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Worldfirst Overview

WorldFirst is a currency broker founded in 2004 by Jonathan Quin and Nick Robinson in London. With its 14 years of experience in international money transfer, WorldFirst are experts when it comes to currency exchange and international payments. Basically, it aims to offer people an alternative to banks to be able to move money around the world better, faster and cheaper. Today, WorldFirst has several offices in the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Netherlands and over 120,000 customers around the world use WorldFirst to transfer funds for individuals, businesses, and e-commerce services. Moreover, it supports over 60 global currencies and offers 3 types of transfers such as Spot Contracts, Forward Contracts and Limit Orders.

How does WorldFirst work?

Worldfirst works as an online medium for individuals and businesses to move or transfer large amount of money overseas. It has a minimum transfer limit of £250 online and £1000 if over the phone. Money transfer can be done online thru their website, thru calling their customer service or thru their mobile app. As mentioned above, WorldFirst offers 3 types of transfer, these are:

  • Spot contracts. Spotted a great exchange rate?  Lock it in, send your funds, and WorldFirst will do the rest. It is secure, fast and simple.
  • Forward contracts. This allows customers to lock in a rate today for up to 3 years to protect them against significant currency fluctuations.
  • Limit orders. This tool allows you to set a rate you desire and once your target rate has been reached, WorldFirst will notify you and complete the transfer.

Steps to Get Started with Worldfirst

1. Sign up for a WorldFirst account – this is FREE and it takes only a couple of minutes. It’ll ask you details such as your full name, contact information, email address, country, birthday, Social security number, government-issued ID (preferable license or passport) and details about your money-transfer needs.
2. To start a transfer, simply log on to your account and enter the details needed: Amount, recipient’s bank name, SWIFT code and account number.
3. WorldFirst will present you an exchange rate quote – here you can choose which type of transfer you wish to do (send the money right away or lock in a rate for a future transaction)
4. Send the funds to WorldFirst by domestic wire transfer
6. WorldFirst will then process your request and notifies you when the funds have been received by the beneficiary account. Depending on the currency and the destination, payments can arrive on the same day.


There are no fees for personal transfers over $10,000. However, for personal transfers under $10,000 there’s a $10 fee. As for business clients, fees depend on how much business it does with Worldfirst.

Worldfirst try to cover third party fees where they can (i.e. the fees from the banks who handle the transfer along the way).

Where to use WorldFirst?

1. Business Transfers: if you are unlocking a new market for your business, paying salaries overseas or making supplier payments
2. Online Seller Transfers: Use WorldFirst to pay your overseas suppliers or perhaps if you are trading overseas on e-commerce, WorldFirst is an effective way to convert your payments back into your own currency.
3. Personal Transfers: Use WorldFirst for your mortgage payments, repatriation of salary, international school fees, sending home overseas earnings and whatnot.

Worldfirst Advantages

Great Foreign exchange rates
Savings of 0.25% to 4% with World First exchange rates compared to a bank.
Exceptional customer service – Your account comes with dedicated account manager  as standard to help you with currency transfers.
Money Transfers can be executed in a day, depending on the currency and destination
Worldfirst is trustworthy – Worldfirst is incorporated in the USA (Delaware State Division of Corporations) and is registered as a Money Services Business in the United States with FinCEN and are registered as a non-depository financial institution with the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System
Currency converter calculation- Worldfirst offers free currency converter you can use on their website
Get live rates and graphs – Along with currency converter feature, it also comes with a tool where you can see live foreign exchange rate

Worldfirst Disadvantages

High minimum transfer amounts of £250 (online) or £1,000 (phone).
Social Security Number is required – so it’s basically not for everyone
Occasional breakdown in communications between World First and its customers – although this is very minimal
Worldfirst won’t help you out with your vacation money or cash.
Receiving funds from an account in a different name can take a bit long because it has to undergo certain verification in compliance with AMLA.
Limited currencies available


Worldfirst is known for its excellent customer service, and it’s certainly one of the reasons why many people trust their money to Worldfirst. Looking over 1,693 user reviews on Feefo, Worldfirst got 4.7 out 5 - most of the feedbacks compliment their excellent customer service. Worldfirst is customer-oriented, fast and offers competitive rates and personally, I would recommend it.

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WorldFirst: Expert in International Money Transfers
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