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What Is The Ambassador Program?

As more people contact us and enjoy the content we are sharing – they also want to get involved. In response to that, we have created an ambassador program, an inner circle of hyper listeners who want to contribute to growing the Global From Asia reach and share the vision and mission as Global From Asia has always about—-creating global opportunities for people anywhere in the world who have the will and drive. Starting with a podcast about Hong Kong business – we have grown to become a source of information for growing a global business in Asia.Being an ambassador with us is not about earning income or commission, the reason you want to be a GFA ambassador is because you want to give back after all you have benefited from on the show and blog.

Why become an ambassador of Global From Asia?

  • Receive “inside” scoop on what is going on with that product or service.

  • Be asked to share certain news about that GFA product or service on your social network and word of mouth. (Note: We will not “force” you to share anything you’re not comfortable sharing, but of course will appreciate and take note of those who do share)

  • Be highlighted on our blog, podcast, and other channels for your support. Also get free or deep discounts to those products or services.

  • Network with other ambassadors, as well as the management team at Global From Asia.

How to apply to join the programme

Being an ambassador is invitation only, and we will be asked the following questions and submit the answer via filling a simple form below. Once We review your application, if accepted, we will invite you into one of our ambassador groups.

  • What are your reasons for being interested?

  • Are you a global minded person?

  • Are you a “supporter” of the GFA cause?

  • Happy to help share the good news about what we’re up to so that more people can benefit?

  • Want to get early access to products and services we offer? Hear news about things that are on the horizon, and give your input?

Our Current Ambassadors

So what are you waiting for?! Apply now

Ready To Get Started?Apply below and we’ll be in touch shortly. We may follow up with more specific questions on your case.

And, by all means – start sharing the good word about this ambassador program as well as any other products or services you like that are listed on Global From Asia. As the saying goes, “sharing is caring”.

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