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Today’s episode is Global from Asia kids, GFA kids. We are talking about what really matters, the next generation of global business owners. We got a special treat and we are sharing a little bit of a story. Find out how you potentially can be involved. Let’s tune in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Anne

    You’ve been on the team at Shadstone, the parent company of GFA for almost a year now – feels much longer (hope that means good!) ha – can you introduce yourself and what you do.

  • So You Have a Son

    How has it been to work online and have your (9 year old) son during this horrible pandemic?

  • How Is He Learning Now?

    What kind of classes and education is he getting now?

  • Even Before COVID, How was it?

    What is the education system and options like where you are in the Philippines?

  • Idea to Help get These Kids More Practical Learning

    So you came up with the idea of GFA kids – can you share how you were inspired about it.

  • Getting Our Team Onboard - Genius

    When we first talked about it – wasn’t sure who would do it – but Anne said – let’s have our team each share their specialty – great idea

  • Starting Small

    So we’re doing a small program to start – after the next Cross Border Matchmaker (May 21) and Flamingo Handshake (May 12-13) – in June?

  • How People Listening can get Involved

    Teachers, parents.

  • Where can They go to get More Info

Thanks so much Anne, you are a great asset and leader in the organization! 

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode
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Anne Baes’s VIP Page


Episode Length 40:06

Thanks everyone for tuning in, thank you Mercury for your support and Thanks Anne for being with us today.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Episode 349 of Global from Asia. Global from Asia kids, GFA kids. We are talking about what really matters, the next generation of global business owners. We got a special treat and on the team is sharing and a little bit of story, and maybe some of you, you potentially can be involved. Let’s listen in today.

[00:00:30] Welcome to the Global from Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice. And now your host, Michael Michelini. All right. We’re doing audio-only podcast and got the audio-only recorder on. I kinda like audio only, you know, I, don’t get to worry about fixing my hair or what am I wearing or.

[00:00:59] What do you think of my skin color or eyes? Maybe my eyebrows, or a little zit, you know, remember being, I don’t know. I had, I had a lot of zits when I was in high school, I remember. It probably has damaged my brain. I took some of the oldest different kinds of acne medicines and school was school. I didn’t, I don’t know.

[00:01:20] There were good times. There were the bad times. But, your kind of being stuck with people you don’t want to be with a lot. It sucks. Anyway, today’s show is And we got Anne on the team. Anne is Filipina. She’s awesome. Been with us about a year now and doing our SEO internet marketing.

[00:01:46] For of course, our site here and other sites, client sites our other investment sites and she’s amazing. And then she had this great idea. She’s got an eight year old son and I guess she was looking for something for him. And she was like, you know what, why don’t we just talk to Mike and what we just do this and what I love.

[00:02:04] So we talk about it today. We’re going to do a little launch of Global From Asia kids and starting in the Philippines. I mean, we’re keeping an open mind, maybe if you’re a parent and want to get your kid involved, but we’re going to talk about this and talk about, you know, the experience. You know, she’s been a work at home mom and her kid school at home cramped on a table in the living room.

[00:02:29] I can kind of picture it in my mind. Audio only interview. It was really great that she has the interest to share with us about that. Let’s tune in again. The show notes, links, and hopefully we get her photo of her on kids. Let’s tune in to the interview. Cross border

[00:02:52] It is our, you know, we’ve done a few of these in-person matchmakers 2017, 2018, I think even 2019, maybe. I can’t remember. Maybe. No, actually. Anyway, we’re going to do it again. We’re going to move it online. Still keep it in the summit for the offline, but we got to do an online event. We’ve got to do something bigger.

[00:03:12] We’ve been doing these online masterminds for members only. This one’s going to be bigger. And I know some of the speakers I talked to already, like, can I just send you my recording? No, it’s not going to be recorded sessions. It’s not even going to be really PowerPoint. It’s going to be talking about trending topics in today’s.

[00:03:30] Cross border world. We’ve got three amazing topics and really great speakers. It’s going to be more like AMA. And we really want to engage the audience, we want to engage with our team and our community and our members. Check it out at May2021. Hope to see you there. And it’s a, there’s a free ticket option.

