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Success in Amazon is often tied to your product listing – how it is doing and ranking. You need to drive the customer traffic to your page.

Being up against millions of other Amazon sellers and hundreds of millions of products, you have to ensure that your listing has a high visibility and sales conversion rate. Unless you are an expert in creating an Amazon-reward worthy listing, you tap the services of the professionals in this field.

One such provider that brands itself as an Amazon Conversion Optimization Specialist is Virtuous Graphics.

How did Virtuous Graphics start?

In 2016, the founder of Virtuous Graphics was scouring the web in search of photography and graphic design services that were custom-tailored for an entrepreneur to succeed in Amazon. After finding that none existed, Virtuous Graphics was created.

True to its name, Virtuous Graphics promises to create or optimize your product listings with the highest standard that Amazon accepts.

It has in its roll a team of creatives based in Manila, Philippines.

What are the services that Virtuous Graphics offer?

There are four areas that make up a good product listing. And, those are the areas covered by Virtuous Graphics.

  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Video


It is amazing to note that Virtuous Graphics has its own studio where shoots are being done and images are being created.

They use ultramodern equipment that supports the team’s eye for a unique selling proposition of your product without compromising the rules and regulations set by Amazon.

Their service packages include the following images:

  1. The Hero Image
  2. This is your primary product image that is shot on a white background.

  3. The Lifestyle Images
  4. These are the secondary images after your hero image. What is usually shown here is your product, in action or being used.

  5. The Infographics
  6. This is not plainly photography as Copywriting and Graphic Design are being done here too. This also comes after the main image. It could be a presentation of parts or installation process, or the benefits from using your product and others.

With their eye for what can capture your customers’ attention, your customers are not left second-guessing the features of your products and how it will be used.


The content of your product listing is what will make it stand-out. And, Virtuous Graphics has a team of copywriters to do just that.

They employ product background research, SEO keyword research, review analysis and others. All that for the purpose of helping drive the traffic to your listing.

Their listing optimization service is further broken down into:

  • Title Optimization
  • Bullet Points Optimization
  • Description Optimization
  • Amazon TOS Trained Copywriting
  • Return Reason Analysis
  • Customer Review Analysis
  • Comprehensive SEO Analysis
  • Back End Keyword Research Analysis

Graphic Design

It is also worthy to note that Virtuous Graphics take graphic design very seriously. Aside from the infographics that they made part of their service packages, they also do Enhanced Brand Content, Product Inserts, Packaging and Logo Design.


A trend that is fast becoming a necessity in your product listing is the use of video. Virtuous Graphics also find this a necessity and thus, offers 3 types of video services:

  • Basic
  • A square 30-second teaser is shot here, showing vital information about the product.

  • Intermediate
  • The video here is up to 60 seconds in full frame HD. They also use models to represent the customer.

  • Advanced
  • The video is made into a mini-movie. The elements of a mini-movie are all in: 90-seconds; storyboard and script; external location shoot; models; props; voice over.

A Tour in the Virtuous Graphics Studio

Our main man, Mike Michelini, recently went to the studio of the Virtuous Graphics. He was given an ocular tour of the studio and was also given the opportunity to talk and mingle with the team:

The action you’ve seen in the video just proves how serious Virtuous Graphics is, in helping entrepreneurs optimize their product listings.

Is it a worthy investment?

There have been tons of good reviews on this service provider. Most are pointing out their excellent customer service and support and expertise of the team.


The prices of different packages don’t come cheap. While we will not show the pricing on each package for there are several, price ranges from $295 to $3,000.

It is huge money yes, but if you do your research, you will find that this rate is within the industry standard. If the conversion rate of your product listing, after engaging the services of Virtuous Graphics, multiplies, then a professionally done listing is a worthy investment.

How Virtuous Graphics Can Help You

If you are a serious Amazon Private Label Seller then Virtuous Graphics may be the solution you have been looking for to optimize your product listing and improve conversion.

You just have to be very clear in what you want in your listing and Virtuous Graphics will incorporate that and optimize it using their skills and knowledge.

One thing that we wish they can do though is expand their coverage to other selling platforms aside from Amazon. But who knows, that might be something they’re cooking.

If you want to know more about Virtuous Graphics, you can head on to their website by clicking the button below.


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