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Over the years, more and more of our readers have been looking for help on immigrating to the United States of America. From DV Lottery visas to US bank accounts, to US companies, we have been collecting your requests and making as much free educational resources as well as services to help you achieve your goals.

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Here are a few ways we can help you on your immigration journey

DV Lottery Forum

We merged with a Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Forum and have it hosted and moderated now by the Global From Asia team. This is a free resource for you to learn from others – but also share your experiences and knowledge in the immigration journey.


US Company Formation

Want to register your US Company and looking for a how to guide? We want you to get educated first before making the big decision of company formation, check out our free guide on US company setup.


US Bank Account Help

Some may not want to immigrate to America, but instead want to get a bank account in the United States for their business or personal use. Whether this be for your personal or business use, we have an extensive blog post covering that here


Apply For US Immigration Full Service Help

Immigration Help – Want to work with a professional firm on your immigration paperwork and application process? We have a division who can help provide full service assistance to ensure you are doing everything correctly and on the best route to attaining your immigration entry to USA.

More resources on the way, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact Global From Asia