[00:03:49] So no excuses. See you there, May 21st. Okay, thank you everybody for choosing to listen to another Global from Asia podcast. We have, I’d say a little bit of a special edition, special interview. Today. We have Anne with us and she’s been helping a lot and been over, hasn’t it’s just been about a year now, right at chats on our parent company, Global from Asia.

[00:04:17] And it does feel a little bit longer than that. Do you want to just introduce yourself to people today? Thank you, Mike. Yes time, truly flies. And thank you for reminding me of my upcoming anniversary. I’m very much honored to be part of this Shadstone family, and I’m really enjoying what we do here. So yes, definitely.

[00:04:39] I’m here for the long haul. You guys are stuck with me. Sorry about that. So about me, hi everyone. My name is Anne. I am the SEO head of our department and SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is one of our core services that we offer. And I’m also involved with the company, several projects and.

[00:05:10] I am here and happy to announce about GFA kids and very much pleased that I will be sharing what it is all about and what’s it for. I mean, yeah, what’s in store. Sure. It’s going to be great. We’ll get there. It’s exciting times. Yeah. So yeah, the GFA kids. We’ll talk about that in a bit, but let’s just get to know a little bit more, some of the story here.

[00:05:36] So. You have a son, right? I think he’s nine years old. I’ve seen some of them sometimes in our calls and how’s that. And especially with this lockdown and all these tough times. Well, to be honest, it’s been difficult. I, at the same time also have a toddler, terrible twos. I’m sure you can imagine how difficult that is.

[00:06:03] And so when school started mid 2020, it’s been a roller coaster. I, sometimes I wish I had a clone of twin, for work, for the family. Yeah. It’s been hard. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I think this whole lockdown or wherever you want to call pandemic. I think everybody in the whole world’s dealing with it in different ways as challenges, but we just do what the best we can do.

[00:06:35] And I guess that’s why, you know, somewhat led us to the project. We’ll talk about the GFA kids and stuff, but before, you know, how has it been learning online? You know, he’s learning online, like everybody else. Right. How does, how has that experience, or is he going to school now or a school open? Yes. Yeah, that was a tough one.

[00:06:55] Actually at the start of the pandemic, the pandemic was, COVID-19 was giving everyone anxiety and no, and there was this news that they would suspend school last year, but I didn’t really want that to happen. So fortunately, my son’s school opted for online learning and it’s MWF rotation of the subjects.

[00:07:24] They give homework, they gave exams, pretty much the usual. But at the same time, this kind of approach is all new for teachers, parents, and the kids. Of course, we had to adjust and change our routine and my son cannot really focus because there are all sorts of distractions at home. And there’s me giving him, you know, like stress because his computer and mine are like side by side.

[00:07:58] So I’m more of like a backseat driver and, you know, whenever he gets like the wrong answers, I give him the scary stare. And that annoys him and maybe his teachers sometimes. So it’s been like that. I mean, I’m sure you’re not the only one like in that seat, right. I mean, everybody’s cramped at home, you know, everybody’s working at home and probably a lot of times the homes were empty.

[00:08:31] People would go to, you know, parents would go to the office. He had to go to school, maybe grandma, grandpa, or somebody is at home. But now everybody’s stuck at home all day, you know? So we all just put our computers next to each other, like you said, like you’re making me kind of picture it in my mind.

[00:08:50] And I mean, there’s also good. The good part is there’ll be an, a, it’ll be a memory. Hopefully it’s someone, a positive memory, you know, your son, as he gets older, you know, with his mom more, you know, that’s hopefully somewhat of a part of it. But, and then, you know, even before COVID though, I mean, how, how was education systems, you know, your.

[00:09:12] I think you’re near Boracay which is like a global destination travel resort. Right. I mean, I’m not sure how close, but somewhat close and how’s, you know, how’s the education even before all of this lockdown. Well, just an FYI, Boracay is six hours by bus. And it’s fascinating the, how the kids go to school or how they study there, like with all the tourists and how busy it was before.

[00:09:48] Right. But anyway, this is a very good question, actually. So it’s always been face to face classroom learning students, learn the fundamentals. Basic math, not basic math, but yeah, it’s a usual traditional math, science, history. And, you know, they would go to school like eight in the morning, stay there until 5:00 PM.

