From Photographer to Factory Owner, How to Build a Multimillion Dollar Empire with Martin Ma

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Episode 10: From Photographer to Factory Owner, How to Build a Multimillion Dollar Empire with Martin Ma

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Martin Ma, CEO and founder of Eagle enterprise company limited, started his business in 20111 and it was based on his first job. His company based on the management of German companies and the pursuit of product quality and it is also based on the development of global image. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of equipment imaging.

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Thank you everybody for tuning in Global From Asia TV show. We have our series of Cross Border E-Commerce here in China, talking the suppliers, E-Commerce sellers and social workers here on-the ground. And we are today with Martin Ma, the CEO and founder of Eagle Enterprise Company Limited. Thank you for being here, Martin.

Hi everyone I am Ma Yuan, the co-founder of The Eagle Enterprise Company.Our company mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, and sale of equipment imaging. Our business is global.

Ok, great! So how did you first start the company?

I started my business in 2011, and it was based on my first job. I worked at a German company as my first job. So it based on the management of German companies and the pursuit of product quality, it is also based on the development of global image.Technically speaking, the most developed country is Germany. We learned about the global demand of the video industry from our company’s first job, which then prompted me to start our company in the image section. It has been seven years since today.

So, what skills or experiences did you believe help you starting your company?

In this process, I think, from the image of our childhood, the image of the film to the digital time, the image is the product that all humanity needs. It deals with human records, storage, sharing, new media marketing, and the Internet. That’s the reason why it has a big market, and it’s very widely used.

So, how do you decide which products to add to your company?

Our products fall into three main categories. The main thing to do is outdoor cameras, loggers, and life cameras. As for the main function of the three types of products. The outdoor camera we have the largest brand in the world — gopro. It is a leader in our industry. Our company also hopes to bring our brand to the world through the promotion of our brand marketing. We are currently working on the development of police equipment, that is doing some government projects. But now 80% of the marketing and product planning are invested in the part of consumption.Great, so we talk about business a bit.

Let’s talk more about some fun stuff. What’s your hobbies or habits?

I personally prefer photography, which is one of the reasons why I started my business in the video industry. I like to photograph the various bits of life and record the state of life, So I want to do a good job on our products, one of the most important reasons. Because I love to photograph the various bits of life and record the state of life, I am prepared to do a good job on our products, one of the most important reasons.

So we have our coming event Cross Border Matchmaker and here video for more people to know about you and your company. What kind of people and customers are you looking for?

So far, I think, in the development of the company, we hope some good products of our company will sell globally so we can attract some excellent partners and investors in the development of our company.

So now our next segment we are going to some special questions we got for him today. First is, he is a manufacture supplier and he works on many different sellers around the world. Of course, Amazon FBA is very popular and we’ve been in the series kind of digging into different business models, distribution models. So can you share you have some pretty unique innovative ways that you also can make a relationships with these sellers, do you want to share some of those?

We now have three modes in the whole foreign trade part: the first model is the traditional OEM, ODM. Now in OEM and ODM parts, we can reach 50% of the total sales frequency of our company. It’s impossible to lose Traditional trade patterns, because there are many brands in foreign countries need product support. This is the most basic part of what we do. That’s what our company is doing now. And the second part, we also do brand cooperation for small and medium-sized enterprises overseas. We support small batch wholesale on the cooperation brand part. Support our brand to their retail side we can provide a small quantity and the price advantage of a small batch of wholesale to this part of the customer. There are some very advantageous business models to support customers when they go to mid-market. In the third part, our company now is talking with some overseas big sellers about a cooperation mode in the fund part and the circulation part of the goods. When a lot of foreign big sellers get more and more categories of their products. He will receive more and more goods. He will be under pressure in this part. Because his money flow in the transfer encounter certain obstacles. Our company is offering a very advantageous cooperation model to this kind of customers. We support the warehousing of the goods on fob and the full cost will be borne by our company. One of the patterns of cooperation we have with our clients is the sales of time. How much you sell within a month, within three months, and within five months. We will distribute benefits according to time and quantity. We will be able to surrender part of the profits of goods which can be sold quickly to the mid-range sales partners. It is also a more innovative business cooperation model. We can solve the problem of their capital flow and the financial pressure of the goods in the early stage. We’re innovating on this part right now. And it has begun to work with a small number of customers in a pattern. I think in the future, it should be a very good win-win method for factories and dealers.

Thank you.  Great, great! It’s exciting to hear these new models coming up from this e-commerce after see.  Thanks for sharing and that my next final question for today is some competitive advantages, some ways that you have worked with some bigger companies. And how you have your edge on your business?

We have some very good Chinese companies cooperating with us now. For example, we are now doing some very strategic cooperation with HiSilicon’s chip semiconductor which belongs to Huawei. Everyone knows that China’s chip imports are three times as big as oil in 2016. The Chinese government is also pushing its own chips overseas to apply on product side. In this year, our company, especially in October, the fall electronics show in Hong Kong. We will launch a series of 4K imaging products with  HiSilicon semiconductor. I believe that with the cooperation of international companies like HiSilicon, it can push us work with more dealers. It is very helpful in product technical support and consumer product experience. And I believe that our cooperation model will achieve a very big win-win situation.

Ok, so thank you so much for sharing with us today. And what’s the best way, people watching can find or where?

Our company will display our products on site every year. This is the most direct way to communicate with us. The second way, our company has its own website. Our official website is You can keep in touch with us through our website, and we will reply to you in time.

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