory. whether do you have enough stock for the last quarter? And then there’s over the years, the last four months where, you know, those four months when my biggest account was suspended, it makes me think a lot of stuff. And then, and of course, I successfully bought over, you know, a shipping company in China.

[00:14:00] Okay. And also, I successfully set up a lot, just a fulfillment center in US and UK. And, this is really to facilitate not only for me, myself, and also for my students in terms of all the logistics issues for the last quarter. And I will, really want to see that, you know, we are really ready for the last quarter, this time round.

[00:14:21] And, so to, to fight this war, in terms of the last quarter sales. Yeah. I hear you, man. Yeah, that makes sense though. I mean, Sorry, sorry, I didn’t want to. So, and it was also then those four months when my account was suspended, it makes me go into a lot of things that I have not been doing very actively.

[00:14:45] in other platforms, like I can give you like an example. You know, I have an eBay account that I was scoping in 1995. Yeah. And this account is actually doing very well. I mean, it’s doing okay. You know, it has been selling all along, but you know, doing that four months, I need to clear off a lot of my FBA stock because there was all stuck inside, you know, that the account was suspended.

[00:15:11] So I went into eBay and I redo everything, um, you know, in terms of all the SEO, the keywords and, then also they are advertising everything and it’s, it’s getting, it’s, it’s getting very good result, you know, in terms of EBITDA. And now I’m actually trying to put more stock in, in my fulfillment center, for the eBay for a few months, which is doing great.

[00:15:38] I know one thing I liked a lot about eBay was is that, you know, the, our PPC so-called is, is not, you know, it’s not PPC, but rather is like, PPP and he’s like pay per purchase rather than pay per click. And I think it’s actually very fair. And then, you know, rather than people just clicking on you, especially, you know, nowadays in Amazon we have our competitors, you know, clicking on our IP and, and they purposely like do it in a certain timing so that they, you know, by the time where it’s the prime time for people to buy your SRE date, you know, we wait to have your budget.

[00:16:16] Yeah. And people are doing all those things. And then also for I’m so grateful to, you know, to Amazon, you know, those four months that my account is suspended. I went into Etsy and I started to lease all my products. There is a handicraft of artwork and, you know, in Etsy you can, when you list things that is like a handicraft stuff.

[00:16:44] And I was so surprised by the volume of sales inside because I didn’t even do any ads. And he has me selling so well and he was really crazy in Etsy. And then I started to move into Bonanza and the best part was I started to sell in Facebook marketing, doing Facebook ads and Google ads and even Instagram market, marketplaces in my IG accounts.

[00:17:11] And, after that, one of my Taiwanese students told me that, you know, this platform called Newegg, I believe you had heard before. Yeah. And, and there’s a bit of a Newegg. It’s actually now in many countries trying to recruit sellers. And so I was, I went to open an account as well.

[00:17:35] Okay. I mean, Newegg is, is that well, at least I have started to doing it as well. So diversify my different platforms. And then, of course the big one is actually Walmart. Walmart is really, really crazy. I’m not sure you might have probably might, maybe I want to share a little bit about Walmart now.

[00:17:57] Yeah, I think Walmart it’s probably, everyone’s always interested to hear any latest insights or your experiences. That would be a great one. Okay. the way I look at Walmart now is like it has started to become an Amazon platform in a sense for the dropshippers. I can see that there are many, many brands.

[00:18:19] They are dropshippers and know it very well, they are dropshippers. Okay. They’re dropshippers and they are starting to appear in Walmart already. And it seems that there are people who are in China, helping these China sellers to open their Walmart accounts, even telling them the procedure, the process on how to open the account. And opening a Walmart account now is not as difficult as compared to maybe two years ago where you need to show a certain volume of sales and everything now is so easy.

[00:18:49] Even, you know, as long as you have like a US account and, you know, you have a US website, maybe a Shopify website, And then, you have an Amazon account that can show them some sales volume. You can actually open an account already and it’s quite easy. Awesome. And, of course there is also, I also went into over, stock also into Wayfair and things like that.

