How to Open a US Bank Account Overseas as a Non USA Citizen

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Need a US bank account but not American? Living abroad? Are you looking for options on applying remotely?

Let’s get you settled today, read on my friend! 🙂

If you’re a frequent traveler to the US, someone who plans to relocate in the US, or maybe a student who plans to take a degree in the states, opening a bank account is probably one of your check lists. Opening a bank account as a foreigner is a bit complicated to do especially in the United States – regulations were tightened due to various money laundering cases and the requirements became more complex. But fret not, opening a US bank account as a foreigner is still possible with preparation, proper documentation and a little bit of patience.

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What Can I Do With My US Bank Account?

  • With a US Bank Account you may access your money freely and avoid whopping international fees while you’re in the US
  • If you plan to work with a US company, then you won’t have trouble getting your salary being directly deposited to your account
  • US bank accounts basically earn more interest
  • Shopping or getting paid online is a lot easier with a US bank account

How Is Your American Bank Search Going?

Before we get too far into it, let’s share where we are in the US banking process, fill out the quick poll below and see where others are in your situation too.

Click above to see the results of the poll after submitting your answer.

What Are The Requirements In Opening An Account?

Note that not all banks have the same set of requirements, it sometimes varies depending on which state you plan on residing/moving to. Nonetheless, below are the usual and most common requirements by most banks:

Other Supporting Documents You May Need

  • Secondary identification card such as driver’s license, work visa or student ID.
  • Immigration Documents
  • Bank Statement from your local bank
  • Credit History Report
  • Certification of employment from your US employer
  • Enrollment Form (if you’re a student)

Ideally, it is best to reach out to the bank you intend to visit via phone call to clarify the documents needed before heading to the bank.

Account Opening Procedure

  • Go to the bank
  • Bring the required documents
  • Get interviewed/signed up
  • Make an initial deposit. – note that for large amount deposits, a proof of funds may be required.

Do I Need To Visit The US To Open An Account?

In most cases, yes.

To ease the account opening procedure, visiting the US to open an account would be an excellent thing to do. Nevertheless, going to the US just to open an account isn’t really a requirement for some banks. Nowadays, you can open an account online – only it takes long and you have a higher risk of getting disapproved.

How To Open A US Bank Account From Overseas?

Not all banks allow this, but there are some like HSBC and Citibank that allows you to open a bank account without you having to fly to the United States. To do this, you may:

1. Contact the bank representative to get you assisted – some banks may allow you to submit your documents by scanning & emailing them to them.

2. If you plan to open an account with a global bank that is also operating in your country (such as HSBC, CitiBank, Barclays, et al) you may actually coordinate with them to assist you in opening a bank account in the US prior your arrival.

3. Sign up online. Some banks like Chase & Bank of America offer online application services.

Best US Banks to Open an Account With

Wells Fargo, Capital One , Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Suntrust will open an account for you without issues as long as you submit all the necessary documents.

Do I Need A Physical US Address To Open An Account?

Yes. As part of the US Patriot Act and Anti-money laundering program, Banks requires every account holder to have a physical address which shall be: (i) For an individual, a residential or business street address; (ii) For an individual who does not have a residential or business street address, an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) box number, or the residential or business street address of next of kin or of another contact individual.

How To Open US Bank Account With No Physical US Address

  1. Use the address of a relative or next of kin
  2. Use the address of a friend
  3. Use a registered agent address / mail forwarding service. If all else fails, using a registered agent address should be your last option. Some banks accept this, especially if the mail service provider is just small-time and is less likely to get flagged as a registered agent address.
  4. Use a personal mailbox by the UPS store

This is basically like a mail forwarding service + PO Box combined – only it gives you a real street address and not a PO Box number. Moreover, you can choose from any UPS Store Location.

If you plan to open a bank account and declare your address as a registered agent address, then you are most likely to get disapproved or declined. As part of KYC (Know-your-customer), banks require a legit physical domicile. Typically, you can choose from these 4 options mentioned above and open an account without telling the bank anything about the address specified.

US Banking Setup

Watch this video on opening a US Bank Account as our co-host, Lyka, answers questions asked by our readers. Who knows, you might be asking the same. Check this out:

Requirements For Corporate / Business Account

Want to watch an overview of the US banking setup? You’re in luck, Lyka, our GFA co-host, brings you the video tutorial here.