[00:10:14] They come home. They’re very much exhausted, but they still have to do their homework. They have a lot of projects and it’s, it’s been like that. So for me, yes, I get to spend time more with my son at the moment because of the COVID. But also at the same time, it was easier for me to focus on only doing one thing, which is work, you know, during the weekdays.

[00:10:47] Because my son is at school and his teachers are definitely doing a better job than I am. You know what I mean? So, yeah. And yeah, it’s been like that. Kids are exposed to some sort of competition at school because of, you know, everybody’s pressured to get good grades. And so it’s been like that. But before COVID though one interesting buzz, I guess that’s how we can call it.

[00:11:27] Homeschooling was more of like being an option. Yeah, that would be the word there being an option for the modern parents, modern moms. So I’ve been hearing a lot about it. I could see a lot of stories on my Facebook wall. So I find it interesting, but I didn’t really look into it. I still felt that face-to-face learning would give my son more social.

[00:12:01] opportunities. Yeah. So yeah, that, that is the traditional education system in the Philippines. Yeah. Sounds pretty normal. I think I studied it a little bit. I mean, maybe even still considering going to the Philippines, but I was looking at schools. I feel like the semester, the school semester is different though for the times like the summer and no spring the school, if I remember right, it was not like what I’m used to and.

[00:12:33] Even in, I’ve noticed in China, even it’s like January start, you know, end like around summer, summer break and then like fall it’s like two, but I remember in the Philippines, it was three and it was like starting in April. I remember I started in April, the first one. Am I right, April, right? Yes. So it was like really weird.

[00:12:57] And I was like, cause we were going to switch from China to the Philippines. And then he says, Oh, the Philippines calendar starts in March or April. And I’m like, what and how they were like, try to calculate one. We would switch to kids to that system. I remember, but I mean, I guess the, maybe the positive is, you know, I also was always looking into homeschooling before COVID. But like you, I wanted the social elements and person elements, but now we’re kind of getting forced to in a way.

[00:13:29] So in a way, maybe it’s a push, we all needed, you know, to change the education system of it. So, so. Now, I think we can move up towards, you know, this idea. I can’t remember me actually. I’ve always said, I’ve always seen you as, as a leader, since even the first time I talked to you in our, our interview and you always have different unique ideas, which I always liked.

[00:13:56] And I can’t remember how it was brought up, but you didn’t call it like GFA kids. We kind of, I think we, we were brainstorming. But I think you were saying like, we should do some kind of. You know, I guess maybe it’s because your son, your own experience with your son and your toddler coming up. But you were saying, we need to have a way to like, or maybe you can share what you were thinking when you first said it here. you know, you said like maybe, you know, maybe just share that, that thought process or the idea.

[00:14:29] All right. Yes. First and foremost, speaking of the school year schedule. So we have a different timing for summer school. I mean, summer break. We had several breaks within the year. So now it’s April and we’re still following the traditional school year. And for some schools, they already adopted the, what do you call that?

[00:14:57] The American, I think that’s what they call the schedule for the American.  America is pushing our system on everybody. Right. That’s like, right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, one good reason for that is, is. We are able to like join competitions, global competitions if we follow that schedule basically that. Alright, so anyway, yeah.

[00:15:26] Going back to the idea, summer break is coming. Yeah. Although it’s already mid summer here. And so one very early morning, I was just like thinking. It’s that time again wherein I need to find something good for my son to do during the summer break. It will be around two months and I didn’t like go straight to my computer and

[00:15:58] Google it, but instead I thought Mike is an amazing person who like, he gives this great consultations and I am very blessed to have like a very talented teammates. And I think the generation now, like you said, it’s, it’s the generation of creativity, right? It’s the dawn of creativity. So I didn’t want my son to be like, occupied with, you know, the usual lessons that are being offered during summer.

[00:16:38] And I thought like, I mean, he’s capable of what I’m doing and it would help him a lot if he would learn more about, you know the practical skills and practical skills, like starting. Putting together a business. Yeah. Something like that. It’s very ambitious, but he, you know, I liked the values in it. I liked the concepts, the principles in it, because when I was a kid, I didn’t have all these kinds of opportunities.

