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Quantify Ninja: Needed Amazon Software Tool

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Quantify Ninja is a best all-in-one tool for third party Amazon sellers. It allows sellers to automate the follow up process with their customers who place orders through Amazon. It is a great help too with accounting and inventory. A one tool that covers all your needs in a price of one, thus making sellers life easy and more convenient.

You can outplay the competition in Amazon. Quantify Ninja provides a set of ninja tools for you.

Unique Tools to take Full Control Of Your Sales Process

Quantify ninja features

Quantify ninja offers solutions that focus on the traffic increase, customers, transforming customers to endorsers, and make the prospective customers your loyal fans.

For real time tracking of sales, they designed and offer the following tools:

  •       Dashboard
  •       Profits Manager
  •       Real-Time Notifications
  •       Orders Data
  •       ROl Calculations

For optimizing gains and creating drastic change in the positioning and results of your listing they created these tools

  •       Keyword Optimizer
  •       ASIN Hacker

To invite and increase more customer to your product, turned customers into endorsers they created the following tools;

  •       Automated Messaging
  •       Coupons
  •       Virtual Salesperson

To minimize the risk from losing money, they also developed tools to get money back from Amazon and to allow you to see and stop list-highjacking.

Virtual Sales bot

Provides automated user engagement on Amazon, easy to learn. This is their newest and first bot in their solution. It is directly oriented at the automation of user engagement on Amazon.

The bot may require you to work, but the intuitive conversation tool and templates will help you increase your sales.

Why Choose Quantify Ninja?

  • You get a full control over your Amazon sales and improves your leverage growth
  • The platform is easy to learn and you can start working with it immediately
  • Previous financial or marketing experience is not needed
  • Affordable
  • All your data is safe and secured their platform was built in an SSL secured environment

Quick and Easy Sign Up

It only takes a minute to sign up and after you signed up they will automatically get your data.You can enjoy Quantify Ninja before purchasing a subscription by availing their 30 day FREE trial. It’s totally free, NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED you can enjoy a full premium membership for a 30 day trial. You can email them at info@quantifyninja.com in case something comes up regarding the platform.

Quantify Ninja Pricing Option

  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Premium Ninja for $35 each month
  • Master Ninja for $55 each month

The payment includes data and management tools, notifications, emailing, and optimization tools.

Quantify Ninja Subscriptions

Multiple Amazon Central Accounts Subscriptions

At $15  per month additional Seller Central Accounts can easily be added to your Quantify Ninja account, you can easily navigate between your regions using your Quantify Ninja account. Contact Quantity Ninja at info@quantifyninja.com to integrate multiple Seller Central Accounts.

Cancellation of Account

          Account can be cancelled anytime and Quantify Ninja will stop charging at the end of your current billing month.


Quantify Ninja: Needed Amazon Software Tool
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