Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship

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Citizenship is a status or an identification of a person recognized upon birth – either based on the place of birth, based on the parents’ nationality or both. Either way, being a citizen entails specific rights such as to express oneself, to vote in elections, to choose a religion, and so on and so forth. Now that the society has grown into more global, more connected and more integrated, dual citizenship has become a necessity for some and it has become widely accepted in many countries. Basically, getting another citizenship poses many benefits yet presents additional obligations as well. People who usually pursue another citizenship are either: someone who comes from the affluent society, someone who was born to parents of two different nationalities, someone who has a fairly large amount of money to burn, someone who just want to travel the world, or someone who just want a better quality of life. In actuality, there are many reasons why people obtain another citizenship, for one, to secure a second home or a safe haven to run into in case of troubled times.

However, getting a citizenship is not easy for everybody. To tell you the truth, getting a second citizenship may take years, a large amount of money, and enough resources. Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged, as this article is titled “Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship”, apparently, there are easier or maybe faster ways to get a dual citizenship – it may not really be the “easiest” as easy as pie, but easier compared to other countries.

List of Countries you can get Citizenship

1. Dominica / Commonwealth of Dominica

Population: 73,500.

Official Language: English & French Patois

Dominating Religion: 80% of the population is Roman Catholic

Climate: Tropical Climate

Visa-Free Score: 121 including Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a country located in the Caribbean region that currently has parliamentary democracy. It offers the cheapest Citizenship by Investment in the world. For $100,000 contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund or purchase of authorized property valued at least $200,000 you can be a citizen in Dominica. Citizenship also extends to your family, including the spouse, children, dependent parents and grandparents. Dominica doesn’t require you or your family to reside in Dominica in order to obtain citizenship.


  1. must be at least 18 years of age
  2. good character
  3. no criminal record
  4. able and willing to make the required contribution

To apply for citizenship, you must first choose an authorized agent listed on the official website of Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU). The agent will provide you assistance all throughout the process. You will be asked to complete and submit certain official forms, go through medical examination, and obtain certain supporting documents such as Sales and Purchase Agreement, Birth certificate, passport copies, 12 months bank statements, Notarised affidavit of source of funds, etc. The application will then go through verification. Your authorized agent shall inform you whether your application has been granted or denied. If the application got approved, you will then proceed on making the payment either for the Economic Diversification Fund or for the purchase of the real estate property. Upon completion of payment, CBIU will issue your certificate of registration – this certificate stands as the evidence of your new citizenship and can be presented to apply for a Dominican Passport.

2. Brazil

Population: 208 million

Official Language: Portuguese

Dominating Religion: Roman Catholicism

Climate: tropical and subtropical climate

Visa-Free Score: 151 including Argentina, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand,

Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, South Korea, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, UK and Netherlands.

Brazil is known for many things; its culture and tradition, tourist destinations, world cup wins and soccer stars and a lot more. It’s located in South America and it’s so big that it actually cover almost 50% of the continent. It has over 208 million population and was listed as the 5th most populous countries this year.

Dual Citizenship is widely accepted in Brazil, foreigners who wish to be a citizen in the country don’t have to renounce their primary citizenship.


  1. must be at least 18 years of age
  2. good character
  3. must be in good health
  4. must be living in the country for at least 4 years prior application (may be reduced depending on the case)
  5. must read and write the Portuguese language
  6. must have no criminal record
  7. must be financially capable to live in Brazil

If you’re born in Brazil, or one of your parents is a citizen in Brazil, then applying for citizenship will be easy as a breeze. Otherwise, you may be able to easily get citizenship if you have professional, scientific or artistic abilities, or if you have a Brazilian spouse, a Brazilian child, a Brazilian parent or if you have performed a relevant service to Brazil.  The 4 year residence requirement may be reduced to only 1 year if your application for naturalization is based on marriage or a Brazilian child.

Application for citizenship is run by the country’s Ministry of Justice. To apply, you must first submit your application along with your whole series of required documents for naturalization with the local agency of the Department of Federal Police. Requirements depend on which category your case belongs, but generally it includes test of proficiency in the Portuguese, birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport copies, police clearance/document to prove that you have no criminal record, 3×4 photographs, and application form. Once all the required documents and application forms are submitted, your application shall be processed within 60 days or more.

3. Canada

Population: 36.29 million (2016)

Official Language: English or French

Dominating Religion: Roman Catholicism

Climate: hot summers and cold winters

Visa-Free Score: 159 including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Argentina,  Egypt, Australia and New Zealand.