[00:19:16] And, and it starts to make me realize that, well, actually there is so much other things outside that Amazon. And I could actually make even much more profit in the other platforms compared to Amazon. And I was so surprised. The reason why I say that it’s making much more profit is because I do really have to do a lot of advertising to get to the first page.

[00:19:41] Yeah. Compared to like Amazon now, you really have to work your ass out, you know, to go to the first page. Yeah. And it’s really crazy. Yeah, of course. And I think that there’s a reason why I will pay Amazon for this.  In those four months I actually quit all my, eventually in the other platforms.

[00:20:02] And I also had PNR cost my account called I go buy my account somewhere at the end of February. And, now I’m restocking everything now again, and of course, because of the four months, you know, I had to work hard again, to get a sales ring back and everything, and, uh, yeah, it’s quite challenging, but it’s working better now.

[00:20:20] Okay. Okay. Well, thanks for sharing. So openly, it’s a positive way to think, right? I mean, a lot of people will get, you know, Frozen or discouraged or, or, you know, or don’t, don’t talk to anything. You, you took that negative and try it, made it a positive, right? You went through, I was just writing, I don’t know all these different channels as you were talking.

[00:20:45] It’s like, I got like, you know, seven or eight or more now on Overstock, Wayfair, Newegg, Instagram, Bonanza. I don’t even think I heard Bonanza to be honest with you. Etsy, E-bay, it’s a, I mean, so you must have some kind of like inventory management system, right? Like I’ve used back in the day channel advisor or, you know, I think this one. I use Shopify to link everything together.

[00:21:14] So Shopify our test for inventory purposes. And then of course, for the shipment wise, I use AfterShip. They’re a Hong Kong startup. But of course all this is just my record. I mean, I’m not recommending anything, but I just think that, you know, I, I use all this and it’s quite efficient in and fast. On cost

[00:21:34] You know, Shopify is always so expensive, you know, compared to if you use the WordPress and everything. But for time constraint, you know, Shopify is much faster and for everything you had to pay, like, so every channel you get, you need to pay for, you know, an app and everything. I mean, that’s why their stock is so valuable, but they’re, but at least they help you. You know, at least the big, I think the real big difference, which I would like to highlight is you’re getting the email, you’re getting the customer data.

[00:22:04] Right? All these customers, I don’t know, like eBay still does that. But mostly they give you the database, you get the customer info because Amazon, it gives you less and less in data. You know, they keep taking away more and more data of the customer. I mean, my, you know, I’ve been living eBay, customer date emails for so long though.

[00:22:28] And E-bay customers email, you know, they really basically give you everything, you know, like S. They basically just connect but so far last Or if I remember quite was like last year August. Okay. They actually became something like Amazon. The email became a encrypted as well. They figured it out.

[00:22:57] Yeah. But of course we have our own way of collecting these database because of our packaging insight. I’ll call. This is a great area. So to all people who are listening. Please do not say that is for me, you know, but I believe most of the sellers do they know we have our cuts inserts to ask them to go to our Shopify store.

[00:23:20] And then if they leave a good email address, they will get like a 5% or 10% coupon code to send to them. And I actually have this actually automated. And it’s actually working quite well. So the customer data is, are collecting, um, quite, quite good, which I’m very happy. And, and of course, another way that I like to do is always about, you know, the batteries, whenever I sell something, right.

[00:23:45] I will never include the batteries. And then I’ll keep them, you know, insert to say that, you know, if you want the batteries, you can actually, we can actually give you, to you free, but, you need to go to this website and then,on their website, we have like a Google form. They are to fill in that details.

[00:24:02] And then I will send in batches for free for my, for my fulfillment center in US. Nice. So this is another way of us collecting the database as well. You know, whenever customers get free stuff you know like batteries,, they, they do just fill it all about like three minutes and then they get a feedback sheet.

[00:24:19] Yeah. I mean, I don’t, I know, I know. I don’t know. I do think it’s great. I think that’s normal. I’ve sent it. I mean, we’re manufacturers, we’re brand owners. Right? So even when I bought like a Nintendo, when I was a kid, you know, I had the postcard in included where if you fill out this card to get a warranty or.

