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Full Name of the business: Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD
Registered Address: Room 1602 Malaysia Building, N.50 Gloucester Road. Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

About Us

Growth Hack Consulting LTD is the first Digital Marketing Agency based in Hong Kong that helps Amazon FBA – FBM sellers to rank higher and get more leads, while keeping the budget at a reasonable level. Our aim is to help big brands as well as startups to increase awareness about their services & products on their website or on the main E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, in order to get more customers and to keep them longer.

Our agency is based in Hong Kong and founded by Davide Nicolucci in January 2017, after he realized that his expertise and cross-cultural experience was best used to help E-Commerce & Amazon sellers to reach their goals while focusing on what really matters for them. We generate each year Millions of $ in revenues for our clients, that include some of the top sellers on Amazon.com and Amazon Europe.

Our Team

We are Growth Hackers, and we are extremely proud of what we do. Each member of our team comes from different backgrounds, it is our diversity that makes us strong. We are very flexible, yet super committed to our tasks. Each team member has been selected carefully by the founder and been brought to the Growth Hack family after intensive digital marketing training. And, we work from wherever we want – when we don’t go meet our clients. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We are constantly looking for talented Digital Marketers, so feel free to get in touch with us to start a project!

How We Work

We focus on only one thing: quality. We know how much effort you are constantly putting on developing your products and services. We take our time to develop the most successful strategy together with you, by testing different approaches and working on the long term benefit. Hiring us you will have access to a professional workflow and you will be in complete control of all the projects. We keep our clients list narrow, in order to provide high value to each one of them.

Our Services

Over the past years we have helped THOUSANDS of Amazon and E-Commerce sellers to increase their sales while spending less advertising budget and less of their valuable time. We know that selling online requires a lot of skills and patience, we are here to provide the best of our knowledge and experience! Whether you’re looking for a better management of your Advertising PPC Campaigns, a mega boost on your Amazon sales, or you’re in need for a complete Digital Marketing plan, here’s what we do:

PPC Advertising Optimization for Amazon & Google

We know how competitive today it is to sell on Amazon, with more than 1 Million new sellers every year, you are pretty much competing against the entire world to place your products on Amazon.com and Amazon EU. Advertising is the fastest way to reach your customers, by placing your products right in front of them, before your competitors. We are able to provide PPC Campaigns Management for each and every marketplace on Amazon: America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We have generated more than 5 Million US$ in the past 12 months in revenues for our clients, only with Sponsored Products Ads Management!

Listing Content Creation and Translation (Regular, EBC, APlus)

Having a great listing is key to rank higher on Amazon and to convert better. There are few elements that every Amazon seller should optimize in order to be more visible, attract more users on Amazon and give them the best shopping experience. A listing fully optimized will have much higher Conversion Rate and Click Through Rate. We provide only top-quality content by native speaking copywriters in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Polish. We also provide top search terms for back-end optimization and for manual PPC keyword campaigns.

Social Media Management in 7 Languages

If your brand is not present in Social Media today, your brand pretty much doesn’t exit. Despite of how good your products might look and of how many reviews you might have, your potential buyers are going to search for your brand on Social Media, and if they won’t find you, or if they won’t find a good presence, there is going to be a trust issue.

Content Marketing

Content is king! Whether it is in form of video, audio, written text, or images, the most important piece of communication is Content! Your customers will remember your content in a positive (or negative) way because they can easily associate it with good (or bad) experiences, feelings, memories that they directly have had or that they want to have.

Website Creations & SEO

As for Social Media, today you NEED to have a website in order to gain trust from your potential customers, and most important to retain them. As we all know, selling on Amazon and on other e-commerce platform is harder than ever, and it is most crowded than ever. After users land on your listing, they are constantly bombed with ads for competitors’ products, and chances are that they will eventually buy your competitor’s product if it’s cheaper or if it provides more features!

..And much more!

Get in touch and see how easy it will be to scale your e-commerce business in America, Europe and new markets with us!


Hack Your Way To The Top with Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD
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