[00:17:13] So right now they could start, you know, honing their skills and developing their skills in graphic design, video editing branding, which is all connected to, you know, developing their entrepreneurship, you know? Yeah. So there was just a lot of things going on in my mind and I didn’t have anywhere else

[00:17:39] cause you know, anywhere else to go, I just thought of you guys right away. So yeah. So I dropped the idea. That was it. That was my idea. And I wasn’t really expecting you know, like. I would get a response, a positive response right away. But everybody was like pitching in their ideas. They were sending me messages, like how should we do it already?

[00:18:06] So, yeah. So I really excited. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. I mean, was. I think I was happy to hear it. And then of course, some people though, and, you know, just give the other side. Some, I think even in our, we use Slack or we know a lot of people, a lot of companies use Slack, I think, but we were chatting about it. I think some people are like eight year old can learn about business or e-commerce? Maybe somebody, I don’t know, maybe it was somebody else I was talking to on our community, our membership site or something.

[00:18:37] Somebody was, you know, a few people were like, isn’t he, isn’t a kid too young to learn it? But, I don’t know. I mean, it is going to be a little bit of a interesting experience to see how we can really. So. So, I guess maybe just to clarify the idea or just to reiterate what you had said, like basically the idea you’d suggest is like, you know, like let’s have like online, I think you said summer program at least to start

[00:19:02] Where kids can learn real life experience about online business. And e-commerce rather than just the normal math and science kind of stuff, but get practical insights about it. I mean, we’re all really excited about it. And then, like you just said, like, I think I first said like, well, who’s, I don’t want to be the only teacher.

[00:19:24] Right. I mean, I guess I am in life. I feel like a teacher in his podcast, I guess, is somewhat like a teacher, you know,. You know, training team members is like a teacher, but I’m like, I don’t want to. And then you said, no, we can have everybody or not everybody, but the team can all like pitch in and share what they do on there.

[00:19:45] Cause we asked what we do, our team does online business, like you said, SEO or internet marketing e-commerce, things like that. So we can and we have an amazing team. So, so then I think the next step was, we. Well, we were already chatting about it, but then we kind of formally asked them to, to share. And then, you know, how was that?

[00:20:06] I mean, we were chatting to them and yeah, I thought that was a great idea. So do you want to share about getting the team? Yeah, so I’m, I’m over the moon that everyone was ready to help out and they’re onboard with the idea. And I’m very much confident that all of us can share something. So I mean, we’re always like busy, working what we do best at Shadstone.

[00:20:40] And yeah, by the time that I opened up the idea, the, the, although they don’t they didn’t really like dig into the specifics of what they will teach. But I had, I had this really wonderful feeling that everybody was like coming together and I feel that this is really the GFA spirit, right. To educate, to empower like what you said Mike yeah.

[00:21:14] So I’m really happy about that. And we were already brainstorming and already like, setting the schedule putting together what to do and what were the activities that we’re going to give to the enrollees. So I could, you know, like introduce them one by one. And, but we have like an event for that. Right.

[00:21:40] So they can all meet the instructors there, the mentors during the orientation. So I really also like looking forward to that. Yeah. I mean, I’m so happy. I was afraid our team would, we’re trying to encourage people to be less shy in the team, you know. Like example you’re here today, sharing. That’s awesome.

[00:22:00] We’re trying to. Really kind of get our team more involved. So generally they’ve, they’ve all embraced it and are willing to do it. I think someone said. I maybe wouldn’t do this, but it’s for kids. So I’ll do it. I don’t know if I said that, you know, which is cool. So, you know, we’ll have like somebody shared about website design, somebody shared about like maybe graphic design.

[00:22:25] I don’t want to say their names like, you know, I think, you know, they’ve agreed. We have a Google doc we’re trying to track which ones some have. Some have said, no, unfortunately I don’t know exactly why they feel like maybe they wouldn’t know, or maybe later they’ll come around, but mostly have all agreed, which is awesome.

[00:22:43] And then that’s, you know, it’s always like, and what do we call this as another domain? Another word? I don’t know. We just decide, let’s just call it GFA kids, which is cool. And hopefully it’s ready, I think. Anne just remind me. Help me. Remember, we got to update a little bit of the site before we put this show online, but it’ll be

[00:23:04] If people want to check it out, which is going to be cool. I think we originally thought we’re going to do it in May, but I think we’re pushing it back because we have so many things we do here. And I don’t even know all the listeners even know what we do everywhere, but we’re launching it a new event called not new, but online event called cross-border matchmaker.