[00:24:41] Yes. I, I think it’s normal as long. I think the one who get in trouble is if you say, give me a five-star review for this, I think theTOS, but I think, you know, it’s natural to ask your customer to like, get a free gift or. You know, give your email or fill out a form. I don’t think Amazon or eBay or these guys can’t really tell you, not that they don’t like it, but I don’t think they can really tell you not to do that.

[00:25:08] You know, I know sellers are so scared. It is scary. Right. But I, I think the big risk is if you put like Firestar, you know, give us a five star, we’ll give you something. That’s that’s where you really get into trouble. Or even saying something about a review is a little bit, a little bit risky. But that’s great.

[00:25:28] Yeah. So, so actually I, the, the wonderful thing was, you know, after the Chinese new year, this, this year, I set up a new team of two people. And, these two people are now in charge of the other platforms, excluding Amazon and this thing about, well, you know, they, they, they manage my, IG accounts, you know, I mean, my brands  yeah.

[00:25:57] And then they, they showed videos and everything and I think it’s doing quite well. So the next step that we maybe looking into more will be really into Tiktok and you know, live selling everything, but, but I mean, USD live selling is really not taking off at all. You know, like if you go to the Amazon live selling, you know, everyday I go and see the stoplight, there was like, there’s only like maybe a hundred people, 200 people watching, you know, compared to in Southeast Asia or in China, you know, live selling is like crazy.

[00:26:31] Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s similar to, I relate it to chats, you know, like, you know, in, in Asia or at least in China, people always chat before they buy, they want to talk to the seller. Yeah, you’re so right. You know, my, you know, that day I was talking to my friends while we did like big sellers in Taobao, you know, they, they tell me that their customer service officer have to be like 24 hours.

[00:27:00] Yeah, because if anybody asks you anything, even like at 4:00 AM, and if it does not reply to within the next one minute, they would just go away and then they don’t care about anything else. Yeah. And there’s white for Shopify. They have this app called ping, P I N G, pinkg. So ping is in order to check our app.

[00:27:24] For the, for Shopify, for the Shopify stores. So what happened is, you know, initially I didn’t really believe, you know, what my friend told me. So I only have a customer service officer doing the Southeast Asia timing focus, you know, in Southeast Asia timing, you know, the Americans are sleeping.

[00:27:43] Right. So after that I started to have a customer service. I said I started a new, a new team. It’s like a VA in the Philippines. And she helped me so many shifts, like 24 hours. So they have a few people helping me to manage it. And my sales actually went up by about 15%, one, five. I was quite impressed with that.

[00:28:07] That’s great to hear. Yeah. So actually I think that is also quite important as well. Yep. Yeah. But I remember, you know, when I first came to China, I wanted to sell in Taobao and in Chinese e-commerce. And my team in China was always like, no, no, it’s so much better to sell in the foreigner market because you don’t need chat.

[00:28:28] If they just buy in China, you need to chat. And I watched my wife shopping online, you know, and she searches a product. And the first thing she seems to click is chat. She doesn’t even read the description. She just looks at a picture and then I’ll, you know, she helps me buy stuff. Right. You know, like, I’m just, I want something and she’ll search and then she’ll show me some, and I’ll say like, Oh, this one does, it doesn’t have this or that.

[00:28:52] And she just clicks chat, talk to the seller. I’m like, man, that’s crazy. It’s probably in the description, but they have this habit to just click and chat, you know, it’s, It’s unbelievable, but so let’s yeah. Let’s maybe come, this is a fascinating conversation again, Andy, thanks for coming on and sharing.

[00:29:13] So no problem, but I mean, all these channels I’m hearing, you know, people are listening, you know, I think everyone wants to know like, That seems like a lot of channels. Like, you know, what would you, you know, what do you recommend to everyone? I think Walmart, prime is a second one. Or, or what would you say or Shopify, Facebook, I guess obviously depending on your product, but what, what are your thoughts?

