Take a

Hua Qiang Bei


Visit the Shenzhen Electronics Market and get exclusive content and connections.


Action Packed Day In HuaQiangBei Market!

See the market first handMake new friends from around the worldGet insights from Americans with shops in the market!Tour on the streets of Hua Qiang Bei Shenzhen China
Check out logistics companiesLearn about the history of Hua Qiang BeiOpen your eyes to new manufacturing processes.In the action of it all!
Have a great time together and learn about electronics in China

A Hands-On Business Tour of Hua Qiang Bei

Have you heard about the Hua Qiang Bei electronics market in Shenzhen? Want to know more about how you can manufacture your products into China without having to deal with the stressful hassle of dealing with middle men and Skype chat headaches?

Then this trip is for you! See it and learn!

Take a Hua Qiang Bei Tour!

For those who want to meet in Hua Qiang Bei: see you at 10am in the market, we’ll make a Wechat group for exact location.

For those who want to share cars, please let our customer service know and we can arrange, best to do that at 9am.

Want a Customized HQB Tour?

Are you a tour operator? Do you have special request for a group trip to Hua Qiang Bei? We have tour guides ready for you. Please contact us for a specific package. When sending in your group tour travel request, please let us know if you need a bus (if so, from in Shenzhen or outside), how many hours you’d like to tour, how many people, and how many tour guides you would like. We normally suggest one tour guide for a group of 15 people – but of course more attention is better so it is up to you!