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It isn’t easy coming up with a fantastic name for your brand, and when you finally do, you never know who will try to steal it or use it without your permission. That is why Trademarks247 is here to help you. They help you find, register and protect your trademark to make it sincerely yours.

What Trademarks247 Can Offer You

A trademark is the name of your brand. You need to make sure you register your trademark to keep it used only by your company. Trademarks247 offers a wide variety of services related to logos that you can use to create and protect your brand’s name.

How Trademarks247 Works

The first step that you need to take is to check out their website and search for your desired trademark. Searching will help let you know if your brand name is already in use. If you aren’t sure about your logo or it’s already in use, they can assist you with trademark registration.

The second step is Trademarks247 will register your trademark. It means that Trademarks247 will make sure that your trademark or brand name is for your use only. It keeps you from getting copied and even allows you to take legal action against people who use your logo.

The third step makes you worry free because your brand name has protection! It means that your brand will have Statement of Use, which will show other people who try to get your trademark that it is already in use.

Main Features

What makes Trademarks247 special is that they are very hands-on with the services that they offer you. You can easily contact them for any issues or questions that you may have, and they will happily reply to you as soon as possible.

Additionally, Trademarks247 does more than just register and protect your trademark. They offer a wide variety of different packages and services that you can choose from depending on your needs. They provide services such as trademark changes and trademark renewal, which makes it a versatile company.

The Team That Started It All

You will be getting your trademark registered by the best of the best at Trademarks247. Its founders are a team of skilled and experienced attorneys that have loads of experience in the field of filing and approving trademarks. They know everything that there is to do with brands. These attorneys have worked in the United States Patent & Trademark Office, so they are highly knowledgeable.

How Much Will Trademarks247 Cost You?

Depending on the package that you choose, the cost will vary depending on your trademark needs. Trademarks247 offers a wide variety of services, but you can avail of their packages as well. They currently have three packages that you can choose.

The first package is the basic package. Trademarks247 will offer you filing and approval for your trademark. However, there will be no trademark research services involved. The basic package costs $97 plus a government fee.

The second package is the advanced package. It includes the filing and approval for your trademark mentioned in the first package, but also offer trademark research for you as well. It helps you choose the best logo available and makes sure that you don’t get one that’s already in use. The advanced package costs $209 plus a government fee.

The third package includes all of the benefits above, along with legal briefs. This package is $349 plus a government fee. It is overall the best package that you can get because it has everything that you need to make a trademark.

If you want specific services and want a reasonable price for it, you can easily contact them to get a customized package. That way, you will get the most out of your money and get what you need. Here is how you can contact them.

Why You Should Choose Trademarks247

Trademarks247 is the most reliable company for trademark services. They have a highly capable team that founded the business that personally files and approves your trademarks as well. They are meticulous and make sure that everything goes the right way and the best way for you. They understand how registering your brand name can be a bother, that’s why they make sure that it is quick and as efficient as possible.

Their priority in their business is making sure that their clients are happy and satisfied. They are continually looking for ways to make the trademark process more accessible and more affordable for their customers. They want their customers to protect their brand and company while doing it affordably and effectively.


Trademarks247: Create and Own Your Brand
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