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Do you know that when you send money abroad through SendWyre, you are actually sending money 8 times cheaper than the banks?

When you send money through banks, it takes 3 days to get the money. What if you are in a rush? SendWyre is the answer! SendWyre helps you send money in under 6 hours. Within the 6 hours, you do not have to worry. Because, SendWyre believes that transparency is the key to a successful business. Thus, each payment made through SendWyre has a unique tracking link.

How Much Can You Save With Sendwyre?

SendWyre supports two transfers, the cross-currency transfers and the same-currency transfers.

Cross-currency transfers involves currency exchange. There will be a 0.75% fee for the processing or a minimum fee to be determined by the payout currency. SendWyre uses Mid-Market Exchange Rate or Real Exchange Rate. It uses the midpoint between the buying price and the selling price of the currency. Thus, with SendWyre, there are no hidden charges!

To be sure with their claims, SendWyre introduces their Live Currency Exchange Rates. It offers the lowest possible fee. Save more with SendWyre! Same-currency transfers only involves the same currency. SendWyre only charge 0.20% for the processing or a minimum fee to be determined after the payout currency. Those who use bitcoin on same-currency transfers have different miner fee. Minimum Fee

The above table shows the minimum fee in accordance to the payout currency. Those currencies that are supported are not included with the minimum fee.

Senders who do not transact above the minimum will be required to pay the minimum fee listed above.

Where are the areas of operation of SendWyre?

Wire deposits in adding funds or sending money is only available in the United States.

Wire deposits in adding funds only are available in the following locations:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong

Sending money through banks are available in the following locations:

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • China

Sending money through Alipay is only available in China.

Senders must be reminded that virtual currency transfers are not supported in Hong Kong.

What Are The Core Functions Of SendWyre?

SendWyre can be utilized in tuition payments, property purchase, migrating abroad, sending money, savings and investment, and overseas purchases.

Why Is SendWyre Best For Business Owners?

Modern businesses with customers who use SendWyre to transfer money can save an average of 6%.

There are 4 actual benefits from using SendWyre:

  • Real-time payouts
  • Direct-to-Bank
  • 6% Cheaper than Banks on Average
  • Safe & Secure

SendWyre Dashboard

The Dashboard is the medium where money are transferred easily. It only take hours to transfer with SendWyre and only charges 0.75% for it. Currency exchange can be easily seen in the dashboard.

It will save you time because it manage and refer the recurred contacts of your business. Thus, SendWyre is exactly what you need to any of your business transactions.

API Solution for Global Payments

The API for SendWyre is the solution for most business owners. It is a platform that enables the international users to settle their transaction within hours. It also offers virtual bank accounts for foreigners who use SendWyre and has a business in the United States.

You can ensure your security with SendWyre. They declared that they do not have hidden bank charges or FX fee. Trust this! SendWyre is a licensed medium for money transfers.

Why SendWyre?

You can safely send and receive money all over the world with SendWyre. You do not have to worry and doubt about the exchange rate and fees. SendWyre does not have any hidden fees. It provides the best rates!

More so, you can track your money transfers in real-time. From the start of the processing until the completion of transaction, you can track it.

A safe and secured service is ensured for you. All of the data and processes are protected and encrypted on highly secured servers.

Updates To China Payment Service – Aug 2018

We have been hearing rumors for a couple weeks now about Send Wyre no longer supporting payments into Mainland China – but no official response or PR release from Send Wyre. Now that we finally have heard it – we are waiting for an official response.

Looking for SendWyre Alternative?

We have heard rumors for a while about Send Wyre stopping their China payments – and today we have received an email announcement – see below:

Hi Mike,

Reluctantly, we have taken the decision to end our retail cross-border payment services on Monday September 17, 2018.

The truth is we came to a crossroads in terms of the future direction of Wyre and we concluded that our strategic priorities lie elsewhere. We also know other specialist providers already have retail cross-border covered.

What happens next?

Between now and September 17 we will ensure that all your questions are answered in full and we’ll help you move to an alternative provider so that you can continue to benefit from outstanding service and great cross-border rates.

You can also reach out to me and my team by email, who will be happy to help with any questions or queries that you may have.
There’s more information about our service changes on the Help Center page here too.

Introducing WorldFirst

It’s really important to us that you can continue your business activities as usual and so, after months of investigations, we have identified WorldFirst as the partner who we – and you – can trust.

WorldFirst is one of the largest payments companies in the world, processing over $15 billion a year. They’ve built a great business by continually offering great rates backed-up with award-winning service. We know you’ll be in really safe hands with the team at WorldFirst.

WorldFirst will contact you directly very soon to introduce themselves but if you want to sign up now, you can do so (read GFA’s WorldFirst Review here).

NBPlease complete the online form only. You do not need to upload any documents. If WorldFirst needs anything, they will be in contact with you.

Thanks for everything!

Lastly, we just wanted to say thank you for being a Wyre customer. It’s been a wild ride and none of it would have been possible without you!Monica Head of Customer Experience

SendWyre: Send Money Safely Internationally
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  4. Dustin Collette

    On 3/5/20 I had initiated a bank wire purchase for 0.21601116 BTC to be transferred to my BRD wallet. I was verbally told by Samantha @WYRE along with receiving multiple emails from her confirming that the exchange rate would be locked in at the time of the purchase and would not fluctuate. On 3/5/20 at the time of purchase, the BTC rate was $9210. When the bank wire was finally completed on 3/13/20, WYRE sent the bitcoins at a much lower exchange rate, $5637, which was the current rate after bitcoin crashed opposed to the $9210 which was the agreement. WYRE is still insisting they sent the bitcoins at the higher rate, which is completely false as my Received transfer receipt in my wallet clearly shows the lower rate. I provided all documents proving this but WYRE keeps insisting they did nothing wrong and transferred the bitcoins at the initial rate which they have still obviously not provided any proof or documentation of this because they don’t have any! I lost about $800 because of WYRE lying about this and falsifying information which is against consumer law. I have filed a dispute with my bank and am also pursuing legal action against WYRE for my loss of funds and falsifying information since they are refusing to compensate me for the loss of funds. This was a complete scam that I was victim to and will be continuing to spread my horror story across all review sites and social media sites so others are aware of these criminals!

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