Selling on Amazon without Investing a Fortune with Brad Degraw – GFA140

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Episode 140 – the numbers keep cranking up there – and we are doing great here in mid September in Shenzhen, China. Catching up with family a ton over the weekend – but squeaking in today’s recording between English book reading time and baby birthday parties!

So today, let’s hop on over to USA domestic selling on Amazon. Not yet ready to invest in large MOQs with Chinese factories – don’t let that get in your way – Brad Degraw is on today to explain how you can get started with low upfront investment

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro Brad Degraw

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    How did you get started selling on Amazon?

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    Why are there still people waiting to get started?

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    Direct Buying

    Do you need to buy direct from Chinese factories?

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    Steps and Process

    What are the steps, the process, someone should take to get going today?

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    Any common mistakes or roadblocks people face?

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    What are some strategies for finding and getting US distributors onboard?

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    How can people find you online?

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Episode Length 25:14

This is what it is all about – taking action in your business. Just do it. I am loving my video blogging – getting into some fun video situations and just doing it. People ask how they can do it too – the equipment, the setup, etc etc. It is always the same – just do it. Take something you already have, and make it work. As you get more comfortable and more experience – then you can step up your game!

So I hope today’s show motivates you – maybe not just for Amazon selling – but for doing something in your business. Take action – get it going and remember, life is short and every day is a new beginning.

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