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Prosper Show: Needed Convention for Amazon Sellers

Prosper Show is a conference that happens annually with the purpose of sharing great practice experience and providing significant networking opportunities for established Amazon sellers. It is designed to promote development of businesses of Amazon sellers, for them to build better businesses using forefront information from former Amazon business leaders and leading industry speakers. This year, Prosper Show will be happening at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas on March 17-19, 2019. Pre-conference workshops are incorporated and will happen on March 17, 2019.

What will I expect during the show?

Pure action!

How much is the registration?

First Day

  • The fun starts on the first day with a workshop about finding and setting up reliable manufacturing partners in China and some basic information you will need for your venture such as troubleshooting with concrete examples.

  • This will be followed by another workshop on how to make a successful video strategy on Amazon which will cover everything between building your brand, engaging your followers, and increasing you sales workshop attendees.

  • Joining the list activities will be a workshop on how to use Youtube and Facebook effectively to boost your products’ popularity through campaigns and ads.

  • The first day will end with a workshop on navigating through Amazon.

Second Day

  • James Thomson will kick start day 2 of Prosper Show followed by experiences of speakers Jonathan Goldman, Eugene Wong, Kevin King, Brittany McCormick, and Steven Simonson about their experiences in the Amazon industry.

  • An analyst will also be teaching you the importance of advertising and how you can use it as leverage for your business.

  • Entrusting you with the emerging significance of Facebook Messenger, Bryan Bowman will take the stage and speak biggest marketing strategies on how utilizing this app can outmaneuver competitors.

  • An ultimate guide to a profitable growth in Amazon will be taught to attendees alongside with the discussion of the influence of a design patent in protecting sellers from infringement.

  • Topics such as staying on the Amazon bandwagon and tax will end the information-packed second day.

Third Day

  • On the third day, an event called Prosper Product Acceleration Challenge will take place. In this event, a co-operative panel of entrepreneurs will evaluate pre-selected attendees about their products. Among these attendees, one winner will be selected and awarded over $60,000 of capital investment & marketing services to boost the growth the brand.

  • With the right energy to start the last day of the event, it will be followed up by a talk about how to communicate effectively with manufacturers especially those that are overseas.

  • Karen Waksman will then talk you through tips and strategies on how to get your products to sell in big boxes to retail chains.

  • To let you see the importance of cash flow management and how it is one of the biggest reasons why business fail, Simon Chikosh will cover how supply chains evolve as business grow and teach you different models which best suit your business.

  • You will be taught the importance of automation process in preventing wasted time from slowing the growth of your business and discover its untapped potential.

  • Other helpful talks will follow regarding other key points to remember when dealing with Amazon.

  • The third and last day of the event will end with a wrap-up of highlights during the entire Prosper Show.

The registration period for the Prosper Show is still open, you can join the conference for $399 tp $899!

If you are a Workshop Attendee, early bird registration (until December 1, 2018) starts at $399…BUT, good news! The standard pass is only offered for $399. However, you should secure your slot now. With your $399, you have an access to the workshops on March 17, and an access to the exhibit on March 18 and 19. Moreover, you will not be starving on the days of learning because breakfast and lunch on March 18 to 19! But, being a workshop attendee does not include an access to the conference sessions on March 18 or 19.

The Conference Attendee pass type is offered for only $799 for early bird registrants (until December 1, 2018), it gives you access to all sessions and exhibits on March 18 and 19. Moreover, it has a breakfast and lunch inclusion on March 18 to 19. However, this pass type does not include an access to the workshops on March 17.

Join the Prosper Show!

You only have to listen and learn in order to succeed.


Prosper Show: Needed Convention for Amazon Sellers
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