10 Service Providers That Will Help You Expand Your Amazon FBA Business Globally

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What’s good about being in a community of Amazon FBA sellers is that knowledge is being shared. Our friends from Sermondo shared this very important knowledge that can really help Amazon FBA sellers expand their business globally. We are also excited to share this with you so you can learn new information and insights that you can take advantage of to advance your business.

Amazon grows and grows. The trading giant’s marketplaces now exist in 14 countries worldwide and each of these countries constitutes an attractive sales market for your products. However, selling successfully in a foreign market is a great challenge. Fortunately, there are many service providers who can help you set the path to success.

1. Product Research Tools

Most of the work has to be done before you have even sold a single product. The first question is which product you should sell. When it comes to product research, simple brainstorming is no longer enough. Instead, you should rely on the power of data. There are many seller tools that you can use to analyze product niches according to certain criteria, such as:

  • Sales figures
  • Competition density
  • Selling prices
  • Profit margins

You don’t necessarily have to do the research yourself, there are many virtual assistants for Amazon FBA tasks like this. They are skilled in this field and help you to find a good selling product for each market.

Please remember: Product research should always be done, even if you already have a product that sells well in another market. A repellent spray against tropical mosquitos, for example, will sell better in Mexico than in Germany. You get the idea.

2. Product Sourcing Agents

Now that you know which product you want to sell, it’s time to find a suitable manufacturer. That means you need to decide where you want to have your product manufactured – in your own country, the country you want to sell in or elsewhere. To avoid transferring money to a sketchy manufacturer without ever receiving your product, you should hire a sourcing agent to select a manufacturer. They often have a very good network and speak both the manufacturers language and English. This makes negotiations a lot easier and the risk of miscommunication is drastically reduced. Another advantage is that most sourcing agents also know some good quality inspection firms.

3. Quality Inspection Firms

Quality inspections ensure that the manufacturer you have commissioned complies with the agreed quality standards. This means that the colour, size, material and workmanship are strictly controlled. If the quality inspection finds flaws on the batch, the problem can be solved on site. If you don’t hire a quality inspection firm and you notice that your products are defective only after shipping, you would have enormous extra costs as you would either have to destroy the products or send them back to where they came from.

4. Freight Forwarding Companies

Speaking of shipping: to get your products safely from the manufacturer to you or your fulfillment center, you will need a reliable freight forwarder. Your freight forwarder usually communicates independently with the fulfillment center and organizes the logistical process of the shipment.

5. Fulfillment Centers

The choice of the fulfillment center is just as important as choosing a shipping firm. You will need a fulfillment center that can quickly process and fulfill your orders. Whether it’s from the fulfillment center to your Amazon warehouse or directly to the customer – your products should always be in stock to avoid upsetting your customers.

6. Amazon SEO Experts

Just having a good product is not enough to sell successfully on Amazon. You need a good product description that is not only catchy, but also SEO optimized so that you can be found in Amazon search results when a customer searches for your product. There are many freelancers and companies offering Amazon SEO services that will help you create the perfect listing.

7. Listing Translation Services

If you already sell the same product in another country, you can also have the product description translated by a professional Amazon listing translation service and get it optimized afterwards. Professional translators know what linguistic and cultural peculiarities have to be considered. Google translate doesn’t.

8. PPC Specialists

PPC campaigns are a useful tool to boost the sales of your product. However, you can also lose a lot of money with PPC if the campaigns are not properly set up and managed. That’s why you should look for Amazon PPC experts in every country you sell in. They speak the local language perfectly therefore know exactly which keywords should be used.

9. Tax Advisors

The most unpleasant part of any Amazon FBA business is paying taxes. However, this complex issue is one of the most important, because neglecting your tax duties can cost you your business. Additional payments and fines can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s better being safe than sorry. You should therefore get a financial and tax advisor familiar with Amazon FBA for each country you plan on selling to.

10. Payment Services

Once you start your global expansion and sell in multiple markets, you will eventually be dealing with different currencies. Nowadays there are global payment solutions for Amazon FBA sellers that help you keep an eye on your payment flows and allow you to transfer your profits safely and quickly to your bank account.

Final Thoughts

Going into Amazon FBA can be overwhelming. Just the thought that you are remotely managing your business makes it a daunting task. But as the article provided above, there are service providers that you can tap to help your Amazon FBA business to take off to greater heights. Your role as a seller is to know what services you need to grow.

We hope that this can help you in your existing Amazon business. Or, if you are not into it yet, can help you in starting your Amazon FBA business.

If you have more thoughts or insights to share about service providers or Amazon FBA in general, please do let us know in the comments below.

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