00:29:38] I’m not sure that, if everybody knows, but, I’m actually FBA seller which means I’m a brand owner. But I also do dropshipping. So I have a team that specialized in dropshipping. So basically, over the years, all the things that I have learned, I have actually prepared everything.

[00:30:03] into a big master class, online masterclass. Okay. And this online master class will give you all the basic site and all the steps, step by step on how to sell in eBay, you know, in Shopify, in a Walmart, a newegg, Bonanza, you know, et cetera, et cetera. So I have, I have this, class coming up, as a matter of fact, it was actually launched.

[00:30:29] To some of, some of my students, because I want to get feedback and in improving the, the class. So, and the moment I launch it, it was, it was a relief because I only want 50 students and it was packed. So, I will, I will wish to, open up this class again soon. Maybe in one or two months.

[00:30:54] I, I’m not sure. So, I have a website. And if anybody is keen, you know, I will welcome them to fill in the details. And once the class is ready, we’ll inform them and see if they are interested. So the advantage of the other platforms. Yep. Great. Sounds great. So yeah, we can link that up on the show notes or.

[00:31:17] Or so much. Yes. Okay, great. Great. All right, Andy, um, it’s been a pleasure to have you on sharing with us today and, uh, hopefully it’s motivates some people. I know Amazon is, uh, yeah, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s always a risk he plays, you know, and, uh, I know some have been going through that, uh, suspension. There’s a few, actually.

[00:31:36] I have other stories too. Some others lately they’ve been a little bit hard, but. But yeah, I think that’s really why they, people have to think, like you said, you’re an Amazon seller, but you’re also a brand owner, right? Like peop people always need to think like that. They’re not, I know, we like to say we’re a seller, you know, Amazon seller, there’s Amazon seller groups, but I think we got to really switch our brain mindset.

[00:32:04] We are a brand owner, into different other groups. Oh Amazon seller spends mostly only Amazon seller groups. But if you actually go into the eBay universe or the Walmart universe, there’s really a lot of things to learn and from different people’s perspective and see what they have to say. Yup.

[00:32:27] Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s true. I mean, you’ll learn some news. You have different ways. Different tactics, different strategies, different current ideas to add. And then you can take that back, like, see, so you got back onto Amazon. Now you can take some of those skills and knowledge and data that you’re collecting and apply this also back to your Amazon business.

[00:32:47] So it’s a cycle, it’s a circle. So it’s been really, really great. Thanks. Thanks again for sharing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Okay. So I’ll catch you up soon again. Thank you for being our member. It supports the show, supports the community. It supports our team and supports the growth of this show.

[00:33:09] Janie is our community manager. She’s just getting thrown into the fire, talking to amazing people, just like Andy Lee and our memberships. It’s, it’s amazing. Well, what do you, what do you think, Janie? Yeah, we have a lot of amazing GFAVIP members and very continuously restructuring the membership so that people in our network can be as involved as they can be.

[00:33:36] We are transferring to discord and whatever channel we can have. We’re a better community. So thank you so much GFAVIP members. Yeah. Thank you. They’re they’re great. I mean, it’s a small, but really quality, I think group of people and we, we have, you know, private masterminds and we’re going to be giving them extra benefits at the Cross Border matchmaker coming up after you’re listening today.

[00:33:57] Thank you. Or watching today. Thank you so much. All right, Andy, is always motivating me. You know, I know Janie, you’ve got to chat to him a little bit. He is such a positive and positive person in the community. It’s really great to have him with us. Yes, I myself have a little bit of experience with Amazon, although not FBA, but he shared a lot of insights and experience as I’m sure a lot of our viewers will relate to.

[00:34:24] So this is great with Andy Lee. Thank you so much Andy Lee for that amazing podcast. Yeah. Yeah. It’s really amazing and really appreciate it. And, but he does do drop shipping too. I know Janie, you have experience with dropshipping, so he does dropshipping on Amazon, which is a little bit risky.

