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Guangdong TV is a television network owned by Guangdong Radio and Television in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in China. Guangdong TV is the oldest television station in Guangdong province, based in Guangzhou, near the Guangzhou TV Station. The station covers Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. At present, Guangdong TV has a staff of around 1,800 people.

On 1 January 1960, the first program broadcast on Guangdong TV was Who is the Uncle. Later, in July, Guangdong TV opened a second channel. In 1963, the station wanted to produce its films overseas with the help of other film companies, but that did not find any chance of success until First National TV agreed to do so in 1964. Yuexiu Mountain Tower was operated officially in 1966.

In 1970, GDTV produced a TV documentary called From the Romanian mountains and rivers set ambitious. It is made of optical Interest Videos, making 30 copies of the film distribution companies pay issue, Guangdong Province. As a result, GDTV became the first in the whole of Guangdong-Taiwan Province to distribute television documentaries. In April 1971, 7.5 kilowatts black and white television transmitters were installed and operated officially. During that year, nearly 30 people began to build a television photographer corps, which they distributed in nine regions across the province. The municipal and the People’s Liberation Army and the provincial and municipal units of some have cameras.

In 1972, GDTV filmed the first color television documentary, Shek Wan Ceramics blossoming of new flowers. The following year, the use of colour video was first introduced (Philip 2 inch machine). In 1974, GDTV did expand to eight channels, which some of them broadcast in colour and the transmitting power was 10 kW. Later that year, the colour TV broadcast system was formally established.

In 1976, the two primary channels finally in colour. A year later, another channel was operational that was specifically targeting Cantonese speakers. At that time, the use of the first trucks that carry colour television was operational. By 1978, remote cameras were also in use.

On 1 January 1979, Guangzhou TV Station was formally renamed Guangdong TV. With Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), GDTV produced a show to promote Hong Kong and Guangdong cultural ties with far-reaching significance. As a result, this is the first cooperation between the mainland China and Hong Kong in comprehensive television programs. In early April, Guangdong-Taiwan set up TV advertising. Advertising Bureau and Hong Kong, Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong, Chua advertising company signed a contract agent in Hong Kong and Macau in order to start the advertising business. In August of that year, after the Cultural Revolution, the first self-recorded TV shows on GDTV was Small Two Brothers (multi-machine video plus video), which was organized by the National network television.

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