[00:23:24] We did those in person over the years and global from Asia, but. That’ll be May 21st. And then we, I don’t think everybody even knows the global manager, but we do. And these auctions for handshake or these NFTs called Flamingo handshake, that’ll be May 12th or 13th, depending on your time zone. So I think we’re looking to doing, what is this a trial or a small program in the beginning of June, right?

[00:23:52] For the GFA kids. Yes, we are launching the pilot program the first two weeks of June. And to be honest, I was already talking to some parents, some moms.  And yeah, I got really positive responses and they’re also looking forward to what we’re going to. You know, he teach the kids also a couple of people reach out and they’re also looking forward to collaborate.

[00:24:26] I mean, they’re asking about if these lessons are going to be like on, are going to be offered on a regular basis, something like that. And also if we could offer them to a particular community or organization, so I’ve already been. I’ve been getting a lot of questions, which is great. Yeah. So yeah, if you need more information that’s right.

[00:24:54] Just visit and we’ll have all the information there. Yeah. I think just, of course, it’s always tricky to put these on a podcast because the terms and conditions and. You know, people listen to these podcasts years and years later. I mean, it’s still get people out talking to me about a podcast from 2013.

[00:25:14] So, so of course we can’t put exact term of course might change. So just check that site and this podcast will be on Sorry, my alarm, we’re doing this at like five in the morning, so my alarm clocks are going up

[00:25:31] Anyway. We are, uh, I think generally though, I mean, We’ve been talking about the business model or though the formats, you know, I think, you know me, I honestly I’m so happy. You thought of this idea of I’ve tried people listening may remember. I’ve tried to do scholarships in the past. I’ve tried to do different programs and it’s for one reason or another it’s.

[00:25:55] It’s been kind of evolved in different ways, but, you know, so we do at least I want to try to have some free or pay, you know, I’ve think it’ll be amazing for those that might not be able to afford to do it. But I think we will make this a paid program. I think we’re going to share some of the proceeds with our team, for their sessions that I do.

[00:26:16] Right. I don’t, maybe don’t get explain the exact model, but we’ll incentivize the teachers, which we’ll start by being our internal team, but maybe later could be an external team. And then we’ll do like a split of the revenue that they do, so that the GFA kids program and the teacher gets a percentage of it.

[00:26:34] I’m thinking of ways where maybe we could rebate the money that they pay or some of it, ‘cause we, I don’t want to just, I mean, I just want to, I just want, I think, you know, me, I’m, I have a bad relationship with money and I just want to help everybody in the world if I possibly could. But I would, you know, already. But so of course we have, so we’ll have fees, but maybe we’ll have some kind of ways if we, if people could really prove.

[00:26:55] I mean, I think the prices seem pretty affordable. That we’re playing with. So I don’t, even for, it seems like it’s pretty, pretty affordable. I guess, where it’s, I mean, can people actually, even, Wendy is pretty excited about this too. She’s like, can people in China go? So she’s already like, thinking to sell it or promote it. I guess, anywhere, it’s English language. Some people also ask, is this in Tagalog or, or is this in English or Chinese?

[00:27:21] This is going to be English language, right? Even if it’s Filipinos going and Filipino team teaching, it’s going to be in English or, or what? I mean, I guess, as the target is the Philippines, maybe this first batch is going to be for Philippines kids or what? I don’t even know. Honestly, I’m open for anything. If you have an idea.

[00:27:42] For the pilot program, we are talking to the Filipino community. However, I’m also going to be introducing the program to my Japanese mom, friends, Korean mom, friends, [00:28:00] Chinese mom, friends. So it’s. Definitely. Yeah. It’s the show if it’s the whole, I mean, that’s why I thought it’d be cool to see, we use the same brand rather than making right.

[00:28:14] And so the more, the merrier actually. Yeah. Yeah. So of course, I mean, June is already coming pretty fast. It almost won’t record this. So yeah, basically the pilot program is really just to kind of test the program, see how our teachers or our team, like how the students, like what kind of, I think the idea is maybe two a week, or two or three a week sessions, they’ll be like an hour along and it’ll be some kind of like all homework assignment.