[00:34:45] Yeah. That’s the more tricky part of Amazon. I know, you know, like, Amazon is so scary. Literally. I don’t want to say it, but we just got our, our Facebook ad account banned like 10 hours ago at GFA. I don’t know. We don’t even do ads, Jan. Everybody’s getting banned. The Banhammer is everywhere. You know, that’s been another broken border thing, you know, we should talk about that maybe at the events, but yeah.

[00:35:11] There’s this banning these ads, you know, it’s such a nightmare. You know, we know people in our community, if you have them, I think I told you about some of them, got three accounts shut down. It’s just such a it’s, I mean, that’s, that’s what Andy is trying to share. And I’ve been trying to say that over the years, you know, you’ve got to diversify.

[00:35:25] I know Amazon’s great. It’s great. It’s it’s I don’t wanna say easy, but you know, it’s, it’s predictable. Once it’s going, you get your rank, you do your PPC. You’re getting sales, but one day, boom, they just send you some scary email. I think Janie, you saw in our, our new brands, we’re not really ready to share it yet on the show, but you know, I think you’ve seen some of our, our emails and our company about that.

[00:35:50] They just, they just restricted six or eight of our ASINs or products because it says chemical or a pesticide. And we think is some keyword we put in our listing or something with our image. I mean, this is just a scary thing about Amazon. So, you know, I think like Andy is saying, I mean, try to go to multi-channel.

[00:36:10] I know it’s more work, actually. Janie, you just send me an email. People want to buy wholesale. Every single channel is work, though. You know, you gotta have a system, you gotta have, you know, products in place. So, but, yeah, I mean, it’s an amazing one and I’m really happy and he’s going to share at the CBM, he’s always so, giving with his knowledge for our community and I’m really excited to have him, have him there.

[00:36:35] Do we know what slot he’s in Janie? Did we confirm if he’s, there’s three panels? Yeah. He’s, I think he’s going through the panel one. All panel one. Okay. So it’ll be the first one. So this is again, Honestly, we’re so crazy. It’s totally free. So you don’t even have to worry.

[00:36:55] There is, of course an upgrade. We’re trying this, you know, we want to reignite our community. There’s a lot of things we want to share. So we have a totally free option, which is, which is going to be the first time ever for us. And you’ll see Andy live. And then we’re going to do these round tables after.

[00:37:10] We’re online, we use Airmeet. And, so then we’ll have, you know, people watching with like a few people, like, uh, Janie will be there. I think on some panels, I’ll be there on some panels. We’re going to have the round tables. We’re going to have, then we’re gonna try some auctions. First time ever for the GFA community for NFTs and Art about this whole series, our team has been making, working hard.

[00:37:33] I know Stephenie and, it’s been, yeah, yeah. It’s a lot of good stuff. There is so much stuff. So I hope nobody has excuses. You still got time to show up. We’ll be online in May 11th about, so you still have like 10 days to register where, um, we’re gonna try to do more freebies and giveaways during the events.

[00:37:53] You know, of course, if you’re a GFA VIP, you will get a you’ll get special bonuses plus a bonus workshop afterwards. And during the event we’ll definitely help you out. So I think, I think, you know, we got a lot of work to do, but I’ve been really. Yeah. Like Janie is doing a great job.

[00:38:10] We have others on the team really, really doing great. We’re going to get more people involved in the event. I think Camille. So we got her confirmed. We’re not sure about that yet, but I’ll have her on board. I’ll try at least. All right. So I think that’s it for this show, this episode 350

[00:38:34] All right. So we’ll put that, that’ll be our URL and I think that’s, that’s it for today, right Janie? If you did great. I think people should let her know. What did you think of Janie? Was it fun to have her? We should get her to do some interviews. Maybe get her up a background.

[00:38:55] It’s all good. Yeah. It’s all good. I’m really happy you did this. And this is what we’re trying to do. Build up people in our team, our community, hopefully get more of our members sharing too. And we’re trying to, to grow this out. So, all right. I guess that’s a wrap, episode 350 done. To get more info about running an international business.

[00:39:13] Please visit our website at That’s Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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