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AMZShark: The Leading Toolkit for Brand Owners

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Retailers and Brand Owner’s Tool Kit!

With the ever growing world of online selling and retailing, brand owners and retailers must make use of the most innovative and highly reliable tools to augment their business. AMZShark is a remarkable toolkit to help retailer and brand owners achieve and maintain their A-game.

Retailers and brand owners are assured of greater income in Amazon with this amazing toolkit. With AMZShark, retailers and brand owners will surely sell more.

With AMZShark, retailers and brand owners can make use of valuable data to make the right decisions with regards to their business. AMZShark also supports all international market places, thus it features a wider scope and customers from all walks life, all over the world. With AMZShark, retailers and brand owners will surely and remarkable outclass competitors and conquer Amazon. With its complete set of tools, success is indeed within reach.

The best part is, retailers and brand owners can use AMZShark for the first month absolutely free! To get started, you only need to register using your name, email and password and you can immediately make use of the 1 month free trial.

What’s unique with AMZShark?

AMZShark includes a wide range of industry leading features and fast and reliable tools to advance your business.

Sales Tracker

With the sales tracker, the user can discover accurate sales, price history and Sales Rank for virtually any Amazon product. You may also view real time inventory of any competitors to see availability of products in any given time. This will help the user maximize various tactics and strategies to further sails and retail.

Niche Scout

With this feature, the user can Instantly investigate potential niches, with essential stats (including sales) available at a glance. It helps the user look at various marketplaces by providing appropriate information to aid the user in focusing on various niches.

Search Ranking Trackers

With the search ranking tracker, the user may  track the rankings of any number of products on Amazon, for any marketplace and see the results of your marketing and optimization, updated daily. This feature will also help retailers and brand owners in driving costumers to their multiple products and listings.

Keyword Explorer

With keyword explorer, you can easily find related keywords, to use in PPC campaigns, SEO and in-depth keyword research. It also provides the user with popular keywords that costumers themselves search for.

Listing Scout

With this feature you can compare listings across a niche, find weak spots in your own listing and eventually refine your page and boost presence in Amazon.

Keyword Comparison

With keyword comparison, easily compare and contrast up to 20 keywords at once, useful for identifying profitable sub-niches and create a birds eye view of the whole Amazon.

Hijacking Alerts

Through hijacking alerts, you can monitor the Buy Box on your listings, and get automatic alert emails if a hijacking is detected, it is activated the minute another person takes control of your buy box.

Super URLs

Super URLs can be used to help increase your search ranking on Amazon. Direct customers to your products using these links, and each purchase made via Super URLs will boost your ranking in whichever keywords you choose. Sellers can create personalized links that direct to their own listings.

Feedback Alerts

Monitor your Seller Feedback, with automatic email alerts allowing you to stay on top of any negative feedback and immediately address it for the better. It also allows you to view costumer feedbacks on various listings.

Competition Scout

See how your competitor ranks, and which keywords you should target. Enter keywords and see detailed results of the certain product.

Review Alerts

Track new reviews, and get alert emails so you can promptly deal with any negative reviews, so that you may once and for all scrutinize faults of various products to better serve your costumers as well as look at the reviews of competitors and how they are doing.

PPC Scout

This will analyze Amazon PPC competitors’ campaigns, and the keywords they target to have a better understanding of the status and statistics of various listings.

Supplier Scout

This feature will help the user find Suppliers (as well as non-Amazon sellers) on the web, simply by entering a keyword. It can help the user understand various supplier places other than Amazon. This will widen the user’s horizon and perspective by knowing new costumers and even suppliers.

With a free one month trial and a price of $299 per month, retailers and brand owners will marvel at AMZShark ultimate prowess featuring  1000 Keywords tracked in Search Rankings, 1000 Sales Tracker Products, 1000 Review Alerts Products, 300 Hijacking Alerts Products, 100 Feedback Alerts Sellers, Unlimited Keyword Explorer Searches, Unlimited Niche Scout Searches, Unlimited Super URLs, Unlimited Keyword Comparisons, Unlimited Competition Scout Searches, Friendly, Fast, Premium Support, Month to Month Commitment, no Long Term Contracts

How great is AMZShark?

Testimonials from users all over the world rave at AMZShark and praise it as an innovative and worthy toolkit. Customers claim that with the software and the relevant information that it provides, concrete decision making is an easy thing to do. It also helps them spy on their competitors and also continuously improve their listings. It also has an excellent customer service who provide step by step instructions for up and coming business owners.

AMZShark supports marketplaces in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

They have created AMZShark to be the leading toolkit for Retailers and Brand Owners on Amazon. Its wide range of research software offers you the latest data to help you sell more products and skyrocket your rankings on Amazon.

The world of online retail is getting more and more competitive by the second, with lots of innovative and high technology software, but AMZShark with its remarkable and amazing features surely is among the best.


Good review

Good short review. I'm using AMZDrop for product research It has almost the same features and pricing isn't high, just $22 per month. Imo AMZ Shark's pricing is too expensive.
- Mel

AMZShark: The Leading Toolkit for Brand Owners
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