[00:28:43] And I mean, for me, we do have a certification program we’ve been doing for the year for some of our previous workshops and training we’ve done. So we’ll. Well, we’ll give some, some certificates that the kids could use or show maybe long-term and age is, what was the age range? We said, you said, you know, it’s meant for what age?

[00:29:04] Kids? 8 years old to 13 years old. Okay. Yeah. Yes, of course. Let’s maybe. Of course, these terms might always adopt a change, but for now, you know, that’s what we do say check the site and this podcast will be on with the S or you can go to the program site at

[00:29:29] Any more things we should include here and that I might’ve missed or skipped. Yeah. Yes. Yeah, I haven’t mentioned, but one thing that I’m really excited about is the showcase that we’re going to do at the end of the program. So we are looking forward to showing the output or the work of the kids and show it to the world.

[00:29:58] So that is one thing. And of course, Yeah, like you said, the certificate, the certificate is one thing that I’m also after for my son. So yeah, just again, if you have any questions, please do reach out. Thank you for having me, Mike this very early morning. Sorry again. Yeah.

[00:30:25] Anyways, I’m all good. I got my tea kicking in finally, you know, but this has been great. And again, this is just an example. I’m so happy we found you and your on our amazing team and, and, and, you know, a leader, a natural leader that we’re trying to, you know, continue to, to foster and grow with an amazing team.

[00:30:45] I think we have a lot in this company, I think right now, I think the current team is amazing. Really amazing. So the teachers know like a lot, so I’m excited. I mean, we’ll, we’ll probably update people in the future. How does maybe the first one went and, you know, even my wife, Wendy’s all excited.

[00:31:09] She’s like talking to me. And she’s like, we could become like real schools. We can ask maybe after COVID or as this grows, it could have like local, maybe it could be like a hybrid online, offline, but people, people in different countries could kind of meet. And then, you know, then, I mean, this is the stuff I love and like, imagine like really, you know, changing maybe, you know, slowly changing lives or improving people, you know?

[00:31:36] And it actually matches what I didn’t expect a little, reason to help kids. Honestly, it was meant for, you know, business owners, entrepreneurs, but the idea is, imagine you can help them even younger. Right. And then they could become the future. Right. To the future entrepreneur, entrepreneurs. It’s super exciting.

[00:31:54] So I guess that, that, you know, of course the show notes, we’ll link out at I think there’s a survey you made or we’ll have the people. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you very much. We will be giving out survey forms next week. The show goes online on Tuesday. So we’ll have that all linked up.

[00:32:21] And then, yeah, I can’t imagine, I can’t wait to just share the photos. Like you said, like the showcase and experiences of this program, I’m sure that members, our members and our listeners could also want to contribute to this. You know, this is just the first one. But so far, we get an amazing response and imagine, I think there’s a lot more we can do at this program.

[00:32:44] All right. All right. Anne, so what do you do? Go back to sleep? Or you got to work? You’re hard at work. I just want to say thank you, Mike. Thank you Shadstone and GFA for always entertaining everyone’s ideas and making them go then for everyone with a good cause, which is my favorite. Of course. So you too, enjoy your tea.

[00:33:10] Yeah. I got my tea and it’s it’s, you know, like Tea’s not like coffee, you got to like, let it sit and it it’s got, it gets stronger because it’s, what’s the, I don’t know the words, but it’s got that high kick right now. So I’m on, finally kicking in. I’m getting excited here, but, but yeah, thank you too Anne.

[00:33:29] I mean, this is what we’re trying to encourage, you know, really, especially this year, we’ve been really trying to encourage leadership in the team. You know, a lot of times somewhat felt like it was me pushing everyone or people waiting for me. But this is just another example of how we’re trying to change, change that, or encourage. 

[00:33:51] And, so let’s continue pushing everyone and loving it. Yeah, thanks Anne. Great, like this project for the long-term, I think can have a huge impact and let’s, let’s start step by step. So we’re going to start a pilot program in June and we’ll keep the listeners up-to-date. Of course there’s so many ways, I guess people could be involved.

[00:34:15] Of course, if, I guess if they have kids, maybe it might be hard. We’ll see, I mean, if you have kids, I know a lot of listeners are, are also parents, but maybe if you’d want to be a teacher, you know, maybe if you want to even donate money to this, we would, I guess we’re going to try to keep a separate fund or a separate account for this, or at least track this separately.