  • Passport + Secondary ID
  • Articles of incorporation/organisation
  • Proof of Address (such as billing statement/utility bill)
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Legit business address
  • Initial Deposit
  • Expected Cash Flow Figures

Opening A Business Account From Overseas

As previously mentioned, personally opening a bank account is basically the easiest way to get one, especially if it’s a corporate account. However, if going to the US is not an option for you, there are certain banks that may help you set up an account without having to fly to the states such as Wells Fargo & Bank of America*.

* Note on applying online at Wells Fargo and Bank of America – this was verified to work for others in the past but over the years since this blog article was made they have not allowed non US citizens to apply for their banking solutions online.

We have been adding related posts and guides for those looking to expand their business into USA, please check out these related posts: getting a USA virtual address and How to Incorporate in USA, enjoy!

Help is on the way

Watch A Video Showing Alex’s new Bank of America Account 

One of our partner banker services helped get Alex setup with a Bank of America. He’s from Mexico and didn’t have to go to US in person to apply.

Let’s check out the bank process here of him logging in and getting some things done with our host, Mike.

Video on opening USA bank account

Another bonus! When you use one of our USA banking partners, we at GFA will get you a course on how to use your US banking service. Watch the video now (free).

Pro Tip – Use a USA IP with a VPN  

As we have talked to people setting up their American banking operation, we noticed they are not using a US IP address. They are using Mexico, or wherever they are, and the US bank websites turns to Spanish.

This is a problem

Why’s that?

Basically, it is the location of your computer, and if you are going to be safe we recommend you using a location of the computer that is in USA so that the bank doesn’t trigger any fraud alerts.

We have a special offer from a VPN company here or you can read about setting up a VPN here.

Another USA Banking Option

Here at Global From Asia, we talk to so many different companies to help readers get a US bank account solution. One is a client trust account. This means you are using a combination of your own account login with a trusted partner.

There is an upfront fee for setting this up, and it can be used for Amazon and Shopify and other online marketplaces, to learn more ask to connect with that trust account option here

Looking for USA Business Banking Help?

While many of you are looking for a consumer (individual) US bank account, we recommend if you’re serious about long term US financial solutions to consider opening a USA company. Our team at Global From Asia specializes in assisting non-US citizens with company setup and banking and would love to work with you. If this seems interesting talk to one of our representatives or read more on our USA VIP packages today.

Questions From Your Banking Experience

We’ve had quite a few people email us their experiences, we would love to document it here to help others – you can help us by answering the following questions:

  • When did you open a USA bank account?
  • Did you have to go to the USA to do it?
  • What were the fees to do it?
  • What is the name of the bank?
  • Do you hear if it is easier or harder these days?

Let us all work together to make this headache of banking globally easier!

Infographic on USA Bank Opening

The team at GFA made a full detailed infographic – free – to help you on your bank account application journey – view and download the high resolution version here.

Download the free US Banking infographic

We hope that can be a map or guide for you along this complex journey of opening a bank account in America.

Question & Input From Readers

Let Us Help Connect You With a USA Banking Advisor

We have had a lot of requests for help with USA banking – and can connect you with specialists and solutions for your banking nightmare. To get started click the button below:

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At Global From Asia, we truly wish you the best in your US banking endeavor – it has been a struggle for many and let’s all work together to achieve success.

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96 Comments on “How to Open a US Bank Account Overseas as a Non USA Citizen”

  1. Drew Cohen

    Hi All:

    Through a large New York bank, our Management Company is offering USA bank accounts for foreign companies to settle their and other e-commerce payments.

    In sum our Management Company will be the signatory on the designated account but the foreign company will be the account-holder and will input all wiring information. Our Management Company will then authorize each transaction.

    Drew F. Cohen, JD/MBA

    1. Moustafa Aly

      I would like to know how could you help me to open a personal and Business account in a US bank? I am a non US citizen and my business is doing work for US clients.
      What are the requirements and the associated fees?

      1. Happy Banker

        Yes we do us bank account for non resident with out visit, use the connect with banker rep service here at Global From Asia and they can connet you to us if w are the right fit for you.

    2. Andre

      Wells Fargo and Bank of America require you to visit a bank in person to open a bank account.”I’ve tried both”

    3. Kelly

      Am Kelly from Ghana and I would be very glad to open a bank account in US and also have credit card from the same bank.
      My can write back to me with the procedure involved.

      1. bASIT

        HLW how you can open bank acount in USA plz give some information and detail which documents the bank require to non citizen

    4. Nash

      Hi Drew,

      Does a registered agent’s address work? If I want to setup a business account – and not having to travel to the US, don’t have a physical address – only have registered agent’s address and a EIN number and US LLC entity, could I use your service to open up a bank account for my business?

