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Coming to The Canton Fair? Don’t Just Go The The Shows – Tap Into These Events

Flying from overseas for the bi-annual Canton Fair? I remember my first trek to China for these trade shows back in 2007 – and it was amazing. Back then, though, it was JUST the trade shows (which is a lot already) – but nowadays there are more and more networking opportunities.

You have come out all this way for the trade shows and factory visits, so why not maximize the trip and get some learning and networking in?

Today we’ll talk about a few of the growing networking and learning events during the Canton Fair trade show season.

Global Sources Smart China Sourcing Summit

Every trade show season, the team at Global Sources has put together an action packed speaker series event at their Global Source Show. Titled “Smart China Sourcing Summit” it covers topics from Amazon FBA to sourcing and supply chain. All the tools and tactics you need in order to grow your manufacturing business into an e-commerce powerhouse. I spoke at the first one in April 2016 and met some amazing business people from around the world. Each time is growing and is definitely worth checking out.

Use coupon code M50ML is valid for the April Summit ticket purchasers get a US$50 discount

Enter China Canton Fair Meetup

(disclosure, I’m an equity partner of this membership site) Each Canton Fair the members of Enter China get together for networking and learning. Geared towards “boots on the ground entrepreneurs” this is a members-only event for getting to know others in your shoes, as well as talk to more experienced members about how to grow their product based business from China.

Amazon FBA4U Canton Fair Networking

Chris Davey (who has been on the Global From Asia podcast a couple times now! Episodes China sourcing skills for Amazon, episode 114 and One year later selling on Amazon FBA from China, episode 164) has been putting together informal “happy hour” style gatherings at the Canton Fair, two evening networking events each Canton Fair season, in Phase 1 and 2 (see schedule above). These events are simple and fun ways to network with other Amazon FBA sellers at the Canton Fair.

Our Cross Border Summit

(each April trade show season) – Global From Asia’s official yearly conference, titled “Cross Border Summit” we kicked off our first one in April 2016 and have it yearly each April. It started as so many of our readers and listeners were traveling to China for the trade shows and wanted to get together that we had to get something going! In between the Canton Fair and Global Sources Show – we host it in Shenzhen to have a quality, English language business event about “going both ways” – that is – importing into China, as well as exporting from China – on the e-commerce / online business way. If you like our podcast and blog, and want to engage with others who also enjoy it, attending this conference is a great way to do so, as well as contribute back to the cause!

Want To Know This Season’s Meetup and Networking Schedule?

There are other events that come and go during the trade show season, and each round of trade shows, we update a dedicated page with the full schedule and current links to these events and more – check it out at (higher up on this page, updated regularly!)

Missing Any Events? Let Us Know

We want to include any and all events happening during this busy trade show season. It is so amazing to see more networking and business events spewing from the traditional trade show “hustle”. Whether you choose to come to our Cross Border Summit, or choose another, we do strongly suggest putting your “networking hat” on and participating in some events in addition to the trade shows.