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Currencies Direct: Transfer Money Directly and Safely

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You can send your money safely and directly internationally with Currencies Direct. Just simply sign up on Currencies Direct. Do not worry! It is fast, simple, and for free. Select the currency and location of recipient. You can send your money through bank transfer or cards. They will convert the money on the exact same day. However, you should take note that the arrival time may vary depending on the selected currency, time of transfer, and receiving bank processing.

If you want to have a visual information of how Currencies Direct work, watch the video they have prepared.

Transfer Money with Currencies Direct

They provide a fast and secure transfer money abroad, they always make sure to offer the best exchange rate.  Compared to banks, they have higher exchange rates and no hidden fees.

You can facilitate the money transfer through their mobile application that is available on the application store of Android and Apple. Once you have logged in, you can make a live exchange rate, make a money transfer directly or manage your account.

What are the amazing features of their transfer money?

  • Money transfers are safe, fast, secure, and available 24/7.
  • You can transfer money between the range £100 to £25,000.
  • There is a live exchange quotes.
  • You can buy a currency now and transfer the money at a later date.
  • You can manage and add recipients.
  • Moreover, you can send money to more than one recipient at a time.
  • All online and online transfer history is available for view.
  • Rate alerts are available to follow and have updates of the markets.

Currency Exchange Rate

There is no better way in looking for the best exchange rate but with Currencies Direct. They have an available 24/7 live exchange rates. Moreover, you can manage your money and set a rate alert.

If you have a desired exchange rate, contact them. They will either buy the currency on your behalf when the target rate is achieved. However, if the targeted exchange rate is not hit, Currencies Direct will still assist you to provide you the best exchange rate as possible.

Why Currencies Direct?

Currencies Direct is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, they are categorized to be an Electronic Money Institution. They have the highest possible credit rating of Dun and Bradstreet. This means that they are considered to have the lowest risk possibility.

They also handled over worth £4.5 billion in just last year alone. Why? Because they are trusted by more than 210, 000 people.


Currencies Direct: Transfer Money Directly and Safely
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