Canada is a North American country known for many things including for its famous Maple Syrup, breathtaking sceneries, high quality of life and its nice and friendly people. Many people claim that Canada is a good place to live in or a country to retire in. To apply for citizenship, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. must be able to speak and write either English or French
  2. must live in Canada for at least 1,095 days out of the 5 years prior application
  3. filed income taxes
  4. must have no criminal record
  5. must be a permanent resident / temporary resident (lawfully authorized to remain in Canada)

To apply, you must fill out necessary application forms, pay application fees, and submit your application to Case Processing Centre. Processing time can take up to 12 months or longer depending on your case. If you were born in Canada, or one of your parents is Canadian, you may already be a citizen, and you’ll only need to get proof of citizenship. The other easiest and fastest way to get Canadian citizenship is by getting sponsored by a family member or a Canadian spouse.

4. Cyprus

Population: 1.17 million (2016)

Official Language: Greek and Turkish

Dominating Religion: Christianity

Climate: intense Mediterranean climate

Visa-Free Score: 152 including Italy, Argentina, Austria, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Romania and New Zealand.

Cyprus is politically and culturally belongs to Europe but geographically considered as Asian. Its amazing beaches and its cultural and historical aspects make it one of the most visited countries in the world with over 2 million tourists each year. Moreover, Cyprus is also known as one of the safest countries in the world.


  1.      No criminal record
  2.      Must be at least 21 years old
  3.      7 years of residence
  4.      Able to speak Greek
  5.      Willing to invest €2 million euros (for Citizenship by Investment Programme)

Cypriot citizenship can be obtained easily if one of your parents is a Cyprus citizen or if you are married to a citizen of Cyprus. Otherwise, the fastest way to get a Cypriot citizenship is through Citizenship by Investment Programme – only if you have €2 million euros to invest in real estate/ land development and infrastructure projects/ financial assets of Cypriot companies or Cypriot organizations / alternative Investment Funds or financial assets of Cypriot companies.

Application is filed with the Civil Registry and Migration Department, the District Administration Offices and the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Cyprus (embassies and consulates)

5. St. Kitts and Nevis

Population: 54,821 (2016)

Official Language: English

Dominating Religion: Anglican and Methodist

Climate: Tropical

Visa-Free Score: 131 including Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Argentina, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and United Kingdom.

St. Kitts and Nevis is a country that belongs to North America and an island country in the West Indies. In World Atlas, St Kitts and Nevis ranked 8th among the World’s 50 Smallest Countries. Its population majorly consists of African descent and the official language is English.

St Kitts and Nevis is one of the countries that offer a cheaper Citizenship by Investment Programme. Foreign individuals may qualify for citizenship by contributing US$150,000 to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) or by investing at least $200,000 in real estate.


  1. At least 18 years old
  2. No criminal records
  3. In good health condition
  4. Has stable source of income – preferably with high personal net worth
  5. Willing to invest at least $150,000 in the country

The application process works almost the same as it is in Dominica. First, the application can only be filed by registered Authorized Agents. In behalf of you, your authorized agent shall submit your requirements including the application forms and required documents at the Citizenship -by-Investment Unit. Processing can be done in as fast as 60 days.

6. Ireland

Population: 4.7 million

Official Language: Irish and English

Dominating Religion: Roman Catholicism

Climate: Mild with abundant rainfall

Visa-Free Score: 159 including Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Ireland is a European country that is alongside United Kingdom. Ireland ranks above the average quality of life – in fact, Dublin – the capital of Ireland, was dubbed as best city to live in the UK and Ireland for its stable political environment, lower levels of air pollution and a strong sociocultural environment.

Dual citizenship is recognized and accepted in Ireland. There are two ways to get a citizenship, either by naturalization or by birth, descent or by marriage/civil partnership. If your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents are Irish, then you are entitled to citizenship. If you are married to or in a civil partnership with, an Irish citizen then you can apply for citizenship as well.


  1. Aged 18 or over
  2. Meet the conditions for residence
  3. Has the intention to live permanently in Ireland
  4. Good character
  5. Willing to attend a citizenship ceremony to make the declaration of fidelity
  6. Parent/grandparent/great grandparent is an Irish citizen
  7. Married or in a civil partnership with, an Irish citizen for 3 years (if not by descent)

To apply, download the appropriate form here. Each form contains the list of requirements you will need to submit, including your original passport, marriage affidavit, birth certificate, passport photographs and 3 different proofs of residence. Submit your requirements and duly signed application form to The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS) for verification and approval. Each application is approved by the Minister for Justice and Equality. Typically, the process can take up to 6 months.

7. Colombia

Population: 48.65 million (2016)

Official Language: Spanish

Dominating Religion: Roman Catholicism

Climate: Tropical

Visa-Free Score: 114 including Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Argentina, Dominica, Venezuela, Kenya, Peru and Panama

Colombia is a South American country alongside Venezuela and Ecuador. It is known for its tropical landscapes and their primary agricultural products like coffee, cocoa beans and tobacco.

