Make Traveling to/from Guangzhou Fun! Arrange group bus trips or shared cars all around the South of China during your trade show trip.

Looking for events and guides about canton fair? Check out GFA’s Canton Fair Guide.

Bus To/From Canton Fair

From Shenzhen to Guangzhou & Back

  • Let Our Team Help Arrange Travel
  • We help arrange pick up / drop off
  • Return trip: can be arranged as well
  • Great way to attend our conferences & also go to the fairs
  • Take a Group Bus + Network While Traveling
  • Go to Guangzhou For the Day (& Back) With Ease!
  • You Are Welcome to Stay As Long As you Want!
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About The Bus, from Shenzhen To Guangzhou

We Are Listening! Let's Make Canton Fair Travel Easy!

We know you want to go to the Canton Fair – but are confused on how to best coordinate your travels. We want to make it as easy as possible, the day after the excitement of our Cross Border Summit conference!

Pick Up and Drop Back Off

Don’t worry about taking subways, taxis, trains, and all that other headache! Simply meet us at the designated location (In Coco Park, Futian, Shenzhen) and let’s head there together. Feel free to skip the bus ride back if you want to stay longer than the one day. But then you are on your own! 😉

Network Opportunities

Why sit on a crowded public train with strangers? Meet other Cross Border Summit attendees and have a deep discussion while heading to the Canton Fair!


“I remember how lost I got going to these trade shows on my own the first time back in 2007. This is a simple bus concept, but our way to make it easier and fun for you to see the Canton Fair for a day and get back to your home at night. “

~ Mike Michelini, host, Global From Asia


IT IS HARD for first time visitors – heck – even those already in China – as a foreigner – to book a trip. Apps need Chinese credit cards, need phone calls with a Chinese mobile phone, etc. We want to reduce these pains for travelers.

If you haven’t bought your tickets to the Cross Border Matchmaker – on Friday Oct 27, 2017 – visit the full conference event page here to get details


Let Our Travel Agents Help You Arrange Your Travel!

It is a headache, even a nightmare, to do this bus and shared car travel in China during the trade shows. We have our Global From Asia travel agents on call to help arrange for you, to get started please complete the form, or add our wechat account globalfromasia and start chatting!

Also find a ton of other ways to contact Global From Asia for your preferred method.

Request Travel Help Now

Common Routes For This Bus/ Car Service

To make it easier, we have outlined some common pick up and drop off locations we can help with:

From Shenzhen To Canton Fair (Guangzhou)

  • Route 1: Shenzhen Bay Border to Canton Fair Complex
  • Route 2: Shekou Ferry Terminal to Canton Fair Complex
  • Route 3: Huanggang Border to Canton Fair Complex
  • Route 4: Luo Ho (Lo Wu) Border to Canton Fair Complex
  • Route 5: Futian Checkpoint (Lok Mau Chao) Border to Canton Fair Complex
  • Route 6: Hua Qiang Bei Electronics Market to Canton Fair Complex
  • Route 7: Seaworld, Shekou to Canton Fair Complex

From Canton Fair (Guangzhou) To Shenzhen

  • Route 8: Canton Fair Complex to Shenzhen Bay Border
  • Route 9: Canton Fair Complex to Shekou Ferry Terminal
  • Route 10: Canton Fair Complex to Huanggang Border
  • Route 11: Canton Fair Complex to Luo Ho (Lo Wu) Border
  • Route 12: Canton Fair Complex to Futian Checkpoint (Lok Mau Chao) border
  • Route 13: Canton Fair Complex to Hua Qiang Bei Electronics Market
  • Route 14: Canton Fair Complex to Seaworld, Shekou

How Does This Work?

When talking to our customer service department, on Wechat or email, to make sure we all know what time we are talking about, let’s use a code system to avoid miscommunication and save time.

  • Time A: Departing at 8am
  • Time B: Departing at 9am
  • Time C: Departing at 10am
  • Time D: Departing at 11am
  • Time E: Departing at 12pm (noon)
  • Time F: Departing at 1pm
  • Time G: Departing at 2pm
  • Time H: Departing at 3pm
  • Time I: Departing at 4pm
  • Time J: Departing at 5pm
  • Time K: Departing at 6pm
  • Time L: Departing at 7pm
  • Time M: Departing at 8pm
  • Time N: Departing at 9pm
  • Time O: Departing at 10pm

Have a desire to leave earlier than 8am or after 10pm? Let customer service know you have a special requirement.

How Does This Travel Service Work, Exactly?

We are working on making this as smooth as possible. For right now, we have our customer service reps on email and Wechat support to answer your questions and arrange travel.

You can either pay directly, or we can assist by paying on your behalf (once you pay us first of course).

The idea here is – we are trying to make this service as painless and as helpful as possible for you – the traveling international business man or woman.

Let’s Have Some Fun and Travel To The Canton Fair And Back Same Day! 🙂

Are you traveling to or from the Canton Fair? Need help arranging a car or bus?

Then Global From Asia’s Canton Fair Bus booking service is perfect for you. Each trade show season we are getting more and more requests for help, and see more and more people lost and frustrated in various Wechat groups – so we want to put a stop to this once and for all.

Our GFA travel agents can assist you with answering your questions, and booking shared cars, big buses, small buses, private cars, whatever it is you need! Mike remembers the headaches he went through in 2007 trying to navigate things, and we are here to put a stop to this now.

Add our globalfromasia Wechat personal account and let us help you. We can accept payments by Paypal, Credit Card, Wechat, and others.