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EleVate: Fully Managed e-Commerce Services for Online Retailers

About their company:

In the age of rapid e-commerce global expansion, it has become increasingly difficult to stay in touch with all the developments relating to the e-Commerce retail revolution. With so many new marketplaces and third-party selling options now available to retailers, it has become a very difficult task to select the best sales channels for their brands let alone keeping up with all the changes and techniques required to be a successful online retailer. Fortunately, there is professional assistance available from emerging specialized e-Commerce managed service providers such as Elevate , located in Bangkok Thailand.

Outsource the e-Commerce Requirements that are not Core to your Business


By outsourcing to an experienced e-commerce managed service provider, you will take the guesswork out of your digital marketing strategy and mission critical content creation tasks. By leveraging Elevate’s expert teams, you can effectively hit the ground running and be able to compete instantly on industry leading e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Shopping as well as your very own e-commerce website through leading website technology platforms including Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify.

Here is a list of the specialist services, provided by Elevate to assist online retailers:


  • Digital Marketing;
  • Web design and website management;
  • Written content optimization and associated SEO services;
  • PPC (Pay per click) advertisement campaign management;
  • Photography and graphic design;
  • Marketplace registration and management;
  • Customer Service (8x7x365 days per year);
  • Warehousing & Distribution;
  • Amazon FBA shipment creation and management;
  • Shipping and freight forward services.


With a focus is on the US and European markets, Elevate is assisting local manufacturers and brand owners in Sth East Asia to sell to the West primarily on Amazon, and their own branded websites via the Google Adz platform. Their comprehensive range of services complement each other and allows retailers to outsource their entire e-commerce requirements including customer service to a team of professionals with extensive experience.

High Volume Online Retail Transactions for Consumer Brands


Elevate’s focus is to work with industry leading manufacturers and brand owners of consumer products. With well-planned and progressive digital marketing strategies, Elevate’s customers enjoy high volume sales providing that they have a well-managed supply chain. Generally, the most difficult task for their customers is to maintain their sales velocity by ensuring that they have enough inventory to meet customer demand.

Their fast-growing customer base includes online retailers in the following consumer product categories:

  • Women’s and Men’s Apparel;
  • Women’s and Men’s Shoes;
  • Fashion Accessories;
  • Fine Jewelry;
  • Fashion Jewelry;
  • Health and Beauty Products;
  • Homewares and Furnishings;
  • Clothing tags, labels and packaging.

If you need assistance with launching and or managing your online retail business then contact Elevate and speak with one of their experienced business development team.

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