    5. HIBA

      Hi Drew! How can I open a US bank account as a non-American citizen? I don’t live in the US.

    6. Akhlaq Hussain

      Hi, I need to open an individual account in USA to receive and transfer my online commission , Do you help for this ?

  2. Moustafa Aly

    I would like to know how could you help me to open a personal and Business account in a US bank? I am a non US citizen and my business is doing work for US clients.
    What are the requirements and the associated fees?

  3. Semih Abalıoğlu

    I already started my company in delaware and i got my EIN number & physical address which is my office and i even got a phone number,
    but the bank of america and other banks still insist for me to go one of their branches and open an account by physically. Actually is not possible for me to go there and do it. please help me to solve this issue.

    1. Idem Dan


      Have you been looking for ways, on how to OPEN and HAVE a US BANK ACCOUNT as a non resident ? Are you a Non US resident or selling using PayPal, 2Checkout, Storm Pay, Click Bank, or any other common payment service, you. Know how expensive and time consuming is to get your fund in your country.I wrote this report to help people like myself, yourself who searches for an easy way to open a US Bank Account for non US residents, without Social Security Number or going to the US, and virtually without cost.

      1. Harinder

        Hi Idem
        You haven’t write here how to OPEN and HAVE a US BANK ACCOUNT as a non resident ? If you have any resolution on this please do share it will be very helpful for many like we people are. Thank you

      2. calvin chui

        i want to do the same thing … i already have bank of america account and i do not like them

  4. charlotte Christensen

    hi as per 22 november 2017 bank of america, chase and suntrust etc are no longer able to open a business account UNLESS one of the registered shareholders are an american citizen. we have spent a week getting hit by wall after wall. Unless we sign over the registration possibility to our lawyer or accountant- and that means they will also be able to sign for the business with everything- we are close to giving up- any ideas?

      1. Malick

        Hi Michael!
        Got any success w/t SVB? Please please describe if u hv got a bank a/c without visiting US. Further, Registration in another state & a/c in another state (As I m planning to register in WY & have bank a/c in NJ as my relative is there to b my agent/manager)

        1. Soniya

          Don’t even try Silicon Valley Bank… I have had relation with Silicon Valley for almost 2 years now and suddenly they said they are closing the account without giving any reason…

  5. manjanoor

    I can get you a company and bank account in usa. You just need to submit your documents and we will do all the processing for you. I had helped many businesses to get company and bank account in USA. we get it along with online access and debit card. I charge a small consultation fee for this. The process will generally take 3-4 weeks in total. where in first week we send you state incorporation certificate. after that 5-10 business days you get your EIN and in another week you get your bank account.

      1. Michael Michelini

        Hi Soniya,
        The best is to use the “get intro to banker” button in the blog post – this is a system to keep things smooth and matched based on your specific situation – worked hard on doing it to help as many people as psosible.

      2. Sathiamoorthy Gurusamy

        I have Delaware business registration certificate and Ein registration number. My residence India. My friend have USA citizens. He have USA driving license and SSN number. I want USA bank account

    1. Sathiamoorthy Gurusamy

      I have Delaware business registration certificate and Ein registration number. My residence India. My friend have USA citizens. He have USA driving license and SSN number. I want USA bank account

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  7. Shehan

    Has anyone here had success opening a Bank account in the US which could be linked to Paypal & other payment gatways. as a non resident ??

    1. Michael Michelini

      Hi Shehan,
      There are a few different options for this based on your current situation – if you complete the form on the “connect with US bank rep” we will customize it based on your situation. But generally it is best if you use a US company

      1. luis

        Hi Michael. sorry. If I have an llc in Fl. Miami and I am not a resident, can I associate the bank account with paypal? Does this allow Paypal? waiting your kind response. Thanks Luis

  8. Fabio

    I’m planning a trip to Los Angeles on October, if I want to open a bank account in USA, can I open it while I’m there with my ESTA or I need a visa B?

  9. D

    Can you give me a link to contact representatives and remotely Open A Business Account with Bank of America?

  10. SJ

    Hi Michael
    I’m planning to visit us to open business bank account, I’m having llc over there which is earlier manage by the managing manager who stays in US ,but now I want to open new account with my name only ?

  11. Veronicka

    I have to look into this, it sounds like a great alternative to what I’ve been doing so far. I don’t live in the US and I’m there maybe three months out of the year and I purchase visa gift cards without any hiccups so far for the past two years, and think that although I love the mobility and ease of getting US Visa gift cards, I want a more permanent solution solution sine my US business is taking off And I might be spending more time there. So opening a bank account as a business would be easier for me since I am not a citizen and have no residency?

