Advisory – Protests at Hong Kong Airport

Quick Advisory – Protests at Hong Kong Airport

Seems everyone in today’s wired society should have heard about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. Well – the protests have taken a move to the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Why Are They Protesting at the Airport?

The protesters moved their efforts to the international airport to bring more awareness to international visitors to the SAR (Special Administrative Region).

When Is the Protest?

These protests have been organized on the weekends, and the reports we have been hearing is that the protest will be happening on Saturday July 27, 2019.

What Should I Do As an Airport Visitor?

There isn’t much you can do! We hope it doesn’t affect our business travelers coming in and out of this great airport- protests have mainly been peaceful – it is simply a demonstration of the majority of Hong Kong people who are not satisfied with their political leaders and the ways they have been handling recent matters.

Global From Asia doesn’t get political – this post today is simply a notice to our Hong Kong Airport guide readers that utilize this information to travel.

Stay Calm and Stay Safe

Here at Global From Asia we are big fans of this amazing airport. We wish all the travelers and amazing staff the best and simply go about your normal travel business today.

Some of you may be wondering about the situation in HK

As the HK airport was closed on Aug 12, 2019 – many have asked if they should still use the Hong Kong airport.

Protests are overly peaceful, targets are political and at certain times toward infrastructure.

From our risk experts, it does not seem likely that this will go on through October 1st, 70th anniversary of CCP.

With that said, there are many ways to arrive without having to worry about what is going on in Hong Kong:

  1. Macau
  2. SZ
  3. Guangzhou
  4. HK airport (and then ferry from airport without ever actually touching HK)

We hope the above clearly addresses the concern of a reader who sent in this question:

Good evening, I would like to ask if the airport of China and Hong Kong is connected or far? I’m asking because I saw a violence in the Hong Kong and I have flight stop by in China. I wanna make sure if the airport in China is not connected to HK airport

Airport of China (whichever among the many) and HK airport are not connected.  In fact, China is the recommended detour for travelers who were supposed to arrive through HK Airport.

The events have been unprecedented.

As a cross border entrepreneur, disruption happen at times and that is part of the excitement of the international game.


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