Chinese Amazon Sellers React to Mass Banning

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Today’s show is a special edition, an experiment. As you may know, Mike Michelini is back in Shenzhen and back having meetups and gatherings (can’t help himself). During the meetup with international and Chinese sellers, we decided it would make an amazing and unique GFA podcast to talk to the Chinese sellers and get their insight on what this crackdown … Read More

Due to Account Bans – Chinese Amazon Sellers Moving Multi-Channel

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With recent news of Amazon sellers based in China being shut down in droves, we at Global From Asia have been noticing quite a few different reactions in the community. For those not aware, in the summer of 2021, we have witnessed massive brands and sellers on Amazon being shut down overnight. Some simply having their seller account shut down, … Read More

GFATV 351 Broken Border and How The Community Has Adjusted with Jan Mendoza

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In today’s podcast, we are showcasing upcoming speakers for the Cross Border Matchmaker – which is on Friday May 21 – evening Asia time, afternoon in Europe, and morning in Americas. We will discuss some of the topics, some of the speakers, members, programs, and what to expect. For full show notes, check out

GFATV 345 Inside Story of Buying and Selling nft/ & Crypto Handshake Names with Ryan Ramirez

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This is the first episode of a special mini series here at Global From Asia. We are diving into Crypto a bit again and this will be a 4 show mini series about the evolving decentralized internet (dWeb) and covering different players in the space. At the end of the show we’ll give our own insights and applications for ourselves as well as you as a listener, now – let’s tune in to the first episode of this series. For full show notes, check out

GFATV 344 The Rise of Decentralized Internet and NFT with Jehan Chu

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Today, we are talking about Non Fungible Token, handshake NFTs, a little bit of crypto, dWeb, just kind of a lot of announcements and a lot of cool, amazing things with our awesome guest – Jehan Chu, who is a crypto influencer investor in Hong Kong. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

GFATV 343 Cracking The Walls: Getting USA Banking For Global Ecommerce Sellers with Travis Price

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In today’s episode, we’re talking about America, US banking for non Americans for the international community or for e-commerce sellers. Our guest for today is the head of e-commerce growth. We give some really good insights and we talk about some USA banking strategies and of course their service and how they can help you. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out