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  13. Littaut

    I have a ssn but live in the Netherlands.
    My account at Morgan Stanley no longer accepts non resident citizens
    So I need to transfer the account to a NYC bank which does and receive a debit card as well.
    How do I proceed without going to the USA

  14. Raj

    I am an overseas investor with an LLC & EIN in the US & need to open a bank account to receive payments.
    Is it possible to open an account remotely?

  15. Meredith

    I’m an American living overseas and can not find a bank to open a business bank account for me remotely.

    It’s terrible!!

  16. Bob

    Hi Every one who can help for opening business bank account is USA without visting please share me your Email ID

  17. William


    we would be needed open a BOA account for our e-commerce site shopify receive money.
    Can you help us out ? thanks.

    Best Regards:

  18. carly

    This article is misinformed, I called Wells Fargo and BofA and neither allow foreigners to open an account remotely.

    1. Lucas

      If you want to open a business account, fill out the form for banking help – they can help you with that through Bank of America, without you having to fly to the USA.

  19. FRANCE


  20. tom

    Question, does the IRS or US Bank report your bank account to Canadian CRA? Anyone know?

  21. Winnie Matehe

    I’m in the UK and my bank is in the USA .
    I need too sign papers at my USA bank .
    How can I do this with out flying back . They have said I need to do it in.person there any other way for me to deal with this


    hi, what if my primary reason to open an US-based bank account is to apply other account that requires an US-based bank account. For example, for open a stocks trading account requires a bank account in US. is it possible that the bank to approve this?

  23. kate

    Anyone please how much is the fee for the activation of the online bank account in usa? thanks in advanced!

  24. Alisha Rossi

    fantastic post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice
    this. You should proceed your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

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    I wonder how so much effort you put to create such a magnificent informative site abotu US banking, thank you for this help.

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    I’m so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

    1. Iddrisu Yussif

      My name is Yussif from Ghana and I want to create a bank account in US, without passport for now can that be possible? If so please help me.

  28. Lavanya Kota

    If you’re an international student, try signing up for the services. They have a US digital bank account that international students can sign up for and transfer money to for free even before arriving in the US. The sign-up process was simple and took me only 5 minutes on my smartphone. By the time I arrived in the US, a Visa debit card for my account was already waiting for me in the mail at my US residential address. I now use my debit card to pay for most of my purchases in the US and to withdraw or deposit cash at ATMs whenever needed.

    1. Lavanya Kota

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that I didn’t even need a US social security number (SSN) or individual tax identification number (ITIN) to sign up for it.

  29. Manja

    Hi All,
    We are at UCB Business solutions are specialised in registering LLC for non residents, across world and we help you to open a bank account.
    We charge nominally for this service. Please look into us by using the contact form in the blog post, and we will be on of the company

  30. nicholasandrea

    I’m looking for a bank account that makes it easy and safe for everyone to access, send, receive and store money in the United States from anywhere in the world.

    US Bank Account | Open US Bank Account | Remote Bank Account | Digital Bank Account | Digital Bank | USA Bank Account | Bank Account remotely in US

    1. rubaahmad

      I can recommend Bank, if you use the GLobal From Asia connect with a banker service, it is the best way to find the right provider. After filling it out – and if we are connected –
      Open You Account NOW:
      US Bank Account | Open US Bank Account | Remote Bank Account | Digital Bank Account | Digital Bank | USA Bank Account | Open Bank Account remotely in US

      1. Happy Banker

        Yes, we do US business Bank account for non resident. I recommend using the connect with banker service above so that GLobla From Asia can connect you to the right provider and see if we are the right fit.

    2. Robert

      Hi contact me via email to assist you with opening an account remotely when you fill out the GFA connect to banker form

  31. Danny witney

    Wow thanks for this wonderful explanation I have applied from here in italy and I followed your steps. Thanks alot .

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    Many people believe that they get advantages by opening an account outside the country, but indeed it is a solution that has advantages and disadvantages. It is, therefore, necessary to carefully evaluate how to act and weigh different situations, starting from the country were to open the online checking account since not all of them are that convenient. The opening of an online account allows us to access a series of advantages that traditional banking does not offer in many cases or, at least, not under the same conditions. The suggestion to find the best foreign online bank account is to rely on the web to make preventive comparisons, by visiting the most significant number of banks’ websites to get an idea of the offer. However I believe if someone willing to open a online bank account he/she can check flights to USA instead.

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