[00:34:34] So if there’s people that do want to maybe even donate it is, we’re not really exactly ready for that. But if they want to contribute, but you know, we’re just starting small for now, but any kind of feedback or that survey or, or sharing, this would be a cool way to do that. Yes, definitely. Okay. Well thanks so much.

[00:34:52] And so, yeah, we’ll keep on rocking. Yeah. You know, one of our favorite things to help people with is getting banking, being able to receive and send money is obviously needed for anybody doing international business for business or anything at all. And there’s so many unbanked people around the world,

[00:35:11] One of our main sponsors of this show has been really amazing to almost allow anybody or a lot of people doing legitimate business to get a US bank account online. No need to fly there, especially in COVID times, no needs to do all this BS. Paperwork is all online. No application fee. There’s normally no excuses.

[00:35:31] If you want to use it. And we also have a little bit of a bonus for you and us. If you sign up with our link at Thanks again, mercury for your support. All right. Thank you, Anne. And now my turn, the blah, blah, blah. If you’re still with us. You know, I have kids, you know, Myles is turning seven years old in May.

[00:35:52] Maggie is five. I think. I’m being bad here. And yes, five. Yep. Six in January. So time flies when you’re having fun. I guess they’re a little bit too young for this GFA kids program, but of course I would love for them to go through this and what’s, what’s going to happen here. It’s an experiment has everything, you know, I think the best things come to dose it, just try experiment, see how you know, trial one goes.

[00:36:22] So, you know, I’ve got a little batch, batch of kids to go through and I’ll be doing a session. The team, we have an amazing team will be sharing about what they do at their work. You know, screen-sharing how, how they work online, how they do their different tasks. You know, answer questions from them, give some kind of homework assignment and then a little GFA certificate, you know, and, seems like it can be printed and put on a refrigerator, which is

[00:36:51] Yeah, because the way of education is changing. I mean, it was already changing pre-COVID, but yeah, obviously COVID has changed a lot, literally it’s Saturday morning and recording this and Wendy and I are here, she’s looking up international schools in Shenyang and we’re probably going to spend another half a year here or something, but I wish we could do more online, but it’s just tricky.

[00:37:20] You know? How did kids need interaction? Not just staring at a screen like we do all day, like a monkey in the screen. But, we got to try our best to adapt. And I hope I have a good feeling about this program and, the kids program, I could see it having a long future because there’s the future generation.

[00:37:42] They’re the ones going to be fixing all the mistakes we’ve made as, as humans, devouring, the earth and the resources of the earth. Hopefully humans can be more kind to the earth and hopefully, maybe this blockchain world or this new world that we built will be a little bit kinder on the earth. I guess that’s enough for the blah, blah, blah.

[00:38:06] I hope you enjoyed this session. You know, I’m going to be a little teacher. I feel like I’m a teacher already. I mean, I just don’t get, actually, I don’t get paid. What I paid to do it, doing my team and our members community, and we have our events have cross-border matchmaker coming up in about a month.

[00:38:22] Online first, first, bigger event, we’re going to try to online and just keep on pushing out amazing stuff as always, you know, and there’s, you know, we’re learning NFTs and blockchain and new e-commerce things you’ll be hearing about very soon. I really do appreciate you sticking with the show in these turbulent times.

[00:38:43] And I hope this episode may be motivated. You maybe, hey, maybe you’re in the community. You want to maybe share your knowledge, I mean, or figuring out a formula. But, basically, we’re going to do some kind of profit share with the teacher, even with our, you know, our team and the school program probably, you know, obviously I’ll be funding it as best I can with our team and our resources. And hopefully we can grow it out and maybe it could actually be physical schools, et cetera.

[00:39:10] In Asia, you know, we are Global from Asia and kids just means the younger generation, which probably is going to have even more impact on people than us old, old people. So I actually remember, or I hope maybe still we have listeners that have their kids listening to this show. Maybe this can you know, really grow to be something even more meaningful.

[00:39:31] So thank you again for listening all the way through the end of this blah-blah-blah session. Till next time. See you soon. I think we are switched back to weekly. Got so much stuff to share. Thank you for listening. Have a great day or night or morning. See you. To get more info on running an international business.

[00:39:52] Please visit our website at That’s Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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