Amazon Seller Scams

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Amazon used to be a great place for honest and trustworthy product reviews written by consumers. However, some sellers have sought to maximize their positive reviews. Let’s dig deeper into Amazon seller scams.

How To Setup My Own Online Store

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As time goes by, people change, technology continuously develops, certain products get outdated, and so on. A good seller knows how to catch up and cope with these changes. Today, if you’re a seller who hasn’t ventured into online selling, then you could be missing a lot of opportunities. Read on about how to set up online store.

Building an International Fashion Blog from Singapore with Sylvia Van de Logt – GFA210

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Building an International fashion blog from Singapore. This week we are talking Singapore and blogs! Sylvia Van de Logt is a seasoned internet marketer and blogger who has done quite a nice job growing her Forty Plus Style fashion blog while based in Singapore. We discuss how she got started, tactics for growing a blog, but also some insights on how she setup in Singapore and the benefits she has gotten there. For full show notes, check out

Reasons Why Chinese Suppliers Ignore Your Inquiries

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Are you getting frustrated that no one replies to your Alibaba messages? Sick and tired of going around in circles with the China sourcing nightmare? This article will talk about reasons why your contract factory may not be replying to your messages and how to get factory responses.

What Is An ICO And How To Use It For Your Global Business with Ellis Gyongyos – GFA209

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What’s An ICO And How To Use It For Your Global Business? This week is for the FOMO people like me (FOMO stands for “fear of missing out” for those who don’t know). And I have been hearing about ICO over and over again the past couple months. So Devin from Shadow Factory VR Agency kindly connected me to Ellis Gyongyos from Know Your Token to discuss this ICO game. For full show notes, check out

Shipping to Amazon FBA

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Over the years, Amazon has been rapidly growing, with more people choosing online shopping. More online shoppers create more demand for package delivery. Eliminating the delivery middlemen may cut their costs and give them more control over order shipments. Read more on how to ship to amazon fba.