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Join Business Owners On a Guided Experience of Canton Fair

The China Canton Fair trip is a full, hands-on experience like no other. Join a group of other business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about the biggest trade fair in the world – the Canton Fair. Visit it with experts to understand how the manufacturing process is done, and then take a guided tour of the market with local experts.

On top of the tour and sessions, we will have a phase all about matching you up with suppliers and service providers to get you on the fast track for your product development experience. It is a full-on intense round table of suppliers and service providers pitching their product and service offering alongside a expo of booths for you to ask questions with and engage with.

Our Global From Asia Canton Fair trip is custom made based on the requests and feedback of our readers and listeners. We offer you:

China Visa Help

We know how stressful and unknown it is to figure out what kind of visa to get and how it works. Once you confirm your ticket to the China trip, our client services team will consult with you on which visa is right for your passport and scenario.

Round Trip Transportation

From Shenzhen, China into and out of Canton Fair (Guangzhou, China) – we made it as simple as possible to get you in and out of Mainland China. Meet us at a designated time and place and you will be whisked away to the heart of the trade show capital of the world – Guangzhou, China. Our team will keep you on track to ensure you see what you need to see and meet *.

Overnight Hotel Accommodation

Don’t stress about finding the right hotel or location. We have you covered. Each ticket will come with 1 shared room accommodation with another guest. Have a friend or business colleague you are traveling with? No problem – let’s match you up with people you know. If you’d like your own single room, additional charges apply and speak to your sales representative at Global From Asia for more details.

Factory & Supply Chain Round Table

We will work hard to bring top suppliers and service providers in a round table format. This way you can see some real businesses and get that much needed 1 on 1 time. Bring your questions and product requirements to maximize this special time.

Guided Tour Of The Canton Fair

A top destination for anyone coming to Guangzhou, China – the trade show capital. Check Mike’s video blog take a Canton Fair Trip to get some inside looks. We will break up the trip into groups to view different sections of the massive market, and you will have a local expert tour guide show you around the area. This is where you can have your fun grabbing little gadgets and trinkets for your friends back home!

Meals Included

We will take care of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the trip. Experience real Chinese food, that is quality! Want to experience true Chinese alcohol (Baijiu) – don’t worry – that isn’t included and we don’t recommend it. If you do want to experience the Chinese liquor, that is a separate charge you cover on your own (buyer beware, lol!)

Matchmaking Sessions

We will have time with amazing suppliers and attendees ready to meet you! This will be an intense day of pitches from service providers and factories, as well as plenty of time to network and connect with your fellow China trip attendees as well as the suppliers and local expats in the area.

Connect to Business Community

Our favorite part and often the most valuable offering to our attendees is the community you will connect with. Make life long business relationships with those attending the China trip with you, as well as the Chinese factory suppliers and local expats living in Shenzhen, China!

So what do you say? Full package put together by experts who live and work on the ground, in China?

Ya, this is the ultimate China trip experience – and we want to have you join us!

* Don’t need help coming to/from China? If you want to cross into Shenzhen, China to and from Guangzhou and into Hong Kong SAR on your own, no problem! We are cross-border experts, and if you’d like to cross the border on your own – we wrote the definitive guide to crossing the China border here. Our tickets offer non-transportation options.

Travel, Tours, & Learning Like No Other!

A Hands-On Canton Fair Trip in Guangzhou, China

Are you looking to do business in China and not sure where to start? Have you heard about the Canton Fair in Guangzhou? Want to know more about how you can manufacture your products into China without having to deal with the stressful hassle of dealing with middle men and Skype chat headaches?

Then this trip is for you! See it and learn!

Meet Quality People

Don’t waste time in Asia talking to talkers! Instead, meet high level and qualified business owners at our closed event!

Quality, Private Content

Hear from speakers who have been in your shoes. Sharing insights and battle stories that are not common to be found anywhere online!

Cross-Border Matchmaker

Get matched up with like minded business owners at our cross-border matchmaker salon. We have break out sessions to cover the many different industries and business models you are in.

The Tickets

Choose from different tickets options below

It is an action packed two day experience balancing learning, focused around the popular Canton Fair

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Ready to make moves and make a smart investment in the China Trip? We have a few options, depending on if you already live in China or not. This is to accommodate all levels of experience and needs – many attendees to the Cross Border Matchmaker already live in Shenzhen (great chance for you to meet real local experts!) so they are just purchasing the CBM day pass.

If you’re traveling from overseas, we strongly recommend to get the “full package” and don’t worry about the travel, accommodation, meals, and other parts. We will be your full service local tour guide for the 2 days and you can maximize your ROI on learning and networking with China trip attendees and experts.

So you ready to get involved? We offer various different ticket options:

  • Option 1: Full Day Tour Pass (No travel/hotel)

    Meet us in Guangzhou for the full day of tours and workshops at the venue’s location to participate. Lunch and dinner ticket included, but no transportation to/from Shenzhen or hotel.

  • Option 2 (recommended) - 2 Full Days, Travel, Hotel

    The full works! Leave with us from Shenzhen across to Guangzhou – business sessions, networking, Canton Fair market tour sessions, and the works! Overnight hotel and transportation back to Shenzhen included that evening.

And once the spots are booked up, we will have to turn people away. We’d love to host everyone, but just can’t go over capacity at this venue.


I thought the (Qianhai trip) was really excellent! Especially the guy from the Chinese government. He didn’t just read from a powerpoint, but explained it in great detail and really knew his stuff.

– Chris Davey.


Choose your ticket

Business Sessions & Tour Only (No Travel, No Hotel)

Non-GFAVIP Members
$497 USD

For GFAVIP Members

$297 USD
  • Enjoy Day 1 & 2
  • Tour Guide Session
  • Company Tours
  • Workshop Session
  • Dinner
  • Business Networking Session
  • Travel (not included)
  • Hotel (not included)

Hands On
2 Full Days, Hotel + Travel

Non-GFAVIP Members
$797 USD

For GFAVIP Members

$597 USD
  • Enjoy Day 1 & 2
  • Tour Guide Session
  • Company Tours
  • Workshop Session
  • Dinner
  • Business Networking Session
  • Transportation to/from SZ/GZ
  • Hotel (shared room) 1 night
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