Don’t Put All Your E-commerce Eggs in 1 Basket w/ Jeremy Hanks

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Chinese new year is over, well, probably this week a lot of factories still will be slow to get back started. Yes it is always a frustrating time for business owners, another fun fact about post Chinese new year, a lot of staff decide to not come back to the company. They were in their hometown and got some ideas to follow their dreams and change their career paths or maybe their parents and family got them on a new life path, so lots of hiring happening after things start back up.

For our cross border summit I am excited businesses are Back, I will visit again the venue and confirm the food and layout of the eating area, more people registering and even got a cross border taxi service talking to us.

Now onto the show,
Jeremy hanks is back, doing a quick trip in Hong Kong he came to the office and we had a fun podcast. He’s been in the e-commerce game for decades and discusses some warning signs about being 100% in in one channel.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Jeremy is back!

    Introduce Jeremy

  • Web 1.0

    What was it like?

  • Amazon vs Google vs Facebook

  • What about eBay?

  • Walmart and other big box retailers

    Don’t forget them

  • Ways to stand out

  • Not getting too comfortable just on Amazon FBA

  • How to win, how to compete

  • Factors that make a startup successful

  • Timing is important

    Bill Gross’s tedX

  • Contact

    Ways people can reach Jeremy

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length: 30:08

Thanks for coming on Jeremy – for all the show notes – as always check episode113

See you next week!

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4 Comments on “Don’t Put All Your E-commerce Eggs in 1 Basket w/ Jeremy Hanks”

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  2. colin

    Very good show reminding us to get out from in front of the computer and meet folks face to face or even pick up the phone. This guys sounds like he has been around the block. keep up the good shows!

    1. Michael Michelini

      Jeremy is a tried and true ecommerce veteran – we are honored to have him on the podcast – thanks for listening Colin! much appreciated with the comment as well! 🙂

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