Basically, you will have to spend at least 5 years in Colombia in order to get citizenship, but this can be reduced to 2 years if you are married to a Colombian citizen, or if you have a Colombian child. On the other hand, if you are a Latin American or a Caribbean national, it can only take a year of residence to get a citizenship. Moreover, Colombia also offers citizenship by investment for approximately $150,000 – through this you can get a 5-year permanent residency in the country, after that 5 years, you and your family may apply for naturalization.


  1. Born in Colombia / born to at least 1 Colombian parent / married to a citizen of Colombia / parent to a Colombian child
  2. Willing to live in Colombia for at least 5 years
  3. Able to write and speak Spanish
  4. Willing to invest at least $150,000 in Colombia (if applicable)
  5. No criminal record

To apply, you will have to send a letter to Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores indicating your intent to have Colombian citizenship. The letter must contain your name, birthday, country, contact details, nationality, and your reason/s why you want a citizenship. Along with the letter, you will submit a copy of your ID, 4 passport photos, copy of valid residence visa, marriage certificate if applicable, proof of employment, birth certificate, your parents’ Colombian ID (if applicable), and a copy of the main data page of your passport.

8. Macedonia

Population: 2.081 million (2016)

Official Language: Macedonian

Dominating Religion: Orthodox Christianity and Islam

Climate: hot summers and cold winters

Visa-Free Score: 114 including Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Italy, Hong kong, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Macedonia is another European country located next to Greece and Albania. It’s a small country that maintains a rich culture and known for its numerous mountains and mountain peaks. Macedonia is the home of Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Alexander the Great.

To be a citizen of Macedonia, you must be born at Macedonia, born to a Macedonian parent, adopted by a Macedonian citizen, married to a citizen of the Republic of Macedonia for at least three years and has been continuously resident in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia for at least one year.


  1. At least 18 years old
  2. Continuously living in Macedonia for at least 15 years (can be reduced depending on your case)
  3. psychologically and physically healthy
  4. provided with housing and a permanent source of income
  5. No criminal records
  6. Able to write and speak the Macedonian language

The request for the citizenship acquisition must be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior.

9. Paraguay

Population: 6.725 million (2016)

Official Language: Spanish and Guaraní

Dominating Religion: Roman Catholicism

Climate: subtropical climate

Visa-Free Score: 126 including Austria, Brazil, Cyprus, France, Germany, South Korea, UK and the Venezuela

Paraguay is a South American country that is next to Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. Paraguay recognizes dual citizenship – in fact, getting a citizenship in Paraguay is most likely the most straightforward and inexpensive. For as little as $5000 deposit to a Paraguayan bank or investment to real estate, you can obtain a permanent residence. After 3 years as a permanent resident of the Paraguay, you may apply for naturalization.


  1. No criminal record
  2. A permanent resident for at least 3 years
  3. Of good character
  4. At least 18 years old
  5. In good health condition
  6. Able to speak Spanish

To apply, you will need to submit a copy of your passport, birth certificate, proof of address, police clearance issued from your country and from Paraguay, marriage certificate if applicable, medical certificate, a bank reference letter, and a certificate of life and residence permit issued in Paraguay. These documents shall be submitted to the General Migration Directorate for review and approval. The process can take as fast as 90 days.


Population: 5.495 million (2016)

Official Language: Finnish and Swedish

Dominating Religion: Christianity

Climate: continental climate

Visa-Free Score: 161 including Austria, France, Hongkong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, and UK.

Finland is a European country next to Sweden and Norway. It is known as the best place to spot the northern lights, best place to do skiing, and is known as the home of Santa Claus.

Finland accepts multiple citizenship and grants citizenship to individuals born out of wedlock if his or her father is a Finnish citizen, adopted child aged between 12 – 17, citizens of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden and young persons aged between 18 to 22 years old. If you are married to a Finnish citizen, you may apply for a residence permit and live in the country for at least 5 years and apply for naturalization.


  1. at least 18 years of age
  2. Has lived in Finland for at least 5 years
  3. Has established a stable source of income
  4. Able to speak Finnish / Swedish
  5. Paid taxes religiously
  6. No criminal record

To apply, you may submit an application that suits your situation to e-service Enter Finland and then visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service to submit the required documents and prove your identity. An email or a text message shall be sent to you when a decision has been made.

There you have it, 10 countries where it’s easier to get a citizenship. Note that this is just a brief guide to get another citizenship, the process can be a lot more complicated. If you really are determined to get another dual nationality, I suggest you choose the best country you think is best and then do an extensive research about it – hire a lawyer or call the consular if you may. After all, I personally thing getting a dual citizenship can be worthwhile. Best of luck!

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