Professors Pandemic Event 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the world radically that sent everyone in a frenzy to think of out-of-this-world ways to cope. It also changed the global economic landscape that moved businesses to either close, slow down, pivot or innovate.

Conferences, trade fairs, business networking events also felt the brunt of the pandemic when organizers were forced to cancel.

This did not stop though entrepreneurs who have found this as an opportunity to help other businesses survive, thrive and still scale and grow in the midst of the pandemic.

Enter, Howard Thai’s Professors Pandemic Event.

What is the Professors Pandemic Event all about?

Howard Thai, known as the Professor of Amazon who generates over $5 billion for his clients annually, will be bringing his mastermind to the virtual stage for the first time.

The Professors Pandemic Event as with the live mastermind events that Howard Thai holds about four times annually, gathers the best minds within all of the Amazon ecosystem.

This is to give an opportunity for other entrepreneurs to join and get insights and knowledge about Amazon, in the comforts of their own homes.

If you know all about Howard Thai and would like to join the Professors Pandemic Event you can reserve your seats here using the code EASTHACKER:

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When and where is this happening?

The virtual mastermind shall be held on June 29th and 30th. The event venue shall be in the comfort of your own homes.

Who shall be speaking at the Professors Pandemic Event?

The action-packed event, however virtual, will have these geniuses sharing about their insights and knowledge that can also help you scale and grow your business (as officially presented by the event site):

EMCEE: ELIZABETH HERRERA: Multiple 7 figure PER MONTH seller will be keeping you entertained and informed through each speaker’s transition.

​SPEAKER 1 – ANTHONY LEE: Rank on Amazon leveraging External Traffic, and discover the fundamentals of ranking via multiple mediums.

​SPEAKER 2 – ETIENNE AMEIL: Mastering the European marketplace plus the tools and systems that you can use to automate your business on all platforms.

SPEAKER 3 – GEORGE MERESSA: Paid Advertising has changed due to this pandemic and you’ll discover how to leverage Amazon DSP and more in 2020.

​SPEAKER 4 – MARK CASEY: What hidden gems hide behind the data of over 5000 clients? Discover how to optimize listings for both conversion and ranking!

​SPEAKER 5 – NETZAH TOPAZ: Receive insights from the Apprentice of one of Amazon’s most sophisticated sellers and how to THRIVE in competitive spaces.

​SPEAKER 6 – SHANE OGLOW: Press Releases still work (if you know what he knows)… Discover how to use the power of press to boost your product rank and sales.

Reserve my seat with code EASTHACKER

SPEAKER 7 – SHLOMY NIDAM: Did you know Amazon launches big brands on their own platform? You’ll learn how to dominate these large competitors in 2020!

​SPEAKER 8 – TARIK BERRADA: Exploit data from Amazon and structure PPC campaigns to target ALL competitor keywords and maximize market share!

​SPEAKER 9 – KEN KUBEC: Discover the secrets that a true business mastermind knows with respect to buying and selling Amazon accounts and businesses.

​SPEAKER 10 – CRAIG ROMERO: Discover what it takes to expand globally through Amazon and other platforms that most sellers haven’t even yet discovered!

​SPEAKER 11 – NORMAN FARRA: During this event, you’ll discover a NEW and misunderstood tool – Amazon Posts – and how they’ll Change The Game for you!

​SPEAKER 12 – TRAVIS KILLIAN: Listen to one of the top 100 Amazon sellers in the World dive deep into his strategies for scaling and scaling HARD!

​SPEAKER 13 – JOSHUA HUDSON: Discover how this Gen Z “kid” used Howard’s systems to resurrect ONE old SKU from almost no sales to $40,000+ per month!

​SPEAKER 14 – HOWARD THAI: Last but not least, Howard Thai (the Professor himself) will be delivering keynote presentations rich with priceless strategy!

Getting more value than what you pay for

The price for Howard Thai’s mastermind events is usually at a low of $12,000.00. But that will be brought down drastically as a one-time offer now of only $1,995. Plus, you will get these bonuses for free:

* BONUS 1 * Access to the Elite Seller Society (ESS) where case studies and secret information are dropped periodically. In this group, you’ll have access to world class Amazon experts including the Professor – Howard Thai – himself: ($1,997.00 REAL value)

​* BONUS 2 * You recieve 100% FREE access to 1 Signalytics PFR Report V2.0. This gives the most comprehensive competitive intelligence possible for ANY ASIN or niche you desire. Discover the holy grail of keywords by having the most important keywords for your niche! ($497.00 REAL value)

​* BONUS 3 * PDF Copies of the Presentations from all the speakers as well as the recordings of their keynotes: (2,000.00 REAL value)

Save Your Seat

Don’t miss out on this one-time offer where you can get more value and insights that can help you in scaling and growing your business.

If you want to know more about the Professors Pandemic Event and reserve your seats, you can head on to the link in the button below and use the code EASTHACKER.

Reserve my seat with